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[WSO2 Integration Summit San Francisco 2019] The API-driven World


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APIs and integration is suddenly the hottest sector in enterprise software!

This deck will discuss how APIs are touching every facet of our society and the underlying trends that are going to generate nearly 1 billion APIs in the coming years. All digital transformation is now API-driven and integration technologies underpin their evolution.

As the world becomes digitally-native, how will the role of enterprise architecture shift? How do we leverage cloud native and agility initiatives?

This deck discusses,
- The impact APIs are having on digital transformation
- WSO2's roadmap for API-driven initiatives
- A reference architecture for agility
- A new agility methodology for integration
- How microservices will pervade integration products
- Our commitment and role of Ballerina (cloud native programming language)
- New channel and reseller programs for partners

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[WSO2 Integration Summit San Francisco 2019] The API-driven World

  1. 1. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 WSO2 Powering an API-driven World Shevan Goonetilleke President and COO, WSO2 INTEGRATION
  2. 2. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 WSO2: What do we do 14+ years, 1000+ enterprises Connect systems, expose as APIs and secure integrations
  3. 3. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 WSO2: At a Glance $37m in 2018 Subscriptions 50% YoY growth 500+ Customers 65+ Countries 130 New in 2018 Open source Founded in 2005 Backed by Cisco and Toba Capital Colombo, New York, London, Mountain View, São Paulo, Sydney, Berlin 600+ Employees (300+ Engineers)
  4. 4. Half of Development to be API-based Integration
  5. 5. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 The Integration Imperative is Growing Disaggregated architectures drive 50 billion endpoints and will grow beyond 1 trillion CONSUMER DEMAND Scale and agility are pushing app disaggregation... …that makes hybrid integration the unspoken challenge of all cloud services SUPPLIERS DISAGGREGATE ARCHITECTURE TO MEET DEMAND 1 10 102 103 105 109 MONOLITHIC BUSINESS APP ENTERPRISE APPS DEPARTME NTAL APPS SAAS APPS PUBLIC / PRIVATE APIS SERVERLESS & MICROSERVICES 1970s | MAINFRAME 1980s | IT AWAKENING 1990s | INTERNET 2000s | MOBILE 2010s | IoT/AI 2020+ | DIGITAL NATIVE
  6. 6. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 APIs create business agility that fosters the rapid business reconfiguration necessary to continually adapt to an unknown future of constant change.” ~ Randy Heffner, Forrester Research ...And APIs Are the Glue All integration is becoming hybrid integration “
  7. 7. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 The Global Impact of APIs APIs now account for 25% of the Internet’s traffic. $1 trillion is up for grabs through the redistribution of revenue through APIs (McKinsey 2017). 25% of revenue flows through APIs (Vanson Bourne 2018).
  8. 8. Start with API management... IDENTITY SERVER Secure and federated identity for APIs and integration 60M identities managed ENTERPRISE INTEGRATOR Quick, iterative integration of any app, data, or system 6 trillion transactions/year Complement APIs with integration, security, and analytics to connect apps and data. API MANAGER API design, creation, reuse, governance, and analytics 20K APIs for 200K orgs Open Source API Management, Integration, and Identity WSO2’s API-led Integration Platform ● Identity management ● Identity federation/SSO ● Identity bridging ● API and microservices security ● Strong and adaptive auth ● Access control ● Privacy control ● IAM and security analytics ● API analytics ● API designer ● API gateway ● API micro gateway ● API publisher ● API storefront/marketplace ● API repository/registry ● ESB ● Integration designer ● Message broker ● Workflows ● Business rules ● Streaming engine ● Stream processing ● Integration analytics
  9. 9. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Integration suites for digitally native organizations are now API driven. IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT Secure and federated identity for integration ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION Quick, iterative integration of any app, data, or system API MANAGEMENT API design, creation, reuse, governance, and analytics #1 Open Source Integration Suite Vendor Application infrastructure and middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of the digital business. “ Source: Gartner June 2018
  10. 10. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 ...the only fully open source solution in our Wave analysis, WSO2 provides good breadth across all evaluation criteria.” LEADER in the Forrester Wave: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018 “
  11. 11. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 WSO2 Identity Server APIs shows strength in interoperability with a large number of other IAM, CIAM, and IDaaS platforms in these markets as well integrations with CRM and other SaaS systems. Overall, WS02 has consistently made improvements in its Identity Server and has moved it in a positive direction.” “ An overall LEADER in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass, 2019 Identity API Platforms
  12. 12. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 StubHub is an API-driven Business
  13. 13. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Transport for London is an API-driven Business
  14. 14. Jaguar Land Rover is an API-driven Business
  15. 15. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Wells Fargo is an API-driven Business
  16. 16. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 BNY Mellon is an API-driven Business
  17. 17. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Every Bank in Europe is now API-driven
  18. 18. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 WSO2 Open Banking Provides API, identity, and integration technologies alongside regulatory expertise to quickly satisfy open banking requirements. ● Open API Templates ● API Security + SCA1 ● Consent Management ● API Analytics ● API Monetization Open APIs ● API Integration ● Federated Authentication ● Fraud Detection ● Consolidated API Analytics ● Business KPI Dashboards Third Party Services ● Web/Mobile App Suite ● Insight Sales ● Required Integration Digital Transformation 1. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  19. 19. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Flagship Customers Over 500 applied integration uses across many industries and geographies Financial Healthcare Governments Education Telecom Retail TechnologyTransport
  20. 20. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 WSO2 Subscription & Support Get the most from your WSO2 product with enterprise-grade services: Open source technology WSO2 Subscription Options: - WSO2 managed cloud - Consulting services - Managed services WSO2 Subscription Highlights Product maintenance WSO2 Update: Continuous access to product update binaries, bug fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements, for up to 10 years post version release Enhanced security Private security bulletins and early access to security updates Incident response WSO2 Support offers 24x7 expert support with aggressive response and resolution times, with an option for a dedicated WSO2 Technical Account Manager Developer productivity Query support to keep development moving forward Operational simplicity Outsource operations to WSO2 with public or private WSO2 Managed Cloud hosting Skills WSO2 Consulting services to nurture skills or fill skills gaps Platform license based on total cores
  21. 21. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 The Future Integration Trends and Observations • Integration is moving to the cloud, enabling hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios • Cloud native - lightweight, faster boot time, and decentralised microservice architectures • Developer centric - code vs. config, CI/CD pipelines, automated DevOps Product Roadmap • All products to become truly cloud-native: microfied, containerised, CLI-driven, CI/CD • Federation, decentralisation, focused on supporting small integrated teams • Developer-focused integration and APIs: based on Ballerina • New capabilities to manage hybrid and multi-cloud deployments • Significant focus on overall product experience
  22. 22. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Ballerina is the first programming language built around APIs
  23. 23. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Manage microservices and serverless functions at scale by aggregating into a Cell Code-first approach to building, integrating, running and managing composite applications on Kubernetes. Build, push/pull, test, deploy, update, scale and observe cells.
  24. 24. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Sneak Peek New releases in October 2019 ENTERPRISE INTEGRATOR 7.0 Ballerina Integrator: an innovative, simple-to-learn, code-driven approach to integration based on Ballerina. Micro Integrator: a low-code, configuration-driven integrator with a drag-and-drop flow designer based on the optimized WSO2 EI 6.x runtime. Container friendly, super lightweight runtimes with native support for Docker and Kubernetes. Datastream integration with Siddhi-based stream integrator runtime.
  25. 25. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Sneak Peek New releases in October 2019 API MANAGER 3.0 New portals for the API developer and API consumer - Improves the UX of the relevant personas using the portals. Making APIs first-class citizens in Kubernetes - Significantly eases the process of deploying APIs in a hybrid environment. Productization of APIs - Allows APIs to be bundled into products that consumers subscribe to. GraphQL schema import to create APIs - Provides security, rate-limiting, and analytics on GraphQL operations.
  26. 26. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Sneak Peek New releases in October 2019 IDENTITY SERVER 5.9 An improved, simpler configuration model. RESTful APIs for user self-services. Azure AD/Office365 multi-domain federation support. Reusable script library for adaptive authentication. Cross-protocol single logout capability. Inbuilt support to view and revoke user sessions.
  27. 27. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Sneak Peek New releases in October 2019 CELLERY 0.4 Stateful cells. Naked cells/composites. Inline testing.
  28. 28. INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2019 Intensely Simplify Integration