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Xebia - ecommerce & mcommerce


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Xebia - ecommerce & mcommerce

  1. 1. Technology Supplier for all your e-commerce and m-commerce business needs….
  2. 2. Success Story 1
  3. 3. Challenge posed to Xebia -A WYSWIG photo book editor that allow users to create and order photo albums online.
  4. 4. Xebia Solution Albumprinter:
  5. 5. Xebia’s Value Add Xebia Team, along with the client’s team, developed and shipped Flexbased online photo book editor for various vendors: HEMA, De Bijenkorf,Albelli. All these editors are live now. We implemented Online Product Catalog, Photo Album Editor, ShoppingCart, Order, Store Locator, Online Payment Integration and Omniture WebAnalytics modules in the system. Advance areas like Memory Optimization and Object Handles werecompletely done by India Team. We also enhanced existing Online Cards Editor.
  6. 6. Our client, Albumprinter is now one of the largest European photo booksuppliers offering turnkey photo book solutions.
  7. 7. Often heard comments from clients… “Xebia allows us to scale up at a high level of quality. It is even advantageous in terms of cost. But that is not the deciding factor. We would not have taken this opportunity had it not been for the quality Xebia can deliver with its specialists in India. Quality comes first” says Klaas Waslander, CTO Albumprinter.
  8. 8. Success Story 2
  9. 9. Won’t it be great If…. Customers find You !!At the Right Place.. At the Right Time… Location Based Mobile Advertisement
  10. 10. A location based mobile advertisement solution that can reachconsumers while they are in proximity of a selling point. Theservice will work on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android basedmobile phones and pop-up promotions, discount codes orcoupons. It has all the security and Privacy measures throughusers own settings on his/her device. It will be a multilingualapplication including Web portal and Phone native applications.Web portal will be used by Franchises to create promotions andthe mobile phone application will get those promotions throughthe web services of the portal.
  11. 11. Going Around..• Near Hotel Claridges, Surajkund• Wandering around..…free time…• And you get an intelligent message…
  12. 12. Get Notified for new Deals around youApplication pops upa message to theuser the moment heenters his alreadyselected shoppingzone. Select ‘View’ to check out the nearby offers
  13. 13. Automatic Location detection…All the shoppingzone are listed.You can selectthe zone you areat. Deals for Current Location
  14. 14. Cool…great deals available @ClaridgesAll the dealsgoing on in the Select theselected PUMAshopping zone Offerare listed.
  15. 15. Interested in Puma Jacket??This willgenerate adiscountcoupon for theapplicationuser Coupon available
  16. 16. have the discount codeThis generatedcoupon can beused at the outletto avail the Just showdiscount. it at Puma outlet
  17. 17. Build Trust with your followers…User can blacklistthe brands orzones as per hischoice.User can alsochoose his GPSsettings as per his Opt-in Usagechoice. Opt-in Tracking
  18. 18. Opt-In UsageUser canblock offersfromparticularvendors.
  19. 19. Opt-in TrackingGPS settingscan be put toautomatic ormanual.
  20. 20. This Application• Notify and guide users to reach your nearby stores.• Showcase “Hot” and “New” items available in your localized inventory.• Attract customers by giving them privileged shopping experience/deals.• Engage customers by having a seamless feedback/recommendation system in place thereby build relationships.• Learns customers preferences over time, and deliver targeted offers aisle- by-aisle.
  21. 21. QueriesFor all your business ideas to get implemented, contact us at 0124-4700208