Final evaluation


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Final evaluation

  1. 1. Move it evaluationJi Min KimWhat do you think of the overall design of your project? I think it is pretty nice. Because, during this project, I hadn’t made any mistakes. Like last year, I broke the coping saw’s blade. Plus, I haven’t broken anything else or did make mistake. My penguin looked really good I guess and it actually works. If you push my toy then it goes farther. One thing that I want to change is the direction. It is hard to control when you are using my toy. It goes by itself like the direction. If I can change something, then I would like to change the eyes. Because, I put eyes really well. However, I sand after I put eyes and there is a sketch on the eyes and looks not good too. My toy’s movement is pulling. There is a stick to pull my toy. I made it and I think it will be convenience for kids to pull. Are you happy with the materials you chose?I am happy to make this project like it's a pleasure for me. The meaning that I like this project is I like all the materials. My materials are pinewood, paint, screw, and eyeballs… If I have a chance to use other materials, then I would like to use other woods such as Oregon tree. But I don't really want to change the materials. Because I think my materials are best.3. Is the color scheme exactly what you expected?When I finished coloring, I saw the general penguin and it was okay. There were some differences between the real one and the final design. However, I think it is good when I finished painting. I guess there are no patterns in my project. I used lots of colors in this project. Which are grey, white, blue and yellow. Did the project take long to make?It took lots of time to finish my project and I spent those times to make my project. I think I spent like 5-6 weeks. Frist, about two weeks, I finishing cutting all the things, such as ices, ice flow, penguin. Second, about two to three weeks, I did painting. I thought painting is fun to paint, however, it is boring that I was sick of that. Now I don't feel like I don't want to paint anymore. Do you think it would be easy for a company or manufacturer to set up a production line to make your project?I think it will be easy for a company or manufacture to make my toy. Because, first, mine is easy to make and color. Plus, I think my toy will be the best seller of age 5-7. Because, when the kindergarten came to DT studio and played with our toys, two young girls were playing my toy for whole single period. Is your project safe? Can you see any potentially dangerous parts on your project? Could it be made safer? How?My project is absolutely safe. Well, not that safe, because they can get accident during playing my toy. They can get bang on my moving toy. Other than that, my toy is nice though. It doesn't have any sharp edge and I used non-toxic to paint. If my toy was a product that can sell, then I will make rules that say it will be dangerous if you hit or bang it, don't use this toy other than playing. What techniques did you use to make your project? Did you use hand tools or power tools? Are the techniques you used to make your project the right ones or would you use a different range of manufacturing techniques next time?I had some techniques when I was making this toy. The techniques are cutting, drilling, painting, sanding and gluing. For cutting, I cut the shape of ices, penguin, ice flows. For drilling, I used two drill, pedestal drill and cordless drill, I needed to drill to put wheels and make wheels. For painting, of course I used non-toxic paint to paint. For sanding, I used sand paper and sand block to sand. For gluing, I used two glues, which are PVA and contact adhesive. I used contact adhesive as gluing eyes. I used lots of hand tools and power tools in this project. Hand tools that I used were half flat file, sand paper. Power tools that I used were cordless drill, pedestal drill and disc sander.8. Who would like your project best? What age group and would boys or girls or both like your project and why? Is the project the right size/shape for the target market you are designing for? Kindergarten came to DT studio and had played with our toys. Two girls liked my toy. They played my toy for whole single period. I was happy because they liked my project. I guess target market for my toys should be 5-8. I don't know about they liked my shape of project or not. However, on that day, I asked them why do you like my toy? And they said that because it has handle and the handle helps to move easily. What do other people say about your design? Do they think it is good? Why do they say that? My friends said that I did well on my project; I showed my project to my friends who were not in DT. They said that it is good, because it has wheels that can go and it is quite easy to handle. All the people that I asked questions said, my project is nice and good. Some of them are saying, “I like your design” and “I like your moving style”10. Does it work? What changes would you make next time?Of course, my toy is working. It goes really well. My moving toy’s moving style is pulling and pushing. If I can change anything, then I would like to change moving style and the shape of my toy. I would like to change my moving toy as rocking toy or the Alzira and Niraj’s one. What is the projects effect on the Individual, Society and the Environment?I think my project is effect on environment and individual. It is environment, because I used woods, as the main material for this toy and also it pine tree is not harmful to environment. When I was painting, I used non-toxic paint. It is also individual, because my toy only can play with one person. No more than one person is allowed.12. Go back to your folder and see if your project answers your Design brief?My design brief was “I will construct a moving toy that would appeal to a market that includes ages 2-5. The toy will be entertaining and ill be a moving toy. The toy will have attracted color.” However, I got wrong at the target market. I should make my target market as 5-8. Well, target market is not really wrong, because, I didn't asked 2-5 years old about my project and I don't have any younger brothers and sisters so… Ya… Other than that, I think it was find. I had attracted color, and it is entertaining. <Pictures for kindergarten playing> This is the picture about she is holding my toy and she was rolling. This is the other girl, who played with my toy for whole single period. See? They are almost fighting to get my toy and one girl fell down. She is holding my project and looking at others project. However, she didn't want to let my toy to go. One girl is playing with my toy and the other wanted to play, but she didn't let my toy to go. The one that has my toy, she did pull the toy wrong way. It should toward to front.<Pictures of my toy>320040013614400016002001361440000136144000 320040013716000016002001371600000137160000 These all photos show, how I made my toy. I think it is fun to make something and that is the main reason that why I LOVE DT I am sad that we are going to do CT next year and I will miss DT a lot! P.S. Thanks to Mr. Anderson for teaching me how to make a toy. It was a great opportunity to have this project and I really do enjoyed it.