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Green sea turtles


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the sea turtles in fiji

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Green sea turtles

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Chelonia mydas• Green turtle• Vonu dina or lka du• Are reptiles and are cold blooded• Has a sub- circular to heart- shaped shell• 2 flippers in front• 2 back feet for steering in water
  3. 3. • There are 2 features that distinguish greenturtles from other members that also occur infiji:They have a single pair of prefrontalsAlso the jaw of green turtles is not beaklike• Migration routes can live up for an incrediblelong time• Life span for about 80 years or longer
  5. 5. FEEDING PATTERS• The hatchings of green sea turtles eat avariety of food as they are omnivoresMolluscsCrustaceansSmall fishJelly fish
  7. 7. • Adult green sea turtles have a differentshaped jaws which enable them to tear sea-grass and scrape algae which makes them aherbivore
  8. 8. Reproduction• Courtship and mating happens at sea• 2 or more males often pursue the favors ofsingle female• Fertilization is internal• Females typically come ashore at night duringhigh tide and digs a hole in the sand to lay theeggs• As much a 150 eggs
  9. 9. • No parental care is provided• The temperature eggs are hatched indetermines their gender• Cooler temperatures produce females andwarmer produce males• In 50-70 days eggs are hatched and they headout to sea
  10. 10. THREATS FROM HUMANS• Destruction of nesting habitats• Chemical pollination• Hunting for it’s meat and green fat• Bycatch
  11. 11. Environmental Threats• Global warming• Predation• Disease eg Fibropapilloma
  12. 12. Importance• Maintain the health for coral reefs• Provide beaches and dunes with nutrientsfor vegetation growth• Tourist attraction
  13. 13. ConclusionGreen sea turtles are very important to thenatural marine ecosystem. The government canplay a vital role in imposing strict laws to protectthese organisms and creating funds for breedingprogrammes . Also increasing public awareness.As a community ensuring that waste or rubbish isdisposed off in the right way .If living near thecoastal areas it should be ensured that theseorganisms are not disturbed . By eco- friendlyseafood and use less packaging eg plastics. If wedo not take action now the organisms will be lostforever.
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