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March 3 Boards


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Yukon College course MATH 105 (Intro Statistics) blackboards

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March 3 Boards

  1. 1. Two means of small samples (n<30) – first we test if the standard deviations are the same so we can decide which t calculation to use.
  2. 2. Then we can do the hypothesis test to compare the means. In this case, the standard deviations were the same so we used the longer t formula with more degrees of freedom (n1+n2-2).
  3. 3. Two means of small dependent samples – we can find differences of pairs, and compute an average difference which might be zero, positive or negative.
  4. 4. Example continued
  5. 5. Two proportions – requires a “weighted estimate of population proportion” using both sample proportions, in order to compute a standard error for the sampling distribution.
  6. 6. Proportion example. Sorry this is so out of focus.
  7. 7. Example continued