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Understand Open Source ecosystems
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Understand Open Source ecosystems



A small story about Open Source projects' specificities. This presentation has been designed for non technical profiles with no previous experience in Open Source projects

A small story about Open Source projects' specificities. This presentation has been designed for non technical profiles with no previous experience in Open Source projects



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  • No doubt the technical contents are too good. But I just loved the image relevance.
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  • Impressive presentation of 'Understand Open Source ecosystems'. You've shown your credibility on presentation with this slideshow. This one deserves thumbs up. I'm John, owner of www.freeringtones.ws/ . Hope to see more quality slides from you.

    Best wishes.
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  • exceptional demonstration..convinced me to have a hardlook at my company model..great
    http://financejedi.com http://healthjedi.com
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  • Wish to hear what you have to say in each slide
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Understand Open Source ecosystems Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 55thinking solutions Understand Open Source ecosystems Madrid – June 2007
  • 2. Scope of the presentation • This presentation has been designed for people who are not familiar with Open source projects…yet! • This is an educational material for non-technical new comers, that tries to explain the main characteristics of Open Source projects • All Open Source projects are indeed different in their structure & details, but we felt that most of the messages transmitted in this presentation are widely true • This presentation is a live document, so any feedbacks and suggestion of improvement will be taken into consideration • Let’s start now…
  • 3. License
  • 4. My first ever experience with an open source project Little story tale about my first approximation to an open source project
  • 5. Once upon a time, I discovered a new galaxy Open source projects related to Content Management Solutions - C.M.S.
  • 6. Truth is that I did not know where to start I installed a few packages in local, read documentation, then started CSI analysis
  • 7. So I decided to take a decision Build a business prototype with different open source solutions
  • 8. First Results were immediate & puzzling … Information is scarce, partial, technically oriented, dispersed
  • 9. Until one day I discovered something Third-party extensions come and complement the core code
  • 10. That looks like paradise to me No need to reinvent the wheel, what I need has been done before
  • 11. I took some height to have a global view, then … Understand the nature of an open source project
  • 12. I realised that I was in an archipelago not a galaxy A core package, third-party extensions around…have a nice journey
  • 13. I decided to go on exploring in search of treasures Select your C.M.S before exploring extensively the community of extensions
  • 14. And I found another piece for my project Search, analyze and select your best options
  • 15. Some other pieces were not so suitable to me You will drop many pieces
  • 16. But I kept my efforts in order to achieve For added value generation, a close monitoring of the community is required
  • 17. Ordering the entropy The exact state of the community as a whole is sometimes changing fast
  • 18. And finally I could complete a solution. I was resting Yes, it works !
  • 19. Then suddenly, some changes occurred You will need to regularly update/upgrade the core code
  • 20. The balance was broken Core upgrades will have a direct impact on the used third-party extensions
  • 21. The solution was not working anymore. I had to act But in some cases, not all extensions will be updated as fast as the core
  • 22. I looked first for infos in the forums … You will be able to find lots of information on the forums
  • 23. I was feeling lost. I was trying to contact someone Don’t think as in a standard commercial-based support
  • 24. But there was no phone available, no email either... No, there are not!
  • 25. So I posted in the forum & waited Yes, that’s the correct thing to do
  • 26. Someone answered quickly, but I did not get it You will receive help from many people, all over the world
  • 27. Another one was busy & could not help right away Sometimes the support will not be as fast as expected
  • 28. Rumours had it that the project had been dropped You might hear strange things: do not believe everything, have your own judgment
  • 29. Or that the lead coder just got married Yes, this can really happen. Wish the guy all your best !
  • 30. I was sent for a consultation of the road map… High level information, no deadlines associated to milestones
  • 31. …Sometimes I felt desperate, but as often in life… Go out a while and do some sports, that’s a better option
  • 32. Finally I found my way. I understood that… It cost me 12 months to fully understand how an open source community works
  • 33. I had to customize & maintain the solution You will need to adapt things & then maintain the solution
  • 34. To offer a competitive advantage to my clients Open source solution can be as good as most commercial products
  • 35. Respecting budget constraints As license = 0, you will have more budget to adapt the software to your needs
  • 36. Delivering high client’s satisfaction If your services are good, your internal/external clients will be very happy
  • 37. But that’s not all folks This is not the end yet…
  • 38. Open source means open knowledge As laws or receipts are open knowledge, software should be too
  • 39. Knowledge promotes the development of local activities People can now see how things work and learn from others
  • 40. Bringing FREE innovation where it is most needed NGO, SOHO, SME …all over the world, Africa, Asia, America, Oceania, Europe
  • 41. So, act & participate in the revolution As a citizen 2.0, you can have fun & act for the benefits of all
  • 42. Collaborate with your time supporting newcomers Provide support in the forums: coders, designers, marketers, trainers, consultants…
  • 43. Share: case study, code, practices Bring back value to the community, sharing extensions or explaining best practices
  • 44. Convince/Train your friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers You have the power to do anything. Activate your social network
  • 45. Promote the project in events, seminars or informal chats Organize local events, be it for hobbyist/students, professionals, companies
  • 46. Donate the project to help it be more efficient If you can afford it, don’t be shy. Money will help consolidating the project
  • 47. There are plenty of open source CMS in the market … •AIOCP •Fundanemt •PHP-Nuke •BitWeaver •Geeklog •PHP-Update •Clever Copy •iGaming CMS •phpComasy •CMS Made Simple •Jaws •phpwcms •Contenido •JetBox •phpWebSite •ContentNow •Joomla •PLUME CMS •Dragonfly CMS •Jupiter •Postnuke •Drupal •Mambo •RunCMS •e107 •MDPro •SilverStripe •Easyportal •MODx •SPIP •EcwCMS •Netious •Tiki CMS/Groupware •Elxis •OneCMS •toendaCMS •Exponent •Oscailt •Typo3 •ExV2 •Ovidentia •Typolight •eZ Publish •Papoo •Website Baker •FlushCMS •PHP-Fusion •Xaraya •XOOPS
  • 48. 55thinking has chosen Joomla as its reference CMS Joomla community is unique due to its diversity that brings a clear innovative edge
  • 49. In Joomla, all together we create value but remember… It’s about a collective that thinks that software should be distributed a fairer way
  • 50. That Open Source matters That’s why whenever you can, don’t forget the final goal, open up & share your code
  • 51. Conclusions • Best of breed Open Source solutions can be as good as commercial solutions in performance, security & functionalities. As the licensing cost are zero, you will have more budget to tailor your solution to your needs • An open source project is normally formed by a core code developed by an official core team & extensions developed by third party coders. • The interoperability of non-core extensions with the core code should be carefully considered, as an extensive use of third party extensions may increase the maintenance costs • Open Source solutions are software solutions: they need maintenance & support. Forums are great source of support: search first, then ask • Your organisation can take the most of an Open Source project if the skills are presents & available in-house. If not, ask for professional support • Open Source software is more than business model, it has strong ethical roots: think about it and try to bring back value to the community • There are plenty of Open source solutions available in the market: choose the one that better fits your needs. There is no universal panacea
  • 52. Thanks for reading Web: http://www.55thinking.com Email: info@55thinking.com 55 Thinking – Creative enablers Strategy | Design | Technology