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OfferBeam Solution Brief


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OfferBeam Solution Brief

  1. 1. DIGITAL  COUPONS   DIGITAL  COUPONS   DIGITAL  COUPONS   CAMPAIGN  PLATFORM   CAMPAIGN  PLATFORM   OFFERBEAM Targeted Media Delivery Platform for Smartphones Solution Brief December 2012 1OfferBeam (C) Copyright December 2012 - All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. 1 What is OfferBeam OfferBeam has developed a revolutionary marketing & promotional platform that enables businesses to harness the explosive growth of smartphones and mobile shopping to better reach and engage customers, driveKey Features sales and increase profitability. OfferBeam ‘beams’ communications directly to • Web-Based Targeting customers’ smartphones that are within close Promotional & Marketing proximity to merchants’ locations, influencing Platform for Mobile Users their purchase decisions at the exact moment they are in the mindset to shop. In an • Next Generation Geo-Specific effecient, effective and economical manner, Targeting Engine to Deliver businesses are able to inform customers Personalized, Timely & about an added discount, special promotion, Effective Promotions complimentary reward, upcoming event, product launch, daily specials, a guest • Robust Self-Intelligent celebrity chef, or new offering by simply Campaign Management beaming the information directly to their Platform & Web Portal iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. • Event Driven Targeting and Beam Radius with Business Rules To Control Amount, Revolutionary Technology Size, and Location of Beams The OfferBeam patent pending technology • Easy to Redeem Digital enables businesses to have the control to Coupons, View Exposure & completely tailor a marketing campaign to fit Redemption Statistics their unique needs. OfferBeam targets • Real-Time Insights & customers who are nearby and ready to spend money by displaying compelling offers Predictive Modeling Based on from retailers, restaurants, and service Users’ Historic Shopping providers in the area. Journey Patterns Unique to OfferBeam is the ability to • On-Demand Tools, Analytics & capture geo-cookies during the customer Dashboards to Measure and shopping journey to predict future shopping Optimize Campaign Results patterns and deliver relevant and timely ad media that influences purchase behavior. By • Social Share Buttons for Offer understanding these patterns, targeting Multiplier customers, adjusting campaign length, and defining redemption methods, businesses can • Scalable for Local & National reach new customers and grow profits in Campaigns, Worldwide ways that work best for their business. 2OfferBeam (C) Copyright December 2012 - All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. OfferBeam Platform Easy To Use• Create, Launch & Manage OfferBeam is easy to implement and use, requiring no point of sale Promotional Campaigns in integration with registers at checkout, Minutes additional hardware nor software to• Reach Targeted Shopper maintain. Segments Based on Buying Campaigns and promotions are created Behavior, Geographic and then published using the OfferBeam Demographic Information portal. They are beamed to the OfferBeam mobile application on smartphones. Customers download the free mobile app directly from Apple iTunes, Google Play or the OfferBeam website. Customers’ smartphones alert them of an offer when they enter pre- defined beam locations within close Customers Ready To Spend proximity to your retail location. SimilarOfferBeam is an innovative way to build to a text message, customers hear andyour business, increase sales, and reduce see the message displayed on theiryour marketing costs. OfferBeam provides smartphone screen. In addition, texta flexible and customizable marketing messaging rates do not apply and users’campaign vehicle to get more customers data plans are not affected.walking through your door by attracting Redeeming offers is very straightcustomers who are close by and ready to forward. Customers simply show theirspend money. phones, the QR or barcode is scanned Greater Reach & Exposure or the offer number is manually entered into the register to trigger the discount.OfferBeam provides a means to offer It is that easy.specials and awards to attract newcustomers or reward loyal ones by giving OfferBeam is more effective thanthem an added incentive to visit your printed coupons, direct mail,business. Customers can sing your praises newspaper, or internet advertising and,and further promote your business on is eco-friendly.Facebook, Twitter and other social sitesusing OfferBeam’s social share features. • Over 13 million customer location points captured in the Connects People to Businesses OfferBeam databaseOfferBeam customers include national and • 90% of customers viewedlocal retailers, manufacturers, restaurants, beamed offeringsclothing stores, banks, drycleaners, drugstores, grocery stores, automotive stores • 30-40% redemption rate whenand even a major league baseball team. offers are viewed 3OfferBeam (C) Copyright December 2012 - All Rights Reserved