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Managing Your Business Through Change: Introducing Bluewolf Beyond

The rise of SaaS and cloud based business services have in effect killed the dinosaurs of the software consulting industry. Introducing Bluewolf Beyond.

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Managing Your Business Through Change: Introducing Bluewolf Beyond

  1. 1. Managing Your BusinessThrough ChangeIntroducing Bluewolf Beyond The Agile Enterprise
  2. 2. The Agile EnterpriseManaging blinding, pace to help companies operational efficiency. Waterfall consulting “The disruptive force of SaaS created an firms, which advocate taking slow,for Change methodical steps, are not suited to manage the rapid and easy cadence of change opportunity for a newexecutive summary promoted by SaaS. Nor is the waterfall breed of consulting, and an increased focus onUntil recently, the software consulting approach a match for businesses seeking fast results, value, and flexibility from their customer success hasindustry was almost entirely filled with consulting partner.dinosaurs. Many of the outside firmsthat helped companies acquire, design, Today’s SaaS solutions are quickly adaptable been a direct result.”implement, customize, and manage and evolve to individual business processes Marc Benioffsoftware were slow and expensive. They like never before, enabling companies to CEO,were often likely to deliver outdated results increase productivity and profitability. This from Iterate or Dieby the end of their engagements. Moreover, white paper describes a new consultingthe same consultants would typically model, one that is as fluid and flexible as themaintain the same system they designed. SaaS applications they support. By leveragingComplex business applications that this new, agile approach, companies canpromised to revolutionize how business was ensure their new business applicationsconducted required teams of professional grow along with them and continuallyconsultants to drive lengthy requirements evolve to meet changing business and userand customization phases. This model requirements. This paper also explains the(often referred to as the waterfall consulting benefits of investing ongoing in managedmodel) led to a cycle where companies support services such as Bluewolf Beyondmade huge financial investments in building for Salesforce CRM, a cost-effective solutionoverly complicated systems, that by the provided by Bluewolf (the company thattime they were delivered, were often literally wrote the book on agile consulting).irrelevant and outdated.The rise of SaaS and cloud based business market evolutionservices have, in effect, killed the dinosaurs. In today’s fast-paced, Internet-drivenThese new breeds of technology empower economy, businesses must continuallycompanies, freeing them from the embrace the new value offered by next-complications and drawbacks of custom generation network infrastructure anddevelopment and bloated, expensive applications. Companies making anyenterprise software packages. SaaS investment into critical business processapplications are updated with new features or customer relationship managementand functionality at a regular, almost (CRM) solutions must continually evaluate join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 2
  3. 3. and fine-tune their applications in order to annual subscription charge. Because theimprove their business methods. Only then applications are hosted rather than installedcan they offer their employees the solutions on premises, there is no infrastructurethat empower them to work faster and more to maintain. Just as importantly, SaaSefficiently while remaining competitive in vendors enhance their products frequentlya market in which business innovation and in response to changing market and user customer highlightconstant evolution is essential. requirements, eliminating the need to ensure Headquartered in southeast applications always remain up to date. Michigan, Macquarie provides IT,Unfortunately, companies often lack the medical, and capital equipmenttime, budgets, and staff to regularly reassess leasing, plus service for everytheir business applications and add new “SaaS solutions require no stage of the IT life cycle — from initial costs for hardware asset planning and upgradesfeatures and functionality. Moreover, many to re-marketing, online asset or software, only a moredo not have employees with the specialized management, technical andskills to maintain and enhance new emerging affordable monthly or annual strategic advisory services, databusiness systems. Managers tasked with destruction, and disposal.supervising CRM solutions frequently come subscription charge.” challengefrom the business side of the company, not Staffing changes at Macquariefrom IT, making it a daunting task to learn created an immediate need forthe complexities of a new technology. Even The best SaaS solutions are dramatically Salesforce administration support.if employees have the expertise, they might more cost-effective and simpler to maintainnot have the time to spend away from their than custom or off-the-shelf software strategycore responsibilities to do an effective job. After losing its internal Salesforce installations, yet many businesses have administrator, Macquarie choseThe rapidly changing pace of technology discovered that it is not sufficient to simply Bluewolf Beyond to drive applicationposses challenges for companies at every implement SaaS and hope for the best. Many innovation more effectively at asize, even testing the ability of the biggest companies find that they must perform lower cost than staff replacement.of enterprises to keep pace. some level of maintenance, training, and results user support. They often need to adapt Bluewolf Beyond streamlined the solution to fit the needs of individualfinding an answer system level changes to Macquarie’s users and business divisions. For example, instance of Salesforce and deployedThe promise of next generation business company sales territories often change on a enhancements that have improvedapplications enable companies of all varieties regular basis, mergers and acquisitions can business insight, employeeand sizes to utilize first-class, proven add new organizations and employees, and productivity, and customerbusiness applications, while allowing them communication. Bluewolf Beyond new product line-ups can add a multitude of freed Macquarie to focus on its coreto avoid the headaches and expenses of new database entries. business and mission — to supportcustom development, deployment, and customers and give answers withmanagement. SaaS solutions require no A business can support its SaaS application ever increasing accuracy and speed.initial costs for hardware or software, internally, since leading solutions such asonly a more affordable monthly or Salesforce CRM are simple to understand join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 3
  4. 4. Bluewolf’s Four Laws of Consulting Economics From ‘Iterate or Die’ 1) Projects don’t matter, results matter 2) A successful business process trumps cool technology 3) Iterate or Die: businesses that do not change quickly will not survive in highly competitive, highly dynamic markets. 4) Software consulting (and services) is the process of helping companies improve performance, taking advantage of new technologies to automate tasks for the purpose of achieving specific results.and use. also provides all an unforeseen need arises, and often willthe tools and assistance necessary for require a separate service engagement.customizing, making it easy to tailor thesolution to fit individual business needs.Even so, companies still require dedicated A New Style:personnel to learn and manage the Agile Consulting Modelapplication, and that is an expense many Businesses that choose to implement SaaSare unwilling to bear. solutions would be better supported by a partner with a consulting services modelAnother alternative is to hire an outside that ensures applications continue to evolvevendor to support the application. However, in the same manner as the SaaS solutioncompanies should resist choosing among itself. The new model of consulting reflectstraditional IT consulting firms (the dinosaurs) one where consultants are deeply investedwhich typically lack the flexibility and cost- in the customer’s ultimate success. Sucheffective engagement model to support SaaS consultants are invested not only to helpapplications on an ongoing basis. customers keep business applications up and running, but to also ensure businesses areAs noted previously, traditional technologists leveraging applications more effectively totrained in the waterfall method follow a gain deeper value and return.slow, highly ordered approach that is notconducive to SaaS. Legacy consulting firms Technologists who follow this approachtypically require expensive and lengthy are called agile consultants due to theirservice engagements, which focus on flexible, open approach to support anda single issue or project. Many will not development. These consultants incorporatequickly change the scope of a project if adaptive planning and practices that actually join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 4
  5. 5. At a Glance:Business Challenges Benefit Benefits of Agile Supplements or replaces dedicated IT staff with highly experienced Consulting Need to reduce or personnel, providing complete support for less cost; provides expert staff eliminate IT staff with the high skill level that even large enterprises might not have the time or resources to develop. Need to boost Frees in-house staff to focus on activities that improve the business rather employee productivity than IT issues. Enables customer service staff to respond to customer requests faster due Need to improve to improved application functionality; agile consultants continually and customer service pro-actively optimize applications to better serve business processes such as order processing, Need to update best practices Agile consultants make it their mission to keep current with industry best regularly and ensure standards practices and standards and rapidly institute them for their clients. compliance Need to ensure company Applications and employee use patterns and processes are evaluated on business practices constantly a continual basis and enhanced regularly to streamline productivity and evolve to meet ever changing business processes. user and business requirement Need to react quickly Functionality and features are fine-tuned in market time in response to to market conditions fluctuating changes in the business.encourage change. Agile consultants A typical agile consulting program bluewolf leadershipcontinuously evaluate the client’s SaaS remains open-ended so that the Bluewolf cofounders Eric Berridgesolution, apply regular refinements, and infrastructure can evolve organically to and Michael Kirven are pioneers of agile consulting, having created thecontinually look for new ways to help continually improve the way the business company in the aftermath of thecustomers improve the application. operates. The stakeholders decide new dotcom bust. Today, Bluewolf is goals and work on them in short, regular the leading and world’s largestAgile consultants also follow simple provider of professional services for intervals (often as short as a few weeks)guidelines, exert light rather than heavy on-demand software applications.control, and communicate among team and then choose new ones at the end of the Their book, Iterate or Die, cycle. Perhaps most importantly, revisions Agile Consulting for 21st Centurymembers and clients often. Continuous Business Success, is widelycollaboration, teamwork, and transparency can be made at any step of the process. recognized as a key authority andare hallmarks of agile consulting, unlike Because cycles are short and consultants reference in the field.the waterfall approach. Moreover, clients are flexible, it’s simple to make evolutionaryremain active participants in the agile changes to the business application beingconsulting process every step of the way. supported on short or sudden notice. join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 5
  6. 6. Management Development Other Services offerings • System set-up, customization, • Custom Apex/VisualForce • Refinements/enhancements and maintenance development • Remote administration • Administrator support • Business system integration • Release management • Platform support and • Data cleansing and management and governance release management • Asynchronous JavaScript • Custom application • Proactive system review and XML (AJAX) development development and support and recommendations • AppExchange solution • AppExchange support • Training and re-training deployment • L1, L2, L3 help desk support • New functionality deployment (from new releases)added benefits of engagements or a dedicated IT departmentagile support services can now obtain highly trained technology consultants at an affordable budget level.For companies committed to investingin business applications that continually Moreover, agile consultants offer a depthevolve, an agile consulting firm can of application knowledge and hands-onprovide additional value through flexible experience that even the largest enterprisesmaintenance programs and/or growth could not afford to implement themselves.plans. Depending on the goals and needs Agile consultants offer their customersof a company, agile support services can access to teams of people, with different skilleither replace dedicated in-house staff sets, all honed with the latest training andor supplement the team, improving staff whose experience has been proven workingproductivity and an organizations ability to with other customers in real scenarios. Themake improvements that help the business. agile approach frees companies of all sizes to focus on core business issues since theServices provided by agile consultants can consulting firm takes over support of thereplace the costs and efforts of maintaining applications and/or systems and services.dedicated staff with a predictable monthlyservice fee. A single service level agreement(SLA) supplants traditional statements of bluewolf — a history ofwork (SOWs) or multiple detailed contracts agile consultingfor individual service projects. Large Bluewolf has continually led the charge withcompanies can reduce the risk of over or an innovative, agile approach to consulting.under-hiring technical staff, while smaller One area of consistent innovation forcompanies that could ill afford big service Bluewolf has focused on agile consulting join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 6
  7. 7. services for Salesforce CRM. Through a to meet user and business needs. Clientscombination of professional consulting receive an allocation of ongoing monthlyservices, and its Bluewolf Beyond for hours that they are free to use as theySalesforce CRM program, Bluewolf offers see fit. For example, a company may ask customer highlight Based in New York City, Dow JonesSalesforce CRM customers expert advice, Bluewolf to spend 50 percent of its allotted & Company is a leading providerguidance and a commitment to success. time on maintenance and the rest on of global business news and custom development. However, clients can information services andBluewolf delivers that high level of also change the amount of time spent on a subsidiary of News Corporation.service via its Bluewolf Beyond program, individual services at anytime.a comprehensive solution that challenge Dow Jones needed ongoingminimizes businesses involvement inongoing maintenance conclusion development support in the face of employee layoffs for its advancedand management. With IT staff, corporate departments, and implementation, budgets under greater pressure than ever which ties together advertising salesIn fact, Bluewolf Beyond for Salesforce and delivery teams in 17 divisions before, now is the time to adapt businessCRM is the only program available that and 4 websites, and unites multiple processes to become smarter and leaner.offers advanced administrative support business systems. Bluewolf’s agile consulting services andplus custom application development Bluewolf Beyond program represent an strategyfor — all within the same important opportunity for companies Dow Jones augments its IT staffservice agreement. with Bluewolf Beyond, which to make real progress towards that assists with system standards,With Bluewolf Beyond, businesses gain a objective. Together these programs offer best practices, quality control,single point of contact who resides within comprehensive, cost-effective solutions and ongoing maintenance of itsthe U.S. to help plan and coordinate all that can help companies evolve and grow. application.changes to the application, In today’s business environment in which companies need to anticipate, expect, and resultsand a team of experts provides proactive, Bluewolf fully integrated theday-to-day maintenance and/or application plan for change, businesses cannot afford organization’s print and onlinedevelopment, as well as special requests and to let business applications sit idle. Only divisions resulting in a 360 degree through embracing the next evolution or customer view, improving service.ongoing case resolution. wave of technical innovation can companies The solution eliminated the lossDuring each engagement, the client’s ensure their ability to become increasingly of intellectual property by centralizing data in a web-basedinstance of is customized competitive and successful. system. Administrative time needed to manage customer data diminished, leading to improved sales force productivity and higher revenues. The time it takes IT staff to evaluate and generate new development projects decreased by approximately 75 percent. join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 7
  8. 8. why Bluewolf Beyond? Call Today! 1-866-455-WOLF or +44 (0) 118 937 1059Since opening its doors in 1999, Bluewolf has partnered on more than 2,000Salesforce implementations and over 500 business system integrations. about us > Bluewolf is your guide on the journey to enterprise agility. We partner with clients to sync business and IT to create a new level of business responsiveness. From cloud enabled customer life cycle innovation, to IT staffing, to agile managed services, Bluewolf knows how to get your business to the next level of innovation. Our clients include Time Warner Cable, GlaxoSmithKline, ADP, Dow Jones & Company, United Way, Chevron and more. B R E A DT H O F S E R V I C E S LO W E R S RISK FLEXIBLE REDUCES S PE N D I N G join the agile conversation contact bluewolf 1-866-455-WOLF | +44 (0) 118 937 1059 8