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5 Simple Tools for Mobile Wallet Marketing


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Slides from webinar discussing mobile wallet marketing, how it works, real world case studies and how to incorporate it into your business plan.
Using Apple Passbook and Google Wallet as the drop-in manager for mobile wallet passes instead of creating and distributing an app is a more economical method, leverages existing technology and offers small to mid size businesses the opportunity to focus on the campaign and not the technology. Discusses compatibility with iBeacons and geo-fencing notifications.

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5 Simple Tools for Mobile Wallet Marketing

  1. 1. 5 Simple Tools for Mobile Wallet Marketing Webinar - 17 March 2015 MOBILESAVINGS #targetyourcustomer | AtlasRewards #physicalmeetsdigital
  2. 2. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 2 MobileSavings The platform, developed by Atlas Rewards, enables small business owners to communicate and engage current and potential customers via smartphone drop-ins. Real time connections can be triggered via iBeacon, geo-fencing (GPS location) or push notifications for updates to installed drop-ins.
  3. 3. 5 SIMPLE TOOLS - Effective Marketing with Mobile Wallets $ Download Materials - End of Webinar
  4. 4. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 4 SPEAKERS Hazel Fruitman Kim Stuart Michael Maloney What is a Mobile Wallet? Big Budget Case Studies Create a Pass in Less Than 5 Minutes
  5. 5. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 5 200,000,000 (TWO HUNDRED MILLION) Number of people in US who own smartphones
  6. 6. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 6 US Retail mCommerce 2013 — $14.5 Billion spent 2017 — $30 Billion projected Mobile Devices: • Personal assistants • Use on the rise • Mobile payments increase
  7. 7. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 7 EXPECTATION LEVELS What do consumers want from digital wallet drop-ins? 57% Loyalty cards, points, rewards 56% Coupons, discounts, promotions 50% Product Information
  8. 8. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 8 WHAT IS A MOBILE WALLET? Quickly learn the basics %
  9. 9. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 9 Key Things to Remember About Mobile Wallets in General DIGITAL EQUIVALENT All passes in one place, just like your wallet or purse. Works from lock screen of device - no more fumbling to open an app at airplane gate or when trying to pay for coffee PASS TYPES CONVENIENCE General info, event tickets, loyalty passes, boarding passes, coupons
  10. 10. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 10 USE WALLETS FOR… Golf Course Lunch menu pop-up @ 8th tee, direct dial using phone app @ 9th tee. Pick up lunch at the turn. Farmer Send push messages with location and selection availability before each weekly farmers’ market Retailer Inventory control - notify @ new merchandise arrival, as well as seasonal close- outs and sales Event Venue Keep attendees updated on entertainment lineup and stage location or set/time changes Restaurant Daily specials, special events notifications to regular customers - “digital sandwich board”
  11. 11. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 11 WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Mobile wallets are not just for the retail and hospitality industries Many Industry Applications & ' ( AIRLINES United, Southwest and Virgin are among the many carriers offering Passbook and iBeacon services to those with tickets INDOOR MAP Conferences and shared office centers use mobile wallets and beacons to direct attendees or assign meeting room space PRODUCT DETAILS Instant product look-up and availability. Macy’s uses for smart dressing room installation to include size options
  12. 12. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 12 DUDE, WHERE’S MY MOBILE WALLET? In less than five minutes, your completed mobile wallet campaign is live! PASSBOOK iOS users, the Passbook icon opens your mobile wallet on iPhone. GOOGLE WALLET & OTHERS Android and Windows phone users, your wallet app may not be factory installed, and may require downloading from the Play Store or other location.
  13. 13. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 13 APPLE PASSBOOK Front and back features of drop-in mobile wallet pass Dynamic links Your graphics
  14. 14. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 14 REAL WORLD CASE STUDIES How Big Companies Use Mobile Wallets |
  15. 15. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 15 Menʼs Wearhouse #1 Market Share in Mensʼ Apparel Specialty Space BRANDS: Menʼs Wearhouse, Jos. A Banks, K&G Superstores, Mooreʼs Clothing for Men
  16. 16. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 16 Men’s Wearhouse Recently published data on latest Passbook drop-in campaign 2013 % Early adopter of Apple Passbook (early 2013) 2014 * Delivered 55 email campaigns with “Save to Phone” option enabled for Google Wallet and Apple Passbook December - Launched multi- channel mobile holiday campaign with integrated social, mobile, web, and email promotion 2014 + 2015 , Expects 7 figure sales results from Passbook and Google Wallet
  17. 17. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 17 Menʼs Wearhouse • “Working with a third-party mobile wallet provider means the marketing department can create and launch campaigns on its own” • Mobile offers outperform traditional 10x • App also links with Passbook so offers and loyalty points pop up on a smartphone's screen when someone is near a store • 166 percent increase in coupon redemptions compared to non-mobile tactics
  18. 18. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 18 TAKEAWAY Mobile Wallet Drop-Ins ~ Men’s Wearhouse MAIN BENEFIT Men’s Wearhouse sees marked increase in engagement with customers by using mobile wallet drop-ins to engage and communicate at the right time and place. Expects to see 7 figure sales resulting from Passbook and Google Wallet this year.
  19. 19. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 19 Worldʼs Largest Retailer of Fragrances & Beauty No. 106 in the Internet Retailer Mobile 400 1,700 Stores Worldwide
  20. 20. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 20 80% of customers who put their Beauty Insider card in Passbook are what Sephora considers active customers, those who have made at least one purchase in the last year. Passbook users spend two times more annually and purchase twice as frequently as the average Sephora customer.
  21. 21. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 21 QUICK STATS SEPHORA was an original Passbook adopter - September 2012 Passbook Users Mobile Gift Card Opens Active Customers using Passbook In-Store Shoppers Using Mobile 600,000+ 41% 70% 80% ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀♀ ♀ ♀♀ ♀♀ ♀♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀♀♀ ♀♀♀♀♀♀♀♀ ♀♀ ♀♀♀ ♀ ♀♀♀ ♀♀ ♀ ♀♀♀ ♀♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀
  22. 22. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 22 ETC A few facts about SEPHORA and its customer base Customers are women who have shown historically that they adopt technology where it is useful Passbook enables Sephora to keep its Beauty Insider program top of mind with its iPhone-toting customers Passbook users are among Sephora’s best customers
  23. 23. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 23 TAKEAWAY Mobile Wallet Drop-Ins ~ SEPHORA MAIN BENEFIT SEPHORA finds an increase in spending - both levels and frequency - by customers who engage and communicate via their mobile wallet drop-ins. Keeping cards in the phone instead of in the wallet is the best way to stay in the mind of the customer.
  24. 24. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 24 STARBUCKS COFFEE The world’s most recognized mermaid excels at mobile. Starbucks was able to generate a staggering $1 billion in revenue from smartphone transactions used at sales terminals in its stores in 2013 largely due to the fanatical loyalty of its customers. Now, that’s a lot of coffee, no matter how you pour it. “With more than 11 percent of transactions a week now happening with a mobile device in our stores, and nearly 10 million customers currently using our mobile app, we’re thrilled to make the digital experience even easier and more rewarding for our customers and partners,” said Adam Brotman, chief digital officer for Starbucks. Thrilled probably doesn’t begin to describe it.
  25. 25. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 25 STARBUCKS MAKES IT EASY. That mermaid sells a LOT of coffee to a LOT of people. Details The buzzwords for Starbucks’ Q1 analyst call was certainly digital, mobile apps, loyalty and mobile payments — with an emphasis on the “seismic shift” in customer behavior. This translates to easier use by customers at every level - not just to pay but to manage their rewards balances, find store locations, or (starting this week) have the ability to tip their barista - right from their mobile device. .
  26. 26. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 26 TAKEAWAY Mobile Wallet Drop-Ins ~ Starbucks Coffee MAIN BENEFIT Starbucks simplifies customer interactions via their mobile app, integrated with Apple Passbook, and reports that 10 million customers generate 5 million weekly transactions . Starbucks has been successful because it "looked beyond the transaction to understand the customer experience.".
  27. 27. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 27 THE USUAL SUSPECTS Many of the large chains and box stores are successfully using mobile wallet drop-ins.
  28. 28. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 28 SIMPLE BACKEND TOOLS Easy to use admin area designed for speedy creation and deployment. /
  29. 29. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 29 Easily Create a New Campaign Fill in a few simple fields to let the world know about your offer, select a color combination and give your campaign a name. IMAGE
  30. 30. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 30 Additional Info Fields Add some helpful information to the back of the drop-in, encouraging customers to call you or get a map of your location directly from the back of the pass*. *iPhone only
  31. 31. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 31 Location Notifications Add location notifications using geo- fencing or iBeacons to communicate with your customers when they arrive at a designated GPS location or come within range of your iBeacons.
  32. 32. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 32 FINISHED PRODUCT In less than five minutes, your completed mobile wallet campaign is live! FRONT DISPLAY Colorful graphics and optional bar code create an eye-catching and engaging opportunity to communicate with customers. MORE INFORMATION LINK The back of the pass contains the additional fields, along with the phone, map or dynamic web links, enabling instant communication in both directions.
  33. 33. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 33 Merchant Landing Page Choose to post new announcements, links to active drop-ins, and general information for customers. Select from more than a thousand images in our graphics library or use your own. For users with an existing website, the Merchant Landing Page is a great extension for social media, SEO and local search backlinks.
  34. 34. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 34 MANAGEMENT TEAM Michael Maloney, Hazel Fruitman and Kim Stuart are the co-founders of Atlas Rewards, and the creators of the platform. Cross platform experience. Their combined experience spans a diversity of mediums,including satellite and radio communications, internet marketing and affiliate programs, streaming media solutions and online transaction processing.
  35. 35. MOBILESAVINGS - #targetyourcustomer! + # 35 Sources Mens Wearhouse at-the-mens-wearhouse war-grows-mens-wearhouse-reveals-big-marketing- stats-163121 consistency-key-to-mobile-initiatives/ wallets-will-become-marketing-platforms-featuring-the-mens- wearhouse-guest-forrester __________________________________________ SEPHORA users-are-among-sephoras-best-customers gifting-revenue-rise-8x-higher-with-cashstar Sephora-Dedication-041913.aspx next-best-friend-80474 Starbucks payment-leadership-with-release-of-enhanced-io passbook-is-growing-on-retailers/ starbucks-hits--1b-in-mobile-payment-revenues-in-2013--analysis- says.html its-app-payment-system-other-retailers-159100 jolt ______________________________________ STATS & FIGURES Reports-December-2014-US-Smartphone-Subscriber-Market- Share sales-reach-42b-2013/2013-09-06 +Consumer+Technology+Survey+2013/-/E-SUS2092 Macy%E2%80%99s-Outlines-Developments-Omnichannel- Strategy-Technology AtlasRewards and MOBILESAVINGS logos and all associated designs are marks of Atlas Rewards Corp. All other registered trademarks or images are property of their respective owners.
  36. 36. THANK YOU