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Nuria guerrero's family


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Published in: Education
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Nuria guerrero's family

  1. 1. ME & MY FAMILY
  2. 2. MeMy name is Nuria.I am 11 years old.I have one brother.My favourite color is cian.My favourite subject is plastic.Ican swim,but I can't fly.I am tall.In this picture I am wearing a coat pink and a shirt white and a black shoerts,grey pantys.I am kind.
  3. 3. Pablo● He is my brother.Her name is Pablo.He is 7 years old.He is brown eyes Your favourite color is blue.Your favourite subject is maths.I can walk but Ican't fly.He is clever.In this picture he's wearing a blue shirt and a grey tight a grey shorts under the short wearing a pantys.He is taking a teddy.
  4. 4. Amparo● She is my mother.Her name is Amparo.Her favourite colour is blue She is tall.She has got brown eyes,brown and straight hair.She can swim,but,she can't fly.In this picture she's wearing a black coat, black leggins, black boots and a grey scarf.
  5. 5. AngelHe is my father.Her name is Angel.He is tall.He has got brown eyes and short and grey hair.In this picture