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Deltacloud API


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Deltacloud API

  1. 1. Deltacloud API Michal Fojtik, Software Engineer, Red Hat Czech
  2. 2. Cloud? Just another buzzword?  Similar to electrical power generation and delivery through electrical grid  On-demand service  Large cost saving  Pay as you go pricing model  Different cloud models: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS  Private or public clouds ?3
  3. 3. Infrastructure as a Service – How it works?  Massive usage of virtualization delivered through Internet  Choose a template of virtual machine  Choose hardware profile for VM  Run it!  Nice, but not really useful Web2.0* interfaces  Providers obviously expose all services via API  Real tool for interacting with cloud  Allow to develop custom applications for cloud * buzzword #24
  4. 4. API?  What you can do with this API?  Launch virtual machines on-demand  Manage state of virtual machines  Get information about virtual machine (IP, state, etc.)  Create own virtual machine templates  Attach/detach some storage to virtual machine5
  5. 5. Many APIs == Many problems  Providers wants to lock-in you to their API  No standards  Too complex to change your application code  Too lazy to watch all changes in their API6
  6. 6. Deltacloud API  Apache Deltacloud (  Cloud-agnostic provisioning and management API  Manage resources in different IaaS clouds using a single REST-based API  Moved to Apache Foundation Incubator (2010), ASF Licence7
  7. 7. Why another API ?  Avoiding lock-in by providing an API abstraction that can be implemented as a wrapper around a large number of clouds, freeing users of cloud from dealing with the particulars of each cloud’s API.  Providing a basis for open-source evolution of cloud API’s.  Providing backward compatibility for API XML structure8
  8. 8. Deltacloud API: SOA9
  9. 9. Deltacloud API: Supported cloud providers  Deltacloud currently supports:  Amazon EC2 and S3 + Eucalyptus  Rackspace Cloud Servers and Cloud Files  Gogrid Cloud Servers  Terremark Vcloud Express  Rimuhosting VPS  Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation (RHEV-M API)  Open-nebula Cloud  IBM SBC  ...more coming soon...10
  10. 10. Accessing Deltacloud API  Deltacloud API is a simple state-full application written using almighty power of Ruby and Sinatra web framework  Installation:  gem install deltacloud-core  Running an instance:  deltacloudd -i [ec2|rhevm|gogrid| rackspace|opennebula|mock]  Accessing Web UI:  http://localhost:3000/api11
  11. 11. Deltacloud API: Top level entry-point  Easy ramp-up  No need to know the resource types ahead of time, simply load the ‘Primary Entry Point’ and start navigating among resource  Deltacloud uses HTTP basic authentication12
  12. 12. Basic cloud abstraction collections  Realms A distinct organizational unit within the back-end cloud such as a data center  Hardware Profiles Sizing of a virtual machine in a cloud  Images Templates (virtual machine images) from which Instances are created  Instances A realized virtual server, running in a given back-end cloud13
  13. 13. Extended cloud abstraction  Storage volumes Virtual storage device that can be attached to an Instance  Storage snapshots Snapshots of a Storage Volume at a specified point in time  Key-value storage (blob) Generic ‘key ==> value’ based data store  Authentication keys Credentials used to access a running Instance  Loadbalancers Maintain high availability for Instances (Elastic LoadBalancing, F5 LoadBalancer)14
  14. 14. Deltacloud API: Why REST ?  Better than SOAP :-)  Based on HTTP protocol thus state-less  Programming language agnostic  Clients in Java, Ruby, Perl, C, <add your language here>  Content negotiation  Supported formats: XML, JSON, HTML  Recommended method: HTTP Accept headers15
  15. 15. Deltacloud API: Features vs Capabilities  Features  Capabilities Enhance standard API behavior Give an option for client to check if with additional features defined for given operation is supported by each collection back-end cloud  Both “features” and “capabilities” are advertised by Deltacloud API top entry- point.16
  16. 16. Deltacloud API: Launching an Instance (1)  Step 1: Choose VM Image  Each Image defines the root partition and initial storage for the instance operating system  Available actions:  Filtering using owner_id and architecture  Future operations:  Creating custom images using Image Warehouse17
  17. 17. Deltacloud API: Launching an Instance (2)  Step 2: Choose Hardware Profile  Describes the sizing of a virtual machine in a cloud and prescribes details such as how many virtual CPU’s, how much memory or how much local storage an instance might have  Properties are: Fixed Range Enumerative18
  18. 18. Deltacloud API: Launching an Instance (3)  Step 3: Choose a Realm  Represents a distinct unit within the same cloud like Data Center location  Changes many aspects of cloud: Pricing SLA Geo location19
  19. 19. Deltacloud API: Launching an Instance!  Final: Glue all things together  Additional parameters: Name – Each instance should have name Hardware profile properties – Fine tune memory, CPU, storage size Features – Parameters defined by features20
  20. 20. Deltacloud API: Managing instance state  Client access to the back-end state machine  Basic virtual machine operations:  Reboot  Stop  Start  Destroy21
  21. 21. Deltacloud API: Run command on instance  Currently only Linux instances are supported.  Authentication:  SSH private keys (Amazon)  Password (Gogrid, Rackspace)22
  22. 22. Deltacloud API consumers  Native Ruby client shipped by Deltacloud API core framework  Allows full control of back-end cloud and provide access to all features  Command line client  Control cloud from terminal, can be used for testing and batch operations  Java client library  Used by many jBoss projects developed by Red Hat (jCloud, Eclipse Deltacloud plugin, BoxGrinder...)  C client library  Used by Condor Grid to queue cloud operations (Aeolus project)  Native implementations , <put your company here ;-)>23
  23. 23. 24
  24. 24. Contributing to Deltacloud API  Everyone can contribute, ask questions, ask about new features...  ...even in real time on IRC: #deltacloud @  ...or send patches to: deltacloud-dev@incubator.apache.org25
  25. 25. Thank you! Questions ? mfojtik@redhat.com26