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There is no scaling only service improvements


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The last couple of years have been full of discussions on how to scale agile methods. Frameworks promising to know the answer on how to scale are plenty, well known, and it feels like new frameworks keep entering the market on a monthly basis. Most, if not all come with a nice big picture showing managers how an (big) agile organizations needs to look like. They got it all wrong.

Creating an agile organization is not about introducing new titles and roles, not about cross-functional teams and especially not about trains. Agile organizations are about respecting people, delivering value to customers, and being able to constantly adapt to change. To achieve all this you need is stress, reflections mechanisms and leadership.

This talk will show you, how the Kanban method can help you to get exactly those three things to successfully foster an organization that is delivering value to their customers, is able to adapt to changes, while respecting its people and without turning everything upside down.

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There is no scaling only service improvements

  1. 1. There is no scaling, only service improvements ALICON 2019, Wolfgang Wiedenroth, it-agile GmbH
  2. 2. @wwiedenroth n
  3. 3. @wwiedenroth Executive’s opportunities for transitioning organizations are limited to one.
  4. 4. @wwiedenroth Costly Capability Time In terms of capability and money Will we ever get here?
  5. 5. @wwiedenroth Unsustainable Time (No. of half-lives) No.ofatomsThe next change is around the corner
  6. 6. @wwiedenroth Employees learned nothing about change Besides it being exhausting, though your older workforce knew that already
  7. 7. @wwiedenroth My problem with them: They are short-term solutions.
  8. 8. @wwiedenroth
  9. 9. @wwiedenroth „Be best at getting better“ Cliff Hazell @LKCE17
  10. 10. @wwiedenroth To CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE you need to: Stress the system Reflect regularly Take leadership
  11. 11. @wwiedenroth UNDERSTAND the PURPOSE of your work LISTEN to customers and frontline staff STRESS
  12. 12. @wwiedenroth UNDERSTAND the FLOW of work VISUALIZE it and TALK to the people actually doing the work STRESS
  13. 13. @wwiedenroth Show alternative ways of doing things Use the KANBAN MATURITY MODEL STRESS
  14. 14. @wwiedenroth STRESS Creates opportunities for change How are customer needs not met? Where can the flow of work be improved? What could be done to improve it?
  15. 15. @wwiedenroth Reflection Mechanism Reflect regularly Introduce the 
 KANBAN CADENCES Risk Review Operations Review Strategy Review Service Delivery Review Kanban Meeting Delivery Planning Meeting Replenishment Meeting Risk ReviewRisk Review
  16. 16. @wwiedenroth Leadership Encourage act of Leadership on all Levels Support managers with personal coaching Teach them The Responsibility Process™ Be the beacon
  17. 17. @wwiedenroth Leadership The Responsibility Process™
  18. 18. @wwiedenroth Always EVOLVE from where you are Capability Time Taking small steps, continuously getting better Reduced fear + risk + cost Benefits early on
  19. 19. @wwiedenroth Employees learn what to improve on, how to create opportunities for change and how to take actions
  20. 20. @wwiedenroth Stress the system Reflect regularly Take leadership To foster an organization that is continuously delivering value to customers, is able to adapt to changes, while respecting its people and without turning everything upside down
  21. 21. @wwiedenroth – Bruce Lee “Long-term consistency trumps short-term instensity.” Thank you!