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[WSO2 Integration Summit New York 2019] API Management in a Cloud Native Service Mesh Era


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“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” - In this world of disaggregated, cloud native architectures, developers are increasingly adopting micro services to build Complex Systems. APIs play a huge role in creating a sustainable platform and a good API driven micro services design is key to building and scaling these complex systems. Whilst API Management and API Gateways have traditionally been used for north-south communication, Service Meshes and specialised gateways have emerged to handle complexity for East-West communication.

The “parts” work, but is the “whole greater than the sum of its parts”? That’s the objective of this talk. We apply method to madness, and take a critical look at the role of APIs in cloud native, service mesh driven complex system design. We will look at how various API technologies including full lifecycle API Management, API Gateways and Micro-gateways, API Proxies and frameworks to build on-the-fly gateways play with Service Meshes like Istio and LinkerD, proxies like Envoy and ingress gateways. We will also look at practical examples of how full lifecycle API Management play an important role in Service Mesh based K8S Infrastructure.

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[WSO2 Integration Summit New York 2019] API Management in a Cloud Native Service Mesh Era

  1. 1. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 API Management in a Cloud Native, Service Mesh era Mifan Careem VP, Solution Architecture INTEGRATION
  2. 2. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 The death of API Management as we know it?
  3. 3. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 ❏ Decoupling applications from the infrastructure layer can reduce costs, increase security and enable innovation ❏ Container technology like K8S de-couples applications from the compute fabric ❏ External APIs help decouple from external consumers and producers ❏ Internal APIs help decouple from internal consumers and producers ❏ Decoupling of apps into microservices Application De-coupling leads to modernization
  4. 4. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 ❏ Relieve developers from doing the basic, repetitive application reliability work in a distributed environment ❏ Resiliency, observability, security, routing, application networking, insights etc. ❏ Istio, LinkerD, ... Service mesh as a solution for microservices communication challenges
  5. 5. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 ❏ Gateway acts as an entry point to the cluster ❏ Often decentralised, operated by the platform team ❏ Envoy, K8S HA Proxy.. Cluster Ingress
  6. 6. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 ❏ API Gateways are the runtime Policy Enforcement Point of API Management ❏ There is often a requirement to de-couple the Management and Runtime parts ❏ WSO2 Microgateway, Zuul ❏ Frameworks like Ballerina API Gateway (Pattern)
  7. 7. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 ❏ API Management often involves more than just implementing the Gateway Pattern for services ❏ Features such as ❏ Managed APIs ❏ Rate limiting and throttling ❏ Monetization and Billing ❏ Analytics and Insights ❏ Developer ecosystem and marketplace ❏ API Documentation and SDKs ❏ API lifecycle management ❏ API grouping/packaging API Gateway != API Management
  8. 8. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 “When you’re a hammer, everything you look at is a nail”
  9. 9. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Separation of concerns
  11. 11. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 ❏ API Gateways that operate and scale independently ❏ Microservices fronted by Microgateways ❏ Private Jet, Sidecar or Shared ❏ Self contained tokens ❏ Stateless, horizontally scalable, immutable ❏ API developer portal ❏ Full lifecycle API Mgt. capabilities Pattern - Cloud Native API Management with WSO2 Microgateway
  12. 12. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 ❏ Data Plane and Control Plane from Istio, Management Plane from WSO2 Pattern - Envoy Proxy and WSO2 API Management with Istio
  13. 13. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 The death of API Management as we know it?
  14. 14. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 The death of API Management as we know it? Not really. Not unless your systems can’t adapt!
  15. 15. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change“ THANK YOU “