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Final task unit 1

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Me and my family
  2. 2. Me ● My name is Claudia ● I am eleven years old ● I live in Albalat dels Sorells ● I have got one brother ● My fauvorite colour is pink ● My fauvorite subjet is maths ● I can play hockey but I cann't play magic I am toll ● In this picture I'm wearing a blue dress. I think I am kind..
  3. 3. My brother ● He is my brother. ● His name is Julen ● He is six years old ● He lives in Albalat Dels Sorells ● His favourite colour is blue ● His favorite subjet is maths ● He can play tennis but he can't play magic ● He is tall ● In this picture he is wearing swim shorts ● He is funny ● He is a student
  4. 4. My mum ● She is my mum ● Her name is carla ● She is tall ● She has got brown eyes and brown curly hair ● She can cook cakes but she can't sing ● In this picture she is wearing brown trousers, a leather jackett and a grey t-shirt ● She is nice ● She is a housewife
  5. 5. My dad ● He is my dad ● His name is Ivan ● He is tall ● He has got green eyes and black curly hair ● He can dance but he can't sing ● In this picture he is wearing a swim short ● He is a chef ● He works in F.C DE VALENCIA
  6. 6. My uncles (dad) ● They are my aunt and my uncle ● Their names are Unai and Nerea ● They are very tall ● They have got black eyes and brown hair ● In this picture they are wearing a jackeet and a red t-shirt.
  7. 7. My grandmother ● She is my grandmother ● Her nameis Mª del carmen she is tall ● She has got blue eyes , yelow and brown hair ● She can swim but she is wearing in the picture jaquet and brawn trausers
  8. 8. My family is perfect