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[WSO2 Integration Summit San Francisco 2019] Digital Transformation: Through the Lens of Integration Engineering


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Digital Transformation being overused technical jargon can mean many things, be it Modernize Legacy System, Future proof IT landscape and architecture, Breaking down Monolith, Scalable application/system/platform, Adapt and Change fast, Increase reusability of resources and data, etc. But at the end of the day, it is the foundational change or digital strategy to re-imagine the business in the new digital age to focus on customers, culture and core capability and enable the organizations to securely and reliably connect with their customers to meet their need with increased agility, visibility, and satisfaction. Integration engineering is not limited to application, system, data or process level integration but it is about bringing people, process and technology together which is essentially what Digital Transformation is all about.

Align Technology is a global organization that has numerous polyglot applications (legacy and modern) in different systems and platforms in a multi-cloud hybrid infrastructure. Align has similar challenges to tackle the challenges that come with huge organization that is on the path of Digital Transformation. In this deck, Adeel will discuss how Align Technology is tackling the challenges that come with Align’s journey to Digital Transformation and how WSO2 led Integration framework is helping Align with its various integration issues as well as how WSO2’s partnership with Align is reshaping the future IT landscape for Align Technology.

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[WSO2 Integration Summit San Francisco 2019] Digital Transformation: Through the Lens of Integration Engineering

  1. 1. Align Technology, Inc. 1© 2019 Align Technology, Inc. 1 Digital Transformation through the lens of Integration Engineering
  2. 2. Align Technology, Inc. 2 •Who is Align Technology?
  3. 3. Align Technology, Inc. 3 Bringing Clear Aligner Orthodontic Treatment to the Masses A global medical device company with industry-leading products $2.2B Net revenues (LTM)* 162.5K Invisalign Trained Doctors* 13,685 Employees worldwide* The most advanced clear aligner system in the world Intraoral scanner for orthodontic and restorative dentistry 7.2M Invisalign patients treated * Annualized revenues, rolling4 quarters 7.2M Invisalign patients treated* *As of Q2’19
  4. 4. Align Technology, Inc. 4 Continued Global Presence Required A Global Platform ZIYANG, CHINA JUAREZ, MEXICO SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA MADRID, SPAIN COLOGNE, GERMANY CHENGDU, CHINA SAN JOSE, CA Global Headquarters RALEIGH, NC AMERICAS Region HQ SAU PAOLO, BRAZIL LATAM Region HQ SINGAPORE APAC Region HQ AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands EMEA Region HQ W ROCLAW , POLAND MOSCOW , RUSSIA Invisalign R&D Team OR YEHUDA, ISRAEL iTero R&D & Manufacturing Ops Order Acquisition & Manuf acturing Operations Order Acquisition Treatment Planning Align Of f ices SHANGHAI, CHINA +100 Countries +162K Trained Invisalign doctors +4K Mfg. & CAD/CAM designers +1K Sales Marketing
  5. 5. Align Technology, Inc. 5 Our Priorities Required a Complete View of the Customer and Consumer ```` International Expansion Orthodontist Utilization GP Dentist Treat & Refer Patient Demand & Conversion01 02 03 04
  6. 6. Align Technology, Inc. 6 Connect Consumers with Invisalign Doctors Consumer Concierge Doctor
  7. 7. Align Technology, Inc. 7© 2019 Align Technology, Inc. 7 What is Digital Transformation? © 2019 ALIGN TECHNOLOGY, INC
  8. 8. Align Technology, Inc. 8 Digital Integration in a nutshell. © 2019 ALIGN TECHNOLOGY, INC
  9. 9. Align Technology, Inc. 9© 2019 Align Technology, Inc. 9 What is Integration Engineering?
  10. 10. Align Technology, Inc. 10 System Level Application Level Business Level MFT EDIBPM SOA FTP Event Messaging Data Method or Business Logic User Interface Api Level Legacy Systems Distributed Systems Packaged AppsDatabases Cloud Service What is Integration Engineering? - Bring data and business processes that span across many systems in a unified manner as if they are part one monolithic systemto provide a seamless and consistent user experience. - Simply bring people , process and technology together and keep them in harmony
  11. 11. Align Technology, Inc. 11 •Digital Transformation from Integration Engineering’s point of view
  12. 12. Align Technology, Inc. 12 Technology Systems and Platforms Monitoring+ reporting + Analytics hardware Digital Integration from the Lens of Integration Engineering Digital Transformation Process People Collaboration Mindset New Talent Data Driven Digital Value Flexible and Adaptable
  13. 13. Align Technology, Inc. 13 What do we have ? And How WSO2 is helping ? Scanner IOT/Sensor User Device
  14. 14. Align Technology, Inc. 14 What are we doing to tackle the challenges ? Deployment Strategies Automation and CICD Api Versioning Integration Strategy Breaking down the monolith Digital Transformation Discover Design Deliver De-disk Engineering Perspective With the Help of these strategies
  15. 15. Align Technology, Inc. 15© 2019 Align Technology, Inc. 15 Thank you.