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eTail France 2015


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eTail France 2015

  1. 1. Exploring the future for wearable technology in retail eTail France 2015 04/11/2015 Yvon MOYSAN CEO, Saint Germain Consulting Lecturer Digital Marketing, IESEG School of Management
  2. 2. Insight into the innovative developments within the wearable tech community
  3. 3. Wearables in retail: shoppers’ point of view 63% mentioned security fears as a major concern 52% will be discouraged if only a few shops allow them to use it. 40% say concerns about privacy might dissuade them. Only 11% said wearables might be too complicated to use. (Vista Retail Support, 2015) 72% of shoppers believe wearables will be the future of retail 51% believe wearables will be common in stores within two-to-five years 82% view speed at the checkout as the main advantage 49% say it will improve their experience by receiving personalized offers
  4. 4. Discover how wearable tech is bridging the gap between your customers imagination and their reality
  5. 5. Challenge : create a virtual reality window display for London Fashion Week AW14 Solution: Topshop customers can have a front row seat at the Fashion show with the virtual reality Oculus Rift head-sets Key benefits to customers: • Access to a 360-degree virtual world combined a live feed from the runway, backstage action, VIP arrivals, set design and other animated features • Customers were able to pick and buy favorite runway looks and playlists online in real time Topshop: Visual in-store experience
  6. 6. Situation: It can take 2 days to visit 10 houses because of traffic or even more if you live abroad. Solution: oculus rift provides customers a real life view Key benefits to customers: • Save time as It allows buyers even from abroad to check out homes before to take a flight to finalize the deal. • Allow owners of expensive homes to focus only on buyers with legitimate interest in purchasing Sotheby’s real estate: Visual in-store experience
  7. 7. Challenge : Creating excitement before customers even think or plan their vacation. Solution: Samsung Gear VR headset provides real view of desired vacation destination. Key benefits to customers: • Consumers can experience vacation before departure. • A real view will help them to decide the tourist destination or hotel • Virtual tours include a helicopter ride over Manhattan, a poolside visit in Rhodes and a restaurant trip in Cyprus. Thomas Cook: Visual in-store experience
  8. 8. Situation: In several cities, space areas are limited to display cars and high traffic density limits the capacity to test them. Solution: thanks to an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, Audi offers an immersive virtual experience to try the car. The helmet is equipped with Bang & Olufsen speakers (e.g. to hear sound made by closing the door). Key benefits to customers: • Can virtually drive his future Audi • Can observe all options (color, equipment, leather interior ...) Audi TT: Visual in-store experience
  9. 9. Audi: Goodwood Festival of Speed
  10. 10. How can the early wins of wearable tech be implemented within the retail sector?
  11. 11. Challenge : “All in one creating Disney moment - just like Magic” Solution: MagicBands are to enter Disney theme parks, unlock Disney Resort hotel room, use the FastPass+ entrance for attractions and entertainment experiences, charge purchases. Key benefits to customers: • A more immersive, more seamless, and more personal experience Disney World: payment
  12. 12. Disney World: payment
  13. 13. Challenge : Creating the ultimate retail experience Solution: beacons in its mannequins. Customers entering the store will be able to receive push notifications about the products on display, purchase the items directly from Ted Baker's website, or find out where they can be located in the store. Key benefits to customers: • Customers receive details about the clothes on display via their mobile. • Shoppers can use the information to create look-books, share fashion inspiration with friends or access additional offers and rewards. Ted Baker: Customer location within store
  14. 14. Ted Baker: Customer location within store
  15. 15. Challenge : Streamline the customer experience Solution: Starwood Hotels has installed iBeacon technology in over 30 of its hotels and resorts. Key benefits to customers: • Starwood guests with the brand’s mobile application can now check in, receive their room number and even unlock their hotel room doors without having to trek to the front desk Starwood: Customer location within hotel
  16. 16. Starwood: Customer location within hotel
  17. 17. Is there a valid business case for wearable tech? What should you fight for and what should you avoid?
  18. 18. Wearable technology is projected to drive potential operational savings of $1B per year by 2017 (Rivera, 2013)
  19. 19. Challenge : replace the thousands of walkie talkies it uses for in-store communication. Solution: Theatro Wearable Computer is roughly the size of a matchbox, but a bit thicker, and clips to a pocket, lapel or lanyard. Key benefits to customers: • enables hands-free voice communication, the "disturb everybody button" lets you speak to everyone in the store, not unlike a walkie talkie. • let the company track employees when they're at work The container store: Hands-free communication, employees location in store
  20. 20. Challenge : Inventory for retail Solution: a drone which provides shelf space analysis. Equipped with a camera, the UAV travels rays, scans the shelves, identifies missing goods and real-time warning of shortages. The business is trialing the technology with a consumer goods firm in Dubai. Key benefits to customers: • The drone is used to take pictures of shelves across a store and feed information back to staff on what needs restocking. Wipro: effective use of space
  21. 21. In 2015, Half of the top 100 retailers in the U.S. are testing beacons, that are expected to directly influence over $4 billion worth of sales (Business Insider, 2015).
  22. 22. Challenge : Special offers to promote Magnum ice cream’s Pink and Black Solution: Customers who download the MPulse app received exclusive coupons for discounted Pink and Black Magnums when they pass by iBeacons located in 270 Tesco Express stores across London via push notifications Key benefits to customers: • Exclusive coupons for discounted Pink and Black Magnums Tesco: promotions
  23. 23. Challenge: send current promotions or discounts to the shopper’s mobile phones once they enter the store Solution: more than 4,000 beacons in over 800 of its stores to provide shoppers with customized offers and promotions straight to their mobile devices when in-store. Key benefits to customers: • Customers receive beacon messages that will let them know about products they might be interested in when going into a store Macy’s: promotions
  24. 24. Macy’s: promotions
  25. 25. Challenge : “reorders your favorite item with the press of a button” Solution: Sign in with Amazon Prime Account in Amazon App. Connect Dash Button to Wi-Fi and select the product you want to reorder. Once connected, a single press on Dash Button will place your order automatically. Confirmation will be sent to your phone. Key benefits to customers: • Never run out of your favorites products with Amazon Dash Button. • There is 29 popular brands for 6 categories: Household Supplies (9) Beverages (4) Grocery (5) Health & Personal Care (6) Baby (3) Pet (2) Press Dash Button and Amazon quickly delivers
  26. 26. Press Dash Button and Amazon quickly delivers
  27. 27. Wearables: retailers’ point of view Transforming Retail Operations • Streamlining Communication and In-store Collaboration • Hands-free communication, employees location in store. • Store Layout and Backend Efficiency • Effective use of space, access to interactive step-by step instructions for task completion. (Deloitte, 2015) Improving the Customer Experience • In-Store Shopping Experience • Visual in-store experience, payment. • Personalization and Real-time Marketing • Customer location within store, Promotions.
  28. 28. Questions ? Saint Germain Consulting Yvon MOYSAN Tél: + 33 (0)6 62 84 71 00