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Emotional Content

Fight the blah blah blahs. Write and create content that evokes an emotional response, whether you're selling or content marketing. My presentation from Pubcon 2016

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Emotional Content

  1. @portentint Emotional Content Presented by: Ian Lurie @portentint
  2. @portentint Me CEO, Portent (Seattle) Idealistic marketing cynic Captain Asphalt Award Winner @portentint
  3. @portentint You know about headlines, power words, stop words, colors and emotions, and all the other stuff.
  4. @portentint Time to level up with copy that evokes a response
  5. @portentint These are things to try. Not things you must do.
  6. @portentint Mix and match.
  7. @portentint Does this work?
  8. @portentint How’s a Yeah, I’m smug 20% conversion rate improvement?
  9. @portentint How’s a Yeah, I’m smug 2x funnel completion rate?
  10. @portentint how ya like me now!!!???
  11. @portentint Appeal to basic emotional states i’m funny
  12. @portentint And their subtexts Bleep i’m embarrassed
  13. @portentint Anger Those idiots frakked it up
  14. @portentint Betrayal! Deception! !
  15. @portentint Surprise What the frak is that?!!!
  16. @portentint A secret! A story that doesn’t end the way it started
  17. @portentint Disgust That is frakking nasty
  18. @portentint At behavior! At taste! At smell! At a situation
  19. @portentint Happiness That is the greatest frakking thing ever!!!
  20. @portentint Humor! Sentimental! Pride! Success! Joy
  21. @portentint Fear I’m going to frak this up
  22. @portentint Loss! Failure! Mistakes! Guilt! Catastrophe
  23. @portentint Sadness All around me are familiar frakking faces
  24. @portentint Loss! Guilt! Nostalgia
  25. @portentint Evoke a strong response ok, maybe not that strong
  26. @portentint Narrate, don’t dictate stories really do work
  27. @portentint Technique 1 From mystery to CTA
  28. When I was in law school, working in a bicycle shop, I became a marketer Start with a hook
  29. I saw the boulder coming up at ! me and I knew I was screwed Start with a hook
  30. There was a thud, a loud crack! and I saw stars Walk the reader forward
  31. Then I realized I was still conscious Name the benefit
  32. And unhurt Name the benefit
  33. My helmet saved me Explain why
  34. Wear your helmet Make the CTA
  35. @portentint Technique 2 Benefit to CTA
  36. I save 12 hours per month Benefit
  37. Use Zapier, and you can too CTA
  38. @portentint Technique 3 Start with mystery
  39. It was the most important flat I ever fixed Huh?
  40. I was pedaling through Portugal Hmmm…
  41. A woman had a flat tire Oh, I see where this is going
  42. I fixed it in a few minutes Nice!
  43. We’ve been married for 18 years Awwww
  44. Take Frank’s Bike Mechanic Certification WTF?!!!!
  45. @portentint Evoke emotion Don’t emote
  46. @portentint We are delighted to offer you our new, sleek bicycle helmet, the HH1 How nice for you
  47. @portentint The new, sleek HH1. Ooooh
  48. @portentint Use active voice
  49. @portentint Foothair was invented by Bilbo Baggins
  50. @portentint Bilbo Baggins invented foothair.
  51. Hemingwayapp
  52. @portentint Use adjectives for information not punctuation
  53. @portentint An exciting offer Bad
  54. @portentint A limited-time offer Good
  55. @portentint …a fantastic inner tube... Bad
  56. @portentint …a thorn-proof inner tube... Good
  57. @portentint …a sleek sports car... Good
  58. @portentint …a sleek file cabinet... Really?
  59. @portentint Try present tense to help me ‘see’ the result
  60. You’re sitting in your office OK
  61. A seagull sits outside your ! window croaking Uh…
  62. “Give me a status update” WTF?!!!!
  63. “Why aren’t we ranking #1?”! “It’s just Wikipedia” WTF?!!!!
  64. “RFP! RFP!”! “It’s not you, it’s us” WTF?!!!!
  65. Then you jerk awake in a cold sweat WTF?!!!!
  66. You’re sitting in your office Again?!
  67. Basking in the glow of a happy client Oh!
  68. You just showed them their amazing ROI Oh!
  69. By using Smurf Tracking Software Er…
  70. @portentint Tell me what it’s like to reap the rewards of your product
  71. @portentint Keep your noggin safe & cool
  72. @portentint Get up and running in minutes! ! Enjoy a fast Internet connection anywhere in your house
  73. @portentint Get up and running in minutes! ! Enjoy a fast Internet connection anywhere in your house
  74. @portentint Scare me fear of loss is a powerful motivator
  75. @portentint In 10 hours, this deal is gone
  76. @portentint Don’t miss out
  77. @portentint Your whole family. Dead. Over the top
  78. @portentint What happened to Fido shouldn’t happen to any dog. The shame of flea mange. OK
  79. @portentint Make me special
  80. @portentint Get 10% off! Don’t discount
  81. @portentint Get 10% more! Bonus
  82. @portentint As a member, you’ll receive… Make me part of the club
  83. @portentint Tell me I’m awesome I love it
  84. @portentint Your new app is amazing. Time to launch.
  85. @portentint Don’t overuse clickabait It gets old fast
  86. @portentint 56 Ways I’ve Seen This Type of Headline Before
  87. @portentint use our middleware
  88. @portentint Piss me off if you want me to take action
  89. @portentint I’ve got a secret other marketers ! don’t want me to tell you What?!!! Those bastards!!!
  90. @portentint Did you have to pay for that colonoscopy?! Your insurance company should have Ewwwww
  91. @portentint Reassure me with a promise
  92. @portentint If it doesn’t work, tough shitskies. Not OK
  93. @portentint All sales final. No refunds. If you must
  94. @portentint Sometimes, things just don’t work as planned. If that happens, contact us for support and, if necessary, a refund. If you must
  95. @portentint “All sales final. No refunds.” If you must
  96. @portentint When you’re done, you’ll feel stronger OK
  97. @portentint Try this. You’ll sell more stuff. OK
  98. @portentint Visuals
  99. @portentint Design Don’t decorate
  100. Use more babies! Women like babies and other feminine icons
  101. @portentint
  102. @portentint Visuals describe They don’t separate, break up or decorate
  103. @portentint Careful with those stock photos
  104. @portentint Careful with those stock photos this car is great! I know! I feel fit. and attractive.
  105. @portentint Careful with those stock photos
  106. @portentint You might…
  107. @portentint End up…
  108. @portentint Regretting them
  109. @portentint Loosen up your layout is constipated
  110. @portentint
  111. @portentint
  112. @portentint
  113. @portentint Colors mean many things
  114. @portentint I am sophisticated
  115. @portentint What does that meeeaaaannnnnn…
  116. @portentint Excitement
  117. @portentint Imminent catastrophe
  118. @portentint Go. Harmony. Nature.
  119. @portentint Vomit
  120. @portentint There are no best practices when it comes to emotional response
  121. @portentint Test to verify not to plan
  122. @portentint Pick an emotion and evoke it
  123. @portentint Commence Heckling Ian Lurie @portentint