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SKS-3058N Auto EECS and ECU For Examine-Analyzing Tester


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SKS-3058N Auto EECS and ECU For Examine-Analyzing Tester

  1. 1. SKS-3058N Auto EECS and ECU For Examine-Analyzing General Introduction SKS-3058N,the analyzer of ECS, is well-desiged for top auto repair technicians. It includes funtions of signal measurement, signal generatr, power drive; display in both Chinese and English; simple interface, simple operation, easy to carry. The instrument can be widely used in the field of fault diagnosis of automobile, automobile computer repair, automotive electronic control system teaching and other related field of automotive electronics. SKS-3058 Appearance (Fig.1) the appearance 1 the appearance 2 (Fig.2) Characteristics of the instrument According to the diagnosis of auto site rules and actual demand, it has the following new features.
  2. 2. 1.The unique characteristics of the pulse measurement and analysis functions: Except the functions of real-time fuel injection pulse width and square wave frequency measurement, it increases function of the width and speed synchronous display and waveform analysis, which has very important practical value in the automobile field diagnosis,auto computer repair, auto repair teaching etc. (Fig.3)3ms/1200rpm injection pulse waveform (Fig. 4)3MS injection pulse width measurement (Fig.5) 980KHz square wave (Fig.6) 980KHz analysis of interface of square wave 2.Real-time adjustable of the signal characteristic:
  3. 3. During the signal output time, the fine adjustment of amplitude, frequency, phase, the number of teeth, missing teeth number and shape index can be arbitrarily adjusted, which is greatly facilitates the judgment of fault of automobile computer repair process. (Fig. 7)sinusoidal coupling interface (Fig. 8)the characteristics of the coupling signal (Fig. 9)adjusted interface of suare wave (Fig. 10)Characteristics of square wave signal
  4. 4. (Fig. 11) Sinusoidal missing teeth adjustment interface (Fig. 12) The characteristics of sinusoidal missing tooth signal (Fig.13)positive signalcharacteristic of square wave missing teeth (Fig.14) Inverting signal characteristics of square wave missing teeth 3.Signals multiple outputed: The instrument is developed by adopting high performance microprocessor. It can output seven signals, which is convenient for the automobile repair technician to diagnosising and analysising the difficult miscellaneous diseases of automotive electronic control system;
  5. 5. (Fig.15)The signal multiplexed output 1 (Fig. 16) The signal multiplexed output 2 4.Multiple information display in the same interface: In order to real-time analyze the faul automotive electronic control system, the instrument is especially designed to display engine current speed when it is testing fuel injection pulse width at the same time; During the voltage analog output and oxygen signal simulation output,at the same time in the same interface it display current injection pulse width. Using this function, technicians can master a variety of electronic control system of automotive engine associated data information in the first time.
  6. 6. (Fig.17)Multiple information display 1 (Fig.18) Multiple information display 2 (Fig.19)Multiple information display 3 (Fig.20)Multiple information display 4 5.Actuator comprehensive driving function: The instrument can detect the injector, the automobile electronic control ignition module, ignition coil, a pulse electromagnetic valve actuators as well as other aducator when they are in different speed conditions. This function is convenient for technician judgment or execution the device in the first time.
  7. 7. (Fig.21) the main menu of actuator drive (Fig.22) Injector drive (Fig.23)Pulse valve opening interface (Fig.24) The actuator driving speed 6.The analog output voltage and voltage measurement function: According to the circuit of the voltage sensor, the instrument can analog output of 0 -- 5V DC voltage, and increase or decrease the amplitude of 5mV, which can be conveniently diagnose the fault of electronic control system associated with the voltage signal. The instrument also has the function of voltage measurement, realtime detection of 0 - 25V DC voltage, data and Simulation of light synchronous display. This function is very helpful for the analysis of automobile charging system fault.
  8. 8. (Fig.25)Voltage analog output interface (Fig.26)Voltage measurement interface 7.The friendly man-machine interface: Instrument adopts the most concise design idea, 128*64 liquid crystal display interface, display in both Chinese and English, clear logic of interface; panel show clear, the operation is convenient. (Fig.27) Chinese main menu (Fig.28) English main menu (Fig.29) Operation input output jack
  9. 9. (Fig.30) key Operation schematic 8.The practicl wiring configuration: According to the special demand of the automobile diagnosis field and the automobile connector, combined the experience with making our other product universal group of accumulated, the instrument is equipped with various sensors common plug wire, can be very convenient to connect with automotive electronic control systems, which is easier for technician to work. (Fig.31)instrument accessories Function index The instrument includes the function of signal measurement, signal output, signal power drive together, covering the action mechanism of various kinds of electronic signals of automotive electronic control system; It provides great convenience for automotive technicians onsite diagnosis, automobile computer repair and repair of teacher training. 1.Signal measurement
  10. 10. A.Fuel injection pulse width, the engine speed measurement ☆Digital display (00.00-99.99 ms) ☆Light synchronous simulation (0.0-25.0 MS) ☆Show the engine speed in the same interface(0-60000 rpm) (Fig.32) 3ms/1200rpm injection pulse wavefo (Fig.33) 3ms pulse width 1200rpm practical measurement B.Positive pulse width, frequency, duty ratio measurement ☆positive pulse width (00.00-650.00 ms) ☆Frequency measurement (00.00-9999.0 Hz) ☆Duty ratio measurment(1-99%)
  11. 11. (Fig.34) 980KHz squar wave form (Fig.35) 980KHz square wave Measurement number C.Voltage measurement ☆Digital display (00.0-25.5 V) ☆Light synchronous simulation (0-25 V) (Fig.36) Voltage measurement (Fig.37) Voltage measurement interface selection interface 2.The signal output A.Square wave signal ☆1---20KHz frequency stepless adjustment; ☆One end of the signal output to earth ☆The 5Vpp---9Vpp amplitude stepless adjustment
  12. 12. (Fig.38)Square wave adjusted interface (Fig.39)Square wave Signal characteristics B.X+Y missing tooth signal ☆1---2KHz frequency stepless adjustment; ☆The 5Vpp---18Vpp amplitude stepless adjustment; ☆1---60 signal output tooth number in real-time adjustment; ☆1---3 signal output of missing teeth real-time adjustment; ☆0 °, 180 ° phase signal output in real-time adjustment; ☆X+Y signal outpted by square wave to earth, sine to earth, sinusoidal coupling in three ways, which is convenient for the application of various crankshaft signal simulation; ☆During the signal output, sine wave and square wave characteristics can real-time switch.
  13. 13. (Fig.40) The sinusoidal coupling interface (Fig.41) The characteristics of the coupling signal (Fig.42) Sinusoidal missing teeth adjustment interface (Fig.43) The characteristics of sinusoidal missing tooth signal (Fig.44) Square wave missing teeth adjustment interface (3+2) (Fig.45) Square wave missing teeth signal characteristics
  14. 14. (Fig.46) Square wave missing teeth adjustment interface (RP) (Fig.47) Square wave missing teeth inverting signal missing tooth C.Voltage signal ☆Voltage signal output (0-5000 mV 5mV) ☆Light synchronous simulation (0-5V) ☆The same interface injection pulse width measurement (00.00-99.99 MS (Fig.48) Schematic voltage output measurement (Fig.49) Voltage output 4ms pulse width measurement interface
  15. 15. D.Oxygen sensor signal ☆Mixed gas concentration (0.9V) ☆The mixture of dilute (0.1V) ☆The same interface injection pulse width measurement (00.00-99.99 MS) (Fig.50) The oxygen signal selection interface (Fi g.51) The mixture of dilute and 4ms pulse width measurement interface E.Resistance signal (optional) Precise multi-turn potentiometer pointer; 0---10K resistance of ten coil output, a minimum of 22 ohm; (Fig.52) Resistance signal simulation accessories (optional)
  16. 16. It mainly used for the output signal of the sensor such as the coolant temperature, intake air temperature, the ambient temperature, which must be simulated by using the resistance signal. 3.The driving test A.The ignition pulse signal ☆Simulation speed (600-3000 r/m) ☆Drive pulse width 2ms (active for high level) It can directly drive the COP, DIS amplifier module. (Fig.53) The characteristics of ignition pulse signal ating interface of driving speed (Fig.54) Simul B.Power drive signal ⑴duty ratio controller power drive ☆The frequency of the 400Hz signal ☆The driving current 10A ☆Duty cycle adjustment range 0-99% (± 1% ± 5% coarse and fine)
  17. 17. It can drive electronic solar term door, variable flow compressor and EGR valve Etc, ⑵pulse width controller power drive ☆The driving current 10A ☆Simulation speed (600-3000 r/m) ☆The fuel injectors 3MS (active low) ☆Ignition coil 4ms (active low) It can drive the fuel injectors, ignition coil, the carbon canister solenoid valve. (Fig.55) characteristics of negative pulse width to the injector drive (Fig.56) Drive opening interface of pulse valve Using Introduction 1.Power supply This machine is to use an external power supply, the instrument has the right power jack, using a dedicated power line instrument with (Annex 2) can be easily connected with the 12V storage battery; high quality 12V/2A regulated power supply in the table can be used for configuring instrument (Annex 7). When using other 220V/12V power
  18. 18. adapter, please pay attention to the current more than 1A, the voltage shall not exceed 15V, power output plug and instrument matching, polarity is negative. Tips Due to the use of an external power supply, it is connected with the negative pole of the power supply with COM jack of the machine, can be regarded as the ground output. Need to pay attention to the following tips: 1, When using external adapter, the terminal should be connected with the measured system of public ground; 2, When using 12V vehicle power supply, the terminal is connected with the automobile bonding, can no longer leads. If you need to ground output, you should avoid accidentally touch between the terminal and the power supply (5V or 12V) positive power which can cause short circuit fault. 2. Panel sketch and description (Fig.57)Panel sketch and description
  19. 19. 1- liquid crystal display window 2- power driver LED display 3- power supply LED display 4- power / reset button 5- to the left selection key 6- confirm key 7- ground output jack 8- power output jack 9- voltage measurement input jack 10- pulse input jack 11- voltage measurement of LED display 12- pulse measurement LED display 13- to the right selection key 14- to select key 15- downward selection keys 3. Beginng interface and main menu