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GE 信息技术领导力项目(ITLP)是为期两年的培训计划,是GE培养信息技术领导人的重要通道。发掘ITLP的主要途径 —GE 2012 ITLP 暑期实习生项目(EID)已经正式启动,对IT充满热忱的你该如何做好充分的准备,GE的IT人才又应具备怎样的条件?

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Ge -itlp eid在线访谈资料

  1. 1. “I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent it.” – Thomas Edison
  2. 2. Why you should think about startingyour IT career at GE! At GE, you’ll work on things that matter to the world. GE is THEWhy leadership company, investing in your development throughout yourwork @ career. We have a start-up spirit towards innovation, backed by our global scale and resources. At GE, you can have a diverse career inGE? multiple industries and locations. • Create technology solutions that help GE gain a competitiveAs part of advantage and win in the marketplaceIT @GE, • Work with many different technologies but can go deep in a specialty • Collaborate with fellow IT professionals across the breadth of GEyou will… • Partner with big tech companies to help develop their products 2 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  3. 3. IT is GE’s enabler for growthOur Foundation Our Differentiator Our Future• Locomotives • Smart Grid • Mobile solutions• Gas / wind / nuclear / • Smart Healthcare • Data mining for insights solar power • Movement Planner • Data analysis• Jet engines • Intelligent Plant • Visualization to• MRI / CT scan understand complex equipment • Nucleus Home Energy data Management• Credit card systems • Self-correcting, intelligent systems• Home appliances 3 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  4. 4. Hot IT topics in GE Mobile apps Developing apps to support employees, partners, products and customers Big data Collecting, storing and analyzing TBs of data across our products Connected homes Making appliances “talk” to improve energy consumption, better service, Smart grid Improving consumption across the energy infrastructure Mobile payments Supporting NFC integration of credit purchases with phones User experience Creating applications that are approachable, welcoming, confident and delightful 4 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  5. 5. IT is the critical lens through whichour customers experience GE  Remote monitoring and diagnostics  Smart grid controls  Home appliance management  Credit card transactions  Medical equipment interfaces  Asset and fleet management  Digital marketing  Digital controls 5 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  6. 6. IT investment is significantly growing $3.7B Invested in IT by GE in 2011 14 th Largest software company in the world 10,000+ IT professionals working in over $4.1M Invested yearly on training and 40 countries around the globe education for IT professionals 253 Active IT job openings 100K Hours spent each year on* on IT training * As of 3/1/12 6 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  7. 7. Information Technology LeadershipProgram (ITLP) Develop a leadership talent pipeline for GE’s world class IT organization 7 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  8. 8. Lead By Doing We come together with a passion for technology, supported by the global scale and resources of one of the world’s greatest companies, to grow our leadership skills, business acumen and technical aptitude while building acareer with unlimited potential. What we do each day, through imagination and technological innovation will enable us to accelerate the future and make the world better. We are the Information Technology Leadership Program. We Lead by Doing 8 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  9. 9. ITLP is a global program with a historyof success• One of GE’s 7 corporate leadership programs• Founded in 1980• 200+ on-program members worldwide• Prominent alumni in key leadership positions around the globe 9 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  10. 10. What you’ll get out of the program Technical Business Leadership Global Expertise Acumen Skills Experience • Courses on tech • Courses in finance, • Courses in GE • Attend class in US topics & languages budgeting, leadership & China with global (Java, HTML, mobile, operations peers SQL, DBA, agile & • Lead projects & more) • Become an expert technical teams • Rotations with in how your global teams • Rotations to Lead by • Global committee business operates leadership • Assignments doing…real business & technology • Strong partnership impacting the • Exposure & world with business interaction with GE • Tech committees & functional teams on longer rotations to leaders • Cross-business, projects cross-country go deeper in areas of interest committees and projects2 years of learning, development , and real-world experiences in areas of your choice! 10 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  11. 11. Rotational assignmentsReal jobs, diverse opportunitiesAssignments focus on applying technologyto solve business issues Challenging project work • Systems Implementation • Technical Design / Architecture Defined deliverables, visible • Operational Excellence impactMembers drive growth and productivity byleading projects in business processes Experiences with distinct technical applications and • Inquiry-to-Order & Order-to-Remittance solutions • Origination, Underwriting, & Risk Analysis • Servicing & Aftermarket Enhancements Coaching and feedback • Headquarters and back-room operationsRotations help build expertise across Senior-level visibility andtechnology disciplines exposure • Data Integration / Management • IT Security / Risk • Application Development / QA • Network Operations • Mobile Technologies / Apps • Business Intelligence 11 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  12. 12. ITLP course roadmap Rotation 1 Rotation 2 Rotation 3 Rotation 4Bootcamp Senior Bootcamp DL App Lifecycle II Foundations of LeadershipITLP 101 Data Warehouse Concepts Technical Specifications Presentation SkillsPresentation Skills Data Warehouse Design Implementation Planning Peer FeedbackPeer Feedback TG2/3 – Funding & Report Design SOX Compliance Business FinanceProject Management Fact & Dimensions System & Performance Testing Business WritingLean & VSM BI Report Design Code Standards Business SimulationBusiness Finance Creating an OLAP Security IssuesDatabase ETL using Informatica TG4 – Code ReviewWeb Development Networking (optional) TG5 – ImplementationObject TechnologyJava Programming Senior BootcampTG2 – Request for Funding Business SimulationTG5 – Implementation Business Strategy ERP Implementation PlanningBusiness Writing ERP Rollout Plan BI ReportingOrganizing BI Report DesignStrategizing Database Functions and ProceduresEditing Materialized Views BI Reporting with InformaticaApp Lifecycle I TG5 – Implementation = live learning courseSoftware Application LifecycledeliverablesUse Cases = online learning courseFunctional SpecificationsMake vs. Buy EvaluationTG2/3 – Funding & Build versus Buy = distance learning course 12 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  13. 13. ITLP internships…your chance to makea splashA critical pipeline for full-time ITLPsOpportunity to evaluate GE and gain practical, real-world ITwork experiences Smaller scale versions of ITLP rotations scoped to fit within 8-12 weeks Numerous networking activities with interns and ITLPs from other areas of the business Coaching and mentoring from current ITLPs, program graduates and IT managers Over 60% of full-time ITLP hires come from our intern pool 13 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  14. 14. What are we looking for? 14 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  15. 15. Help us build the future of IT at GE 15 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03
  16. 16. Find out more and chat with on-program members! http://twitter.comj/geitlp 16 ITLP @ GE 2012-04-03