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CCCC SuccessFactors Tom Fisher


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The Cloud Computing China Congress (CCCC ) is specially designed for senior IT and line of business executives evaluating and making purchasing decisions in the areas of on-demand infrastructure and software services.

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CCCC SuccessFactors Tom Fisher

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Scale without Sacrifice – Application Delivery with  Multi‐tenant Architectures Tom Fisher VP, Cloud Computing
  3. 3. Agenda • Background on SuccessFactors • Cloud Apps, Web Apps – what’s the difference? • What is this multi‐tenant stuff & why is it important? • How do you scale in the Cloud? • Why do some Cloud providers use Amazon and  others do not? • Security • Don’t forget about the people 3
  4. 4. We’re Doing It!  Adoption is Proof! At IPO June 2008 Today Users 2.0M+ 3.7M+ 6.1M+ Customers 1,400+ 1,950+ 3,100+ Largest Deployment 85K 300K 420K Industries 60+ 60+ 60+ Countries 156+ 180+ 185+ Languages 18 22 31 4
  5. 5. Bridging Strategy and Execution 15 integrated applications designed  to improve your business operations 5
  6. 6. Business Execution.  Accelerated. Execution Business Alignment People Performance Goals Performance Business Results Strategy Collaboration Compensation Dashboards Succession Operational Reporting Recruiting Survey Development Predictive Analytics Metrics Workforce Planning Acquisition Benchmarking Strategic Reporting Consulting Services Expertise Business Leaders HR Leaders Answering the big Question – HOW? 6
  7. 7. Leveraging Our Heritage…Extending It! What’s the top performer retention rate for my entire team? Is Carla managing out low performers? Traditional data output is Org Charts are intuitive, but provide  useful but difficult to navigate limited operational data and insight 7
  8. 8. BizX – Integrating Business Data! Aggregate/Trend Data in SuccessCloud Detail information from Salesforce Traditional data output is Org Charts are intuitive, but provide  useful but difficult to navigate limited operational data and insight 8
  9. 9. The Execution Gap 37% value loss due  to breakdowns in  execution Results Traditional Strategy Applications Source – Harvard Business Review, Turning Great 9 Strategy into Great Performance, Mankins and Steele
  10. 10. Bridging The Execution Gap 37% value loss due  to breakdowns in  execution Results Traditional Strategy Execution Applications Source – Harvard Business Review, Turning Great 10 Strategy into Great Performance, Mankins and Steele
  11. 11. Global Adoption  2,800+  115+  Cumulative Customers 35+  Empresa Folha de Manha S.A. 12 2 Major US  Automaker Top 2 Bottling Co. One of the Leading world’s largest retailer * PPD Development LP retailers * Leading  * financial  * services company > 300,000  users > 50,000 to  * 300,000 users > 25,000 to  50,000 users > 10,000 to  25,000 users > 3 to 10,000 users 11 Note: * Placement represents total employee base.
  12. 12. Undisputed Leadership 揟 he company's outright leadership in terms of number of customers and revenue share, in a market we project will grow 35 percent a year, is notable. Leighanne Levensaler, Bersin & Associates, Oct. 2008 12
  13. 13. Maximize Your “Return on Execution” SuccessFactors Business Execution Software is the first solution that arms  and incites teams to do the right things, at the right time, to produce the  right results, every day.  13
  14. 14. Cloud Apps, Web Apps – what’s the difference?
  15. 15. Cloud Apps, Web Apps – what’s the difference? CRUD Operations   Multiple Browser Support   Unicode enabled   Internal Permissions  Malware scanning   Administrative Roles  Multi‐tenant database  Code vulnerability scanning   CERT process  15
  16. 16. What is this multi‐tenant stuff  and why is it important?
  17. 17. What is this multi‐tenant stuff? SaaS 1.0  dominated by single tenant, SaaS 2.0 introduced multi‐tenant  (identical schema) models, new cost efficiencies and vendor business models. SaaS 3.0  vendors to offer a broader array of hybrid multi‐tenant options. SINGLE TENANT What customers Separate custom  ideally want from  Separate databases vendors Databases Tenant A Tenant B Tenant C Hybrid Approach on Database Architecture – • Typical SaaS MULTI-TENANT Identical database  Client age price Customers have individual schemas with  DB architecture Client call date Tenant C 1284 2Feb schema in shared  Client rate Tenant B 1546 6Jul APR Tenant C 1284 Shared Database, database • Advantage:   identical structure on SaaS multi‐tenant  Tenant C 1284 Tenant C 0791 1Apr 5.85 Tenant B 1546 6Jul Tenant B9Aug 6.67 Tenant A 3175 1546 Tenant C 0791 1Apr Vendor Identical Schemas Tenant C 0791 Tenant A 3175 6.25 environment Tenant A 3175 6.85 MULTI-TENANT Tenant A Tenant B • Custom SaaS Tenant C Option of custom  DB architecture Shared Database, database schema in  • Advantage:  Custom Schema shared database  Customer instance Source: Saugatuck Technology 17 Unique SaaS multi‐tenants architecture – focus on scalability, security and low cost 
  18. 18. How do you scale in the Cloud?
  19. 19. How do you scale in the Cloud? 19
  20. 20. How do you scale in the Cloud? Load Balancer Redundant Firewall Firewall Switch Switch Cloud Sourcing Switch Switch Firewall Switch Switch We b Servers We b Servers Switc h Switch Switc h Switch Switc h We b Servers Switch Switch App Servers Switch Switch App Servers Switch Switch Switch App Servers Switch DEFIN ITY 0 34 D S Database Database Switch DEFIN ITY 0 34 D S Database Database Power Database Database Power Database Database Backup Sequencer 1 Database Database Database Database Database Database DB Server Switch DE F INIT Y 0 3 4 D S Database Database Backup Sequencer 1 Database Database Database Database Database Database DB Server Database Database Power Database Database Database Database Database Database Mirrored OS, swap Mirrored OS, swap SD SD SD SD H LET EW T H LET EW T PAC AR K D PAC AR K D Database Database Mirrored OS, swap Mirrored OS, swap Backup Sequencer 1 Database Database Database Database Mirrored OS, swap D S SD HE ETT WL Mirrored OS, swap PACKARD Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Sequencer 1 Sequencer 1 Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Sequencer 1 Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database Database 20
  21. 21. How do you scale in the Cloud? Invest in the platform • Configurable • Common/reusable • Reduce applications/Reporting development time Platform • Ease integration/administration Leverage the platform to deliver functional capability • Functional expertise • Deep applications knowledge App  Modules • Capable of leveraging/identifying requirements for Platform Platform Separate out reporting/physically separate analytics • Specific reporting functionality App  Modules • Business metrics Analytics Platform • General purpose analytics Don’t forget about the critical needs of operations • Uptime/availability • Throughput • Systems management 21
  22. 22. Why do some Cloud providers  use Amazon and others do not?
  23. 23. Why do some Cloud providers use  Amazon and others do not? • Don’t kid yourself – cost is an important consideration! • Margins are thinner and managing all aspects of cost  is a first for application providers • Security concerns – • Latest one:  MIT Technology Report – 46% of  virtualized environments in an EC2 test environment  could be hacked   • CIO’s read this stuff and within hours it comes up  in questions to us! • Remains a concern long after the issue has been answered 23
  24. 24. Security
  25. 25. Security • Industry leadership in Security  Penetration Testing Infrastructure • 24x7x365 Live Security Operators SCAN ALERT SECNAP WHITEHAT CUSTOMER • Customers have performed  DAILY MONTHLY DAILY ON‐DEMAND Data Center infrastructure, application  vulnerability, and data center  audits • All security and  infrastructure must meet or  exceed customer  requirements SAS70 Type II PERIMENT V Jump  P Host N Server  Hardening 25 Tripwire Monitoring
  26. 26. Security 26
  27. 27. Don’t forget about the people Candidates What we look for? No jerks Cultural Fit Self‐Motivated Can we work together? Team work Quick Learner Competencies Problem Solving Can individual adjust? Creative Java/J2EE Technical Skill Set RDBMS, Web 2.0 + Can individual do the job? (Ajax, Flex, Flash, etc.) Prior Project Experience Key lesson learned Will individual learn from  Kaizen  their mistake? Attribution to Aaron Au – CTO, SuccessFactors 27
  28. 28. Don’t forget about the people • Do your due diligence on the technology but  do NOT forget about the people part • What is their tenure?  New technologies tend to have people jump around a lot while their skills are considered fresh • Cloud is new but not that new… • Where did they come from? • Have they built/delivered scalable solutions or applications? • SuccessFactors Alumni: • eBay, Yahoo!, Oracle, Informatica • Ran Large and Small Engineering teams, CIOs (multiple times), Security  focused 28
  29. 29. Questions? Thank You!
  30. 30.