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Salesforce is the leading virtual application for all enterprises with a large workforce. Salesforce is one of the best online cloud system for businesses because it enables easy collaboration amongst your sales, customer service, marketing team, and much more. All of the applications offered by Salesforce are known to be the best online cloud system because it's not only easy to use, but it's also easily manageable amongst your employees. All businesses need some sort of applications to save, store, and share data and this cloud computing system allows you to track and record different types of transactions and processes that usually takes up a lot of time and reduces the amount of productivity that your workforce could be performing. By managing and tracking all of your data, you can find errors to fill throughout any downtime through innovative products that act as a digital computing solution for all your business needs. Salesforce, the best online cloud system, allows you to improve productivity, efficiency, and your bottom line. Salesforce lives up to that potential as the leading virtual sales system for support for this very reason. If your looking for the best online cloud system then you've arrived at your destination. All businesses can benefit from many of Salesforce's AppExchange programs which allows you to use any of their developed leading CRM applications to collaborate and effectively organize and retrieve data. Hands down, Salesforce is the best online cloud system for businesses. Check out the slide to see why big corporations are saying Salesforce is the best online cloud system for businesses.

To try Salesforce go here, and enter REF:SLIDESHARESF in the "Interests" box at the bottom of the page. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you.

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  • Welcome to the Sales Cloud Our flagship application – The world’s leading sales application No one has invested more over the last 10 years on a sales application in the cloud
  • Any purchase decisions customer make should be made based on currently available technology.
  • Industry shifting to enterprise cloud computing and has been leading this shift for over ten years. With the cloud (the internet) companies can build and run applications with just a browser With the cloud you don’t need servers or software today
  • The Sales Cloud is the Market Leading application for managing all your sales information. We pioneered the market 11 years ago, and today, we hold the #1 Market Share according to IDC. Our customers love the product. We made it easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to customize, As a result 94% or our customers said they would recommend us to a friend or colleague. And of course, we are constantly innovating. Each year, we have 3 major releases that automatically upgrade each customer. Recognized by the most respected technology analysts in the world like Forrester who gave the Sales Cloud the Groundswell Award and Gartner which has us as the leader in their Magic Quadrant for Sales.
  • Salesforce has been recognized for its innovation in the cloud. We’re humbled by these awards and the impact our products have made on the industry.
  • Our pace of innovation is made possible by our cloud computing model. And is one of the key reasons why so many companies have turned to the Sales Cloud to manage their sales organizations. Our number of customers is rising rapidly – we now have 82,400 paying customers. We added 5,100 customers in the last quarter alone.
  • As I mentioned, we survey our customers every 6 months as a way to learn how they are doing. Consistently we find that our customers are really succeeding in the Sales Cloud 2. You can see the results of the survey of over 6,000 customers that they are improving along every major metric in Sales by using Salesforce. We ’re seeing that Sales teams are improving productivity, generating high revenue and closing more deals. Uses mobile devices, customers are seeing a 28% increase in team productivity. They ’re seeing an average of 26% revenue increase and 23% faster sales cycles. Now, the question is: “How is Salesforce making such a dramatic impact for these companies?”
  • The Secret to these results is “Real-time”. In today’s environment, you can’t wait for information, wait for insights, or make your customers wait. When you have up to the second information about your customers, from your deal teams, and from across your company, everyone’s performance improves. With the Sales Cloud, there’s no more waiting for daily or weekly batch updates. If a colleague updates a deal with a competitor or some other new information, you know it immediately. Whether at your desk or on the road, any updates on your customers or deals get pushed to you thanks to your real-time feeds of information from Chatter. As a rep, you get real-time deal updates, leads, analytics, and the ability to collaborate with anyone instantly to help push your deal forward. And as a manager, you get real-time visibility into how your reps are performing. And easy analytics tools that give you real-time insights into where you should be focusing your time and energy to get better results. The benefits of real-time information creates a virtuous circle between reps and managers. When reps get value in the form of increased productivity, they actually use the system. And when reps adopt the system, managers get the visibility they need across customers, deals, and activities to make smarter decisions in real-time about where to focus, and how to shift priorities and allocate resources. All of which comes back full circle to making their reps more productive and growing your revenue.
  • Unfortunately, most sales tools make the sales person do all the work and they end up wasting valuable time. They waste time researching accounts, hunting for leads, tracking down deal updates, waiting for discount approvals, searching for the latest presentation, and wondering where they should be focusing their time. All of this wasted time gets wasted on administrative tasks, instead of being spent selling to customers. In fact, a recent study showed that sales reps on average spend 78% of their day on admistration, and only 22% with customers.* *Source: Pace Productivity Inc., “How Sales Reps Spend their Time”
  • The Sales Cloud eliminates all of that painful time wasting, so you can focus on selling. It ’ s the worlds leading sales application. And it makes sales people more productive by putting all the tools they need to sell in one place. Our new Chatter technology is at the heart of Sales Cloud 2, and it pushes real-time updates to you so you don ’ t waste valuable time searching for the info you need. The Sales Cloud includes all your core sales information with accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and quotes. And you can supplement your account and contact data with our latest edition to the Sales Cloud family, Jigsaw. Jigsaw will help you find more leads and clean your contact data in real-time. You can also work seamlessly with your favorite email and calendaring app, whether it ’ s outlook, gmail, or lotus notes. No more duplicating work in two systems. The Sales Cloud also has easy-to-use analytical tools built in to help you analyze your performance in real-time. The Sales Cloud helps you focus your efforts on the things that will move the needle the most Plus, you can access the Sales Cloud from anywhere – any browser, desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Like the iphone, iPad, Blackberry or Android device. Lastly, the Sales Cloud runs on our platform, which lets you customize and extend the Sales Cloud to work the way your business works.
  • And that’s what we deliver with Sales Cloud 2 that now includes Chatter. Sales Cloud 2 with Chatter lets you collaborate in real-time across Sales and other parts of your company. It includes the best Cloud 2 features like status updates, profiles, and feeds so sales people can share in real time. And works just like facebook so you already know how to use it. With Sales Cloud 2, you choose the people, application data, and documents that matter most to you and changes are pushed to you in real time. And since it’s built on the salesforce infrastructure, it’s inherently a secure private application that you can trust. It inherits all the robust sharing and security rules that our 88,000 customers have come to depend on.
  • Keeping track of your customer interactions is critical to any successful business. In order to maximize productivity, you need the most complete picture of your customer and to always know who talked to who when. The Sales Cloud makes it easy to stay on top of all your customer interactions because it tracks everything in one place. It even pulls in information about your customer from across the web – like a map of your customer’s offices from Google, news from a variety of sources, and even social media updates from Twitter. And now with Chatter – it’s easy to collaborate on your accounts. You can share documents, plan strategies, and collaborate in context right on the account record. No more wasted emails back and forth that never get captured. And best of all, with Chatter, you receive real-time updates anytime someone or something happens at your accounts. No more searching or asking for updates. Your critical customer are now pushed to you in real-time… matter where you are, on a computer or even on your favorite mobile device.
  • Nothing is more important to a Sales Organization than quickly converting new opportunities into closed business. The Sales Cloud makes all your reps more effective by turning your best sales methodology into a process to follow. Consistency drives effectiveness and leads to higher win-rates and faster sales cycles. Real-time updates help you stay on top of changes and Chatter lets you instantly collaborate with your sales team to move the deal forward. Share presentations, track products, pricing, discounts, and competition – it all helps reps gain insight and sell better. And managers get pipeline visibility across all the deals rolled up so they know what’s closing and where they need to focus.
  • Salesforce Marketing helps marketers and sales teams work together to improve the bottom-line for your company. How do we do this? Salesforce Marketing shows you real-time ROI on your campaigns which helps you create more high quality leads, at less cost, across any channel. With Real-time Marketing & Leads, you can make sure your teams are spending time on things that work. See true marketing ROI based on actual deals closed allows you to increase lead quality and accelerate deals. By manage marketing and sales together everyone gains visibility into what is happening and what is working in real-time.
  • Salesforce now includes built-in access to the Jigsaw Data Cloud, to seed your Sales Cloud with clean business lead & contact data – so you get into accounts, and close them, faster. A Sales application is only as useful as the customer information in it, and sales teams typically struggle to get and keep a single, up-to-date picture of valid customer and prospect data. With Jigsaw for the Sales Cloud, a community of 1.4 million sales & marketing professionals continually updates, fleshes out and adds to a 22 million business contact database with over 36,000 new contacts per day – to turbo-charge your pipeline and find influencers faster. With real-time clean data from Jigsaw, your sales reps waste less time struggling to find influencers & decision makers.
  • Salesforce email and calendaring drives sales rep productivity and CRM data quality, so sales people spend more time selling, and less time on admin A lot of sales applications try to get sales people to add new tools to their bags and new tasks to their day, but sales reps should be selling, not wrestling with software. Sales Cloud 2 includes powerful tools to reduce time spent on administration, like the multi-company Cloud Scheduler, along with seamless integration to Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes – so sales reps get to keep working the way they work. The Sales Cloud 2 takes the best of productivity tools and makes them more powerful, and simpler to use, in the Cloud. And setup is a breeze: administrators create a simple 3-step configuration in the cloud, and the Sales Cloud 2 becomes a synced, real-time comprehensive source of customer contact, meeting, and call insights.
  • If you can not measure it, then how do you aim to improve your business? With Real-time Analytics from the Sales Cloud, you have the ability to ensure that you can measure your business and make smarter business decisions based on timely business data. In most companies, people are using legacy analytics solutions that are complicated and require specialized IT resources to generate reports and dashboards. The result is that it takes days, weeks or months to get the report you need and by the time you see the results you are looking at outdated data. With the Sales Cloud, everyone is empowered to generate reports and dashboards based on real-time data to ensure effectiveness and the delivery of business insights to everyone. For management this means updates made across the country or across the world are captured in real-time so the pipeline being reported is accurate right now. Additionally, this means it is easy to gain visibility into what the sales team and individual reps are doing. Having real-time access to productivity reports or untouched accounts helps managers improve effectiveness of their teams whether they are local or across the globe. For reps this means having the ability to generate reports and dashboards that reflects what matters most to them, un-touched accounts, pending large deals, competitive leader board. If the data is being tracked in the sales cloud anyone has the ability to generate a report to gain insight from the information and this can all be done without reliance on IT
  • Salesforce Mobile is a great way to enable all types of field users of Salesforce to have access to key customer information. Salesforce customers often say it’s great to see their field reps provide appointments, call, emails and any customer interactions from the field right after they happen. This provides your organization a much improved opportunity to provide data updates into Salesforce as well as key visibility into the opportunity pipeline. In many cases field workers are finding that they can leave their laptop behind and have everything they need for their business day on their supported Mobile device and Salesforce Mobile. The leading business devices are supported such as the iPhone/iTouch/iPad, BlackBerry and coming soon, Google Android. Best practices recommendation for devices is a supported OS device two years old or newer.
  • The AppExchange is changing the way that companies acquire and run business applications. It’s a way to extend the functionality of your Sales Cloud implementation to address almost all your company’s business challenges. Apps for sales compensation, contract management, or project management are only a few clicks away from becoming a part of the Sales Cloud and extending your success. The AppExchange features the world's first cloud-based application-sharing service, featuring hundreds of applications, all created by customers, developers, and partners. Many of the applications are free and all of them are integrated with the Sales Cloud.
  • Never been a better time for Cloud Computing Core to cloud computing is multi-tenancy. Multi-tenancy means that all of our customers share a common technology infrastructure. Much like with a multi-tenant office space, companies might share security, internet, and other services. The benefit is that one vendor manages those services and removes the hassle for you. In cloud computing, the benefits of multi-tenancy are that all of our customers get automatic upgrades that preserves their customizations and integrations. With our annual, 3-release upgrade cycle, you can literally come into the office on a Monday morning and have access to new features after a release goes live. Multi-tenancy also enables a new business model based on a pay-as-you-go or subscription model. With this model customers don’t have to pay large up-front capital costs for hardware and software. And you can scale up instantly when you need to add more users or applications. The cloud computing model makes it faster to get up and running and less expensive to run. Without the need to expensive hardware and software, you can point your browser to and start using applications immediately.
  • Salesforce serves small, medium, and large sized companies. The cloud is democratic for any size company. Small companies benefit with access to enterprise apps and infrastructure that they might not be able to afford - Large companies benefit with the innovation, rapid scalability, and rapid deployment of people and apps in the cloud
  • Our customers implement Salesforce quickly because they don’t the burden of setting up hardware and software Our customers see business results more quickly because of this
  • With, there’s no infrastructure to manage and no complicated software stack to install, patch, or tune. We take care of all of the infrastructure for you, with world-class security, scalability, and reliability. We have 3 global data centers, certified security, 99.9% reliability, and automatic upgrades that let you take continuous advantage of the latest and greatest technology. Bottom line: We take care of the Infrastructure, so you can focus on selling.
  • Because you don’t have to worry about servers, software stacks, or building a lot of these common application components yourself, you can customize and build apps much faster and less expensively on Our customers have made 21 million customizations and built over 150K custom apps on our platform. You can also easily integrate the Sales Cloud into any other 3 rd party application you might be using or any external web service. Everything from Oracle and SAP backend systems to Amazon EC2 or Facebook. IDC recently conducted and in-depth, groundbreaking study that found customers were able to build apps about 5 times faster at about half the cost compared to traditional platforms like .NET. IDC interviewed many customers as the basis for this study and compared what they could do on vs. other platforms like .net. You can see the time and cost savings here from the IDC study. Without having to develop and maintain infrastructure and reinvent the wheel and build analytics, mobile, search and other enterprise components, offers a better way.
  • Dell, the household brand for computer hardware, is famous for its Dell direct model, where consumers go to their website for orders. But in the enterprise space, Dell has a global sales staff that reaches out to customers. This staff is huge, encompassing over 65,000 employees in over 20 countries. The sales process was also very complex, using 15 different systems across the globe. As a result, the sales effort wasn't as efficient or effective as management wanted. Customers were hearing inconsistent messaging, and experiencing uncoordinated service. Sales teams had no single point of information sharing and collaboration and were using inadequate account management tools. Even some basic terms were different from country to country. Life wasn't any easier for management: there was poor visibility into account relationships, slow and uncoordinated updates. When management did get updates, metrics were inconsistent from country to country making analysis and, well, management difficult. Given all of these issues, Dell wanted one, global CRM system, but couldn't spend years deploying and training its staff on it. So they turned to Salesforce: SalesforceCRM provided them the features they needed and the SaaS model made a fast implementation possible. Of course implementing one, unified system for a 65,000 person sales staff across 20 countries is not simple. Dell wanted to make sure that sales felt comfortable using the system, so they went "thin and wide:" They turned on limited functionality at first to ensure user adoption and success, knowing that, because of the SaaS model, they could easily turn on additional functions as their staff became ready to use expanded functionality. Dell and Salesforce implemented Dell's first ever, unified, global system to over 15,000 users in 18 months. They just finished the global rollout in October, but so far the results are very positive, as Dell has experienced a 10% increase in sales productivity. Dell is going to continue to work with Salesforce in the coming year, with 40% of its CRM efforts dedicated to continuous improvement of their sales processes, and the other 60% going toward the global deployment of marketing. Indeed, it's an exciting time for Salesforce and Dell!
  • NBC Universal is great example of a Sales Cloud 2 customer. NBC uses Salesforce to manage it’s accounts and pipeline for ad sales on NBC. Core to its success is not just in building pipeline and cross-selling opportunities, and you can see the fantastic increases they have had here, but core to the success is how they use Content to help their reps sell more. Today, NBC generates significant advertising revenue from product placements in its shows. For example, when you see Dwight on The Office playing a video game, chances are that the vendor of the videogame paid for that placement. To sell more placements today, NBC uses Salesforce Content to manage video clips from shows so sales people can show prospects where their products would be displayed. It’s a world of difference from the traditional method of providing demographic data to prospects on who would see the ad. Now NBC can actually show a video of how an ad would be placed and link that video to the account in Salesforce. As a result, they’ve increased their pipeline by 400% and made their reps more successful.
  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group, one of the largest beverage companies in the Americas, wanted to replace the contact management software its sales team was using with a more robust CRM solution. The company, which manufactures, markets, and distributes more than 50 beverage brands, needed a better way to generate reports. Sales reps were spending a day each month entering data into Excel - it took an analyst a week to compile summaries for upper management each month.  Dr Pepper Snapple Group deployed the Sales Cloud in just 4 months to 300 sales, marketing, and finance employees with high adoption rates. The entire Fountain Food Service Division, including upper management and business development uses The Sales Cloud to sell fountain soda to restaurants and bottles and cans to stores and distributors. The Sales Cloud helps Dr Pepper Snapple Group manage the sales process, and track and measure activities for over 10,000 accounts.  Reports and dashboards provide comprehensive business views and track KPIs including sales calls and volume.
  • (2. Good Data Quality: Lenovo uses Salesforce Jigsaw to improve efficiency of marketing campaigns and sales efforts.) The U.S. operations of the largest PC manufacturer in China, formed by the acquisition of IBM ’ s PC business, wanted to enhance sales and marketing data quality. They needed to consolidate diverse data sources while preserving data integrity and to address concerns about contact aging and data quality.   Signed up for a Jigsaw enterprise license because of its innovative, crowd-sourced approach to contact management. The flexibility of the solution and out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce CRM made Jigsaw particularly well suited for Lenovo ’ s U.S. business environment. Jigsaw helped with the overall segmentation process because each account is now linked to a set of targeted contacts, making it easier to locate the right decision maker   Salesforce Jigsaw enabled Lenovo to reduced bounce rates for email campaigns and decrease return rates for direct mail campaigns. Helped the sales team reach more accounts and close more deals, and increased productivity because employees spend less time searching through multiple sources to find contacts
  • Leading provider of automotive-financing programs needed a better way to manage information on dealer customers. Existing systems were fragmented and didn’t scale. Theyincluded Outlook for contacts and e-mail, Microsoft Access for loan information, and an in-house platform for dealer-activity reporting, as well as paper-based meeting notes. Generating reports from the Microsoft Access database was slow and could take the IT team up to seven days to deliver. Considered Microsoft CRM but chose the Sales Cloud with for ease of deployment and affordability. Initial rollout took just three weeks; was eventually deployed to 145 employees. Mobile access let reps, who work exclusively from the road, easily access and update records via BlackBerry devices. Ribbit from the AppExchange automatically converted speech to text so voicemails could be automatically added to CRM records, read by a rep on the road and dictated. Integration with SQL databases let employees get the most up-to-date information in one place. Outlook integration maintained a record of customer information and keeps contacts up to date. Arrowpointe Maps from the AppExchange helped reps plan the most efficient itineraries. Reps get up to speed far more quickly. Before implementing, it could take as long as six weeks for reps to get a feel for their territories. Now they can get a great snapshot within a week. With 90 reps Santander estimated it saves 90 hours a day or approximately $1,080,000 per year by using Ribbit and other tools. Average follow-up time on a loan application decreased from roughly 24 hours to around 2 hours. This meant more loans for Santander and an overall increase in dealer satisfaction. Prevented millions of dollars in bad loans by allowing Santander to flag closing dealerships and review their active loan applications. Reduced the time to respond to a question from a dealer from 1 hour to roughly 15 minutes. In addition, the time to look up information on a specific loan application dropped from 1 hour to 30 seconds. Data accuracy improved to over 90 percent from around 50 percent.
  • As soon as Chatter was available to us, we deployed it. The adoption was fantastic. We’ve never deployed any new tool that had so many people using it in such a short time. Minutes after we turned Chatter on, I was getting emails that people were following me. There was a very rapid, viral-type adoption.   Chatter is very much like Facebook, so everyone knew how to use it. We didn’t do any training. Contrast that with an SAP upgrade I did recently, which took many weeks of training users on the new version. From an IT perspective, having a new tool that requires no training is really great!   Before trying Chatter, we tried Yammer, which is another collaboration tool. But it didn’t generate much interest because it was yet another tool that people had to go look at. The difference with Chatter is that people are logging into every day for one purpose or another. And Chatter is right there.   We’ve already seen benefits from Chatter. On the services side, our product support agents are making extensive use of the tool. It really lets them collaborate in real time on service cases. The product support engineers are all following each other, so if they have a question, they can just post it on Chatter and get an answer from the community at large.   In my case, I subscribe to any project where I’m the executive sponsor. Chatter lets me see if anything changes with the project. For example, if someone pushes out their due dates, I know, and if need be, I can adjust their perspective.   We’ve been able to move deals forward by sharing information that would have been buried if not for Chatter.   At the end of the quarter it’s very important for us to try and close maintenance renewal deals, so the manager of the inside sales team was watching them very closely in Chatter. She was able to see deals change and offer suggestions based on the activity. We ended up closing a record number of renewals, and I think Chatter helped by accelerating the pace of deal closures.
  • So to summarize there are 4 main areas of resource most of which are free so I really encourage you to go and check these things out after you leave today.
  • **Instructions Welcome to change the color scheme of table to company colors Welcome to change the three headings Try to keep the list at high level to reduce eye strain
  • This is option 2 for the Partner to present his/her credentials and value proposition to the customers
  • Best online cloud system for businesses

    1. 1. Welcome to theSales Cloud Glenn T. Hong Cloud Alliance Partner B.I.T. Billionaires in Training
    2. 2. Safe Harbor Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, risks associated with possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year ended January 31, 2010. This document and others are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements. <Insert Partner logo here> Must be in slide Master
    3. 3. Our Mission: Cloud Computing Driver, Catalyst &Evangelist 1960s 1980s Today Mainframe On-Premise Enterprise Cloud Client/server Computing
    4. 4. The Sales Cloud is the Leading Sales ApplicationMarket Leadership Customer Success Product InnovationMagic Quadrant Leader Groundswell Award 94% Would Recommend Innovative CompanyMarket Leader Technology of the Year Tina Koppe, Sales Analyst
    5. 5. Recognition For Innovation In The Cloud Leader CRM Visionary Leader Customer Service Enterprise Application Sales Force Automation Contact Centers Servers Enterprise Suite CRM Editor’s Choice 2010 #4 Fastest Growing Mid-Market Suite CRM Company 2010 Professional Edition Small Business Suite CRM The 100 Most Trustworthy Technology of The Year Top 100 Innovative Companies Companies Best Mobile Experience Top 10 Forrester Groundswell Best Social Networking Solution Entrepreneurs & Award Cool Company 11th Fastest Growing Hi-Tech One of 2010’s Company 2010 #52 Best Places to Work Most Ethical 2010 Companies Chatter: eWeek Product Chatter: Innovation Chatter: Best Product of of the Year Award 2010"This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report. TheGartner report is available upon request from To access the report, please go to"
    6. 6. Strong Growth in New Customers 87,200+ Paying Customers <Insert Partner logo here> Must be in slide Master FY2003 FY2004 FY2005 FY2006 FY2007 FY2008 FY2009 FY2010 FY2011
    7. 7. Customers Succeed Across Every Major Metric Average Percentage Improvements Reported by CustomersSource: Customer Relationship Survey conducted October-November 2010, by an independent third-party, MarketTools Inc., on 6,000+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.
    8. 8. The Secret to Sales Success: Real-Time For Reps... For Managers… Higher More Productivity Visibility Real-time Updates Real-time Oversight Real-time Mobile Real-time Approvals Real-time Leads Real-time Forecasting Real-time Collaboration Real-time Flexibility Real-time Analytics Real-time Analytics Adoption Visibility Productivity Decisions
    9. 9. Unfortunately, Most Sales People Waste Time Hunting Waiting Searching t for Hot for Discoun for the Tracking Approvals Latest Deck Leads Down Deal WonderingResearching Updates Where to Accounts Focus
    10. 10. Sales Cloud 2: The World’s Leading Sales Application Real-time Drives Productivity and Smart Decisions Real-time Collaboration Real-time Real-time Clean Data Email & Calendaring Real-time Opportunities & Quotes Real-time Partner Management Real-time Marketing & Leads Real-time Analytics Real-timeAccounts & Contacts
    11. 11. ChatterSell Smarter as a Team Stay on Top of What Matters Updates pushed to you in real time Connect the Dots Find expertise and collaborate in context Step Up Everyone’s Game Share & discover best practices in real time <Insert Partner logo here> Must be in slide Master
    12. 12. Real-time Accounts & ContactsTrack Every Customer Interaction in One Place Real-time Accounts & Contacts Opportunity created for $205K Close date changed to 12/31/10 Maximize Rep Productivity Real-time customer updates pushed to you Case escalated to critical Gain 360 Customer View Agent assigned to product expert Insights from every touch-point Collaborate in Context Account planning deck posted Plan account strategies across teams Meeting scheduled for next week <Insert Partner logo here> Must be in slide Master
    13. 13. Real-time Opportunities & QuotesTurn Sales Opportunities Into Closed Business Real-time Opportunities & Quotes Stage changed to NegotiationClose Deals Faster Competitor added – Acme Inc.Get deal updates and collaborate in contextMake Every Rep an ‘A’ Player Agenda updated w competitiveReinforce your methodology and best practices Presentation postedGain Visibility Across DealsPrioritize deals that need your time most Discount approved for 15% Quote $205K synched and sent <Insert Partner logo here> Must be in slide Master
    14. 14. Real-time Marketing & LeadsAlign Marketing with Sales to Close Deals Faster Leads andLeadleads to the right rep Increase Prioritize route Quality Real-time Marketing & Leads Manage All Your Marketing in One Place Track budget, campaigns, and results together Campaigns Leads Deals Q2 email $10,000 Call Down $5,000 Webinar: How to.. $2,000 10% Promo $0 Reinvest in What’s Working See which campaigns are performing best
    15. 15. Jigsaw: Real-time Clean DataShorten Sales Cycles with Accurate Contact Data Turbo-charge Your Pipeline Live feed of 22 Million business contacts Find Influencers Faster 36,000 contacts added daily by 1.4 million users Crowd-sourcing provides higher quality data, Improve Productivity with Clean Data that stays more accurate, Continuous checks for account & contact at a lower cost accuracy <Insert Partner logo here> Must be in slide Master
    16. 16. Real-time Email & CalendaringSpend More Time Selling, Less Time on Admin Sync Email, Contacts & Calendar Events Real-time Email & Calendaring Collaborate on Meetings Across Companies Your Favorite Email App Working Seamlessly with Your Favorite Sales App
    17. 17. Real-time AnalyticsCollaborative Analytics Enable Smarter Decisions Real-time AnalyticsMeasure What MattersTrack pipeline, deals, revenue and activitiesMake Smart Business DecisionsKnow where to focus in real-timeAnyone Can Gather Insights FastDrag and drop report and dashboard creation
    18. 18. Real-time MobileClose Your Deals From Anywhere Keep Productive on the Road  Get real-time updates on deals from Chatter  Find what you need, when you need it  Improve data quality and pipeline visibility
    19. 19. Real-time Partner ManagementStay Connected to Your Channel and Grow Revenue Real-time Partner ManagementMaximize Channel SalesAutomate deal registration, lead distribution,opportunity trackingGain Real-time VisibilityInstant insight into channel pipeline, Partner Portalrevenue, and partner performance Your ApplicationWork with Partners in Real-timeCollaborate on opportunities, leads, andmore using Salesforce-to-Salesforce
    20. 20. AppExchangeExtend Your Sales Success in Real-time An App for Any Sales Need Compensation Contracts Order Management Sales Intelligence More Visibility For Less 1,100+ Apps 100+ free dashboards 60,000+ Customers (installed 1 or more apps)
    21. 21. The Advantage
    22. 22. The Cloud Computing Model Multi-tenant Automatic Upgrades Pay-as-you-go Real-time 5x Faster Half the CostIDC White Paper sponsored by “ Cloud Platform Drives Huge Time to Market and Cost Savings”,Doc # 219965, September, 2009
    23. 23. The Cloud Serves Companies of Every Size ENTERPRISE MID-MARKET SMALL BUSINESS
    24. 24. Customers Succeed Immediately in the Cloud RapidImplementation 26 subscribers in 700 subscribers live in ~4,000 subscribers live in 4 Days 4 Months 4 Months Fast Business Results Increased sales Increased Improved 30% customer satisfaction revenue visibility to rating to 92% 1% variance
    25. 25. Database.comWe Focus on Infrastructure, So You Can Focus on Selling Certified Security 99.9% Reliability Automatic Upgrades Seamless Scalability Three Global Data Centers
    26. 26. Force.comTailor The Sales Cloud to Fit Your Business Customize Integrate Build Your Business Process Open to Any System Extend Your App Any Tab You Want 21 million+ 50% of Transactions 150,000+ Customizations through API Custom Apps
    27. 27. Customer Success with Sales Cloud 2
    28. 28. Dell Manages a Global Organization with Sales Cloud 2 One Global CRM 15,000 Successful Sales Users Across 20 Countries 10% Increase in Sales Productivity $1 Billion in Approved Partner Deal Registrations Winner: Best Partner Portal
    29. 29. NBC Sells Product Placements With The Sales Cloud 800 subscribers 85%+ user adoption +$42 Million revenue from cross-selling 81% Reduction in marketing cycle times 400% increase in pipeline
    30. 30. Dr Pepper Snapple Group Gains Critical Sales Insights 300 sales reps track 10,000+ accounts across the Fountain Sales and Bottles & Cans divisions Hundreds of dashboards track key KPIs like sales call volume Scheduled email dashboards alert teams and drive accountability 56% annual ROI from greater visibility and productivity
    31. 31. Lenovo Closes More Deals with Jigsaw’s Accurate Data 750 users of Jigsaw Sales reps penetrate accounts 3x faster with access to the right contacts Increased campaign effectiveness for marketers using accurate contact lists Increased user adoption of Sales Cloud
    32. 32. Santander Consumer USA Boosts Productivity & Accuracywith Mobile 100+ Reps selling loans to 16,000 dealers Tasks logged on BlackBerry Bolds Built custom loan tracking app 1 hour saved per day per rep 90% data accuracy up from 50% 2 hour loan follow up down from 24hr
    33. 33. Chatter Changes the Game for Sales at Enterasys 850+ users across sales, service and products Improved team selling with Chatter collaboration Execs follow top deals to ensure resources are engaged Improved efficiency using service Cases and 10 custom apps (ie. IT Helpdesk) Division of Siemens Enterprise Security Hardware/Software
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