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Using AWS Enterprise Support to the Fullest (ENT206) | AWS re:Invent 2013
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Using AWS Enterprise Support to the Fullest (ENT206) | AWS re:Invent 2013


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At Adobe, we look at AWS Enterprise Support as our partners for success. With their help, we matured our use of AWS in many ways. This session details how AWS Support gave us insight into our AWS use …

At Adobe, we look at AWS Enterprise Support as our partners for success. With their help, we matured our use of AWS in many ways. This session details how AWS Support gave us insight into our AWS use and what we did to effect improvements. We're also making use of the Trusted Advisor SDK; we detail how we're building on top of that to drive further enhancements.

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  • 1. ENT206 – Using AWS Enterprise Support to the Fullest Simon Elisha, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Fergus Hammond, Senior Manager, Cloud Hosting, Adobe Systems Incorporated November 14, 2013 © 2013, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc.
  • 2. CUSTOMER OBSESSION …to be Earth’s most customer-centric company…
  • 3. Constant Focus – Continually Striving to do Better
  • 4. Choose the level of support suitable for your business
  • 5. Today we are focussing on Enterprise Support
  • 6. The Basics
  • 7. Logging a Case • Unlimited number of “named contacts” • Ensure they have access via IAM { "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "support:*" ], "Resource": "*" } ] }
  • 8. Choose your preferred method of contact
  • 9. Choose the Correct Severity Level Severity Level Response Time Available For Critical 15 minutes Enterprise Urgent 1 hour Enterprise, Business High 4 hours Enterprise, Business Normal 12 hours Enterprise, Business, Developer Low 1 day Enterprise, Business, Developer White glove case routing: Cases submitted by enterprise-level customers will be recognized and routed directly to specially trained engineers to ensure fast, accurate resolution to critical issues.
  • 10. Customer Story Sometimes bad things happen to good people…
  • 11. Technical Account Manager (TAM) • Focussed on your organization • Regular, deep, and ongoing engagement • Learns how you operate – – – – Environment Change control Business challenges Operational challenges • Able to provide reports and analysis in your preferred format
  • 12. Types of TAM Deliverables • • • • • • Monthly incident reporting Proactive project planning Cost optimization recommendations In-flight project reviews Feature requests Etc.
  • 13. It can be what you want it to be… “Ran a tech summit for one of our enterprise customers with a heavy development focus where we tailored a full day of workshops with themes such as automation and deployment, transcoding and IEM. A massive turnout and really good feedback.” TAM, Large Online Media Company
  • 14. More Advanced Use
  • 15. Architecture Support • Access to a solutions architect – Review new projects – Explore use cases – Design reviews • Engage deeply with your organization to understand your requirements and nuances • Bring best practices, patterns, and advice
  • 16. When it comes to support: Reactive is the past; proactive is the future.
  • 17. Trusted Advisor
  • 18. Cost Optimizing • Reserved Instances opportunities • Underutilized EC2 instances • Idle ELBs • Underutilized Amazon EBS volumes • Etc
  • 19. Security • Open ports • IAM use • Amazon S3 bucket permissions • Amazon RDS security • Etc
  • 20. Fault Tolerance • AZ imbalance • Amazon EBS snapshots • ASG health • VPN tunnels • ELB configuration • Etc
  • 21. Performance • Overutilized instances • Amazon EBS PIOPS settings • Security group proliferation • Etc
  • 22. Useful Way to Track Service Limits
  • 23. AWS Support API
  • 24. Support at the End of an API myhost: aws support create-case … myhost: aws support describe-cases … myhost: aws support add-communication-to-case … myhost: aws support resolve-case –-case-id <value> myhost: aws support describe-trusted-advisor-check-summaries … myhost: aws support refresh-trusted-advisor-check …
  • 25. SDK Support to Make it Easier • • • • • • • • Ruby .NET Java Node.js PHP Python CLI PowerShell
  • 26. Build Support “Your Way” • Stealthy startup – Uses the API to monitor their limits – dashboard on the “big screen” in the office • NZ company – Tied AWS support tickets into their own trouble-tracking system. • Your idea here…
  • 27. Infrastructure Event Management (IEM)
  • 28. Create the “War Room” • Short term, critical support for an event – – – – – Product launch Advertising campaigns Production rollouts Public events (e.g. sports, music) Cloud migration • Zero-second response time • Bring together all the key parties
  • 29. The IEM Process Initiation •Introductions •Architecture review •Cost planning •Limits review Planning & Execution •Assist customerled load testing •Real-time event support Review & Closure • Post event analysis and recommendations
  • 30. Customer Example • • • • • • Large national “one time only” event AWS chosen as backup for their existing solution Team of 12 stakeholders Reviewed architecture Coordinated load test (12,000 rps) During event, confidence so high that load was shifted for a time to AWS and back again as a “proof point”
  • 31. ENT206 - Using AWS Enterprise Support to the Fullest Fergus Hammond, Senior Manager, Cloud Hosting, Adobe Systems Incorporated © 2013, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc.
  • 32. The Short Story • Enterprise support was must-have for Adobe – Decision dictated by incident response process • But Enterprise Support proved to be broadly useful, beyond incident response – – – – Architecture review of existing products Guidance for new teams Preparation for events Trusted Advisor
  • 33. About Adobe • Global leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions • Provides tools to create, deploy, measure, and optimize digital content
  • 34. Cloud Products @ Adobe • Creative Cloud • Marketing Cloud • Digital Publishing Suite • PhoneGap • Typekit • • Behance • Revel • And growing via new products & acquisitions
  • 35. History • image processing & hosting • Low-cost hardware in colos; high availability via application layer • Omniture purchase in 2009 • Operations teams outside of IT run hosted apps
  • 36. Adobe Creative Cloud • Trends: mobile, social cloud • Latest versions of desktop & mobile apps and updates • Cloud storage, syncing, and sharing • Cloud services for building websites, apps, publications • Integration with Behance
  • 37. How We Picked AWS • Quickly! • February 2011 decision > October 2011 launch of Creative Cloud • Pockets of existing AWS experience • Aging hardware in colos, technology gaps (e.g., object storage), limited footprint • It felt like the right time to make the jump into AWS
  • 38. Shared Cloud • Internal service platform for product development • Efficiency evolution: centralized operation > centrally operated PaaS • Existing product teams contribute workers, increasing value of platform
  • 39. How We Started • New code base & key new hires with AWS experience • Using compute & storage; limited use of other services • With some incorrect assumptions…
  • 40. What We Knew About AWS • Elastic storage and compute • Global footprint • Low cost • Run by invisible, API-providing aliens
  • 41. What Was Much Better Than We Thought • Higher level services keep our focus on differentiating our own products • Higher level services enable infrastructure as code • Services are added and improved at a rapid pace • Amazon’s Enterprise Support offering is superb
  • 42. Creative / Shared Cloud Architecture • Multi-Availability Zone & multi-region • Reserved Instances for baseline; on-demand for peaks • Three regions: US East, EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Tokyo) • Most AWS services in use • Git, Jenkins, Chef, AWS CloudFormation automate deployment & configuration management
  • 43. More on AWS Services • Rock-solid base of elastic, API-provisioned compute and storage at low cost • Real value to Adobe is up the stack – Higher level services make it easier for us to engineer our products – Higher level services make it easier for us to deploy and operate our products • Traditional virtualization & other public clouds make the sysadmin’s job easier • AWS replaces the sysadmin – infrastructure becomes part of the code
  • 44. Lessons Learned • Multi-AZ architecture is essential for improving availability • Concerns about cost runaways are exaggerated • AWS Enterprise Support is superb – Consistent, knowledgeable, reliable, innovative – Knows our product and is part of our team
  • 45. How – And Why – We Use Enterprise Support • Guidance for new AWS users • Review of existing product architecture • Dealing with disruptions – Rare and impact usually small – Essential for customer-facing / revenue generating service – AWS technical staff seem like Adobe employees
  • 46. Two Examples of Support Excellence • Creative Cloud launch – TAMs heavily involved in supporting launch; extended members of Adobe team – Provided recommendations that reduced risk • Elastic Load Balancing pre-warming & Amazon S3 bucket partitioning • Hurricane Sandy – TAMs equipped with rain jackets & microphones – Kept us informed on Virginia status – Can’t overcommunicate when impact could be so large
  • 47. Results and Next Steps • Using AWS has resulted in lower cost, higher availability, and reduced time-to-market • AWS Enterprise Support is essential • Planned expansion of Shared Cloud platform • Growth of products already on Shared Cloud • Greater use of Trusted Advisor (particularly re: RIs)
  • 48. Because We All Have Our Own “Super Bowl” "A large contributor to the success of Shazam’s Super Bowl event was the work done beforehand with the help of AWS Enterprise Support. Working hand in hand with a dedicated Technical Account Manager, the support team provided real-time assistance, ensuring our application would scale to meet the anticipated demand of the event. In addition to the up-front support, the AWS Enterprise Support team also provided around the clock monitoring and assistance from the US and Europe during the event and had AWS engineering resources on standby should their assistance be required.” Jason Titus, CTO, Shazam
  • 49. Next Steps? Visit the support portal • Enquire or sign up • Listen! •
  • 50. Please give us your feedback on this presentation ENT 206 As a thank you, we will select prize winners daily for completed surveys!