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Marine biology adl


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Marine biology adl

  1. 1. introMy issue is marine biology and what pollution is doing to the oceans it affects children in the world by not allowing them to have fun and not to see all of the fish in the ocean because they are slowly going extinct. My project will prove that we are hurting are oceans and environments.
  2. 2. Solutions• My solution for this pollution would be to help clean up the ocean.• I would try to help to clean it up on my own time.• If we help clean up the ocean the fish will keep multiplying so we don’t run out of fish for restaurants and for entertainment.
  3. 3. Aid organizations• The government agencies that can help are.
  4. 4. Financial Impact• The financial impact to this problem is the people who go to restaurants to get seafood they cant always get the kind they want because that kind is going instinct.• That and people are trying to sell fish and the people that are buying it have to buy it buy it for a lot of money because there is not that many fish left.
  5. 5. Human Impact• The human impact is that we can run out of fish over time.
  6. 6. Before and after• Before they cleaned after the oil up the ocean spill
  7. 7. Focus questionWhat does it take to keep the ocean clean and keep the fish healthy.
  8. 8. Map of the spill
  9. 9. Information• This is a peace of information I found is that 8,332 thousand animals died in the BP oil spill.
  10. 10. Worst affected area’s• Gulf of Mexico• Coast of Florida
  11. 11. Timeline
  12. 12. Overview• I would describe my issue as not a good thing because we are hurting the ocean by polluting the water that the fish live in and all the pollution is killing off the fish.• This problem occurs by people not caring and polluting the water what also makes this problem happen is the natural disasters that happen.
  13. 13. Compare/contrastThe people from other countries might clean up the natural disasters better than we do.
  14. 14. sources• I found out how many fish died in the oil spill.• Google for pictures• I found out about the oil spill.
  15. 15. conclusion• My issue is marine biology and how we are polluting the oceans I hope this problem will be stopped soon so that we can have fish around forever. I think this problem can be solved if we can start cleaning up the ocean and try to stop polluting.