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30/ 60/ 10: The Golden Ratio for Social Marketing


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In planning your social and content marketing strategy, what's the right mix of first-party and third-party content? How often should you post purely promotional messages?

While plenty of people will tell you that it "depends," we're willing to commit to a specific ratio: 30/ 60/ 10. It's how we run our social media and content marketing, and we think it's a good way for you to run yours as well.

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30/ 60/ 10: The Golden Ratio for Social Marketing

  1. 1. 30/ 60/ 10: The Golden Ratio for Social Marketing February 2014 @rallyverse
  2. 2. In planning your social media content marketing strategy, what’s the right mix of content?
  3. 3. How much of curated content should you share? How much of your owned content should you share? And how often should you post purely promotion calls to action?
  4. 4. The easy answer is, ―It depends.‖ But we can do better than that .
  5. 5. We can recommend a specific ratio. One that we live by every day:
  6. 6. 30/ 60/ 10 Owned/ Curated/ Promotional
  7. 7. That is, 30 percent of what you share should be Content You Created. 60 percent of what you share should be Content You Curated. and 10 percent of what you share should be Calls To Action.
  8. 8. Here’s why (and how):
  9. 9. Owned Content
  10. 10. What counts as your Owned Content? Your blog. Your photos. Your videos. Your slides. Whether they’re hosted on your own domain or elsewhere.
  11. 11. What Owned Content Looks Like:
  12. 12. So if it’s your social media presence, why only 30 percent Owned Content?
  13. 13. Because you don’t want to talk about yourself all day. (It’s boring and self-absorbed). Because you may not have enough Owned Content. (It can be tough to create.)
  14. 14. Curated Content
  15. 15. What’s Your Curated Content? Links to content created by others that’s relevant to your brand, your industry and your community. Your Curated Content should always contain more than a link – it needs your POV and commentary.
  16. 16. What Curated Content Looks Like:
  17. 17. Why spend so much time on Your Curated Content? How does Curated Content make a difference for your marketing?
  18. 18. Because it allows you to engage your community in the most relevant topic right now. (That topic might not be you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t chime in.) Because you have too many composer windows to fill. (Especially on high-frequency social networks.)
  19. 19. Promotional Content
  20. 20. What’s Promotional Content? It’s your call to action: 30% Off All Purchases! Sign Up For A Demo! Try Our Product For 14 Days!
  21. 21. What Promotional Content Looks Like:
  22. 22. Why so little promotional content? Isn’t the point of all of this motivating customer actions and attitudes?
  23. 23. Because too much selling on social is a turnoff. (Too much selling could cause you to lose followers.) Because your users don’t log in looking for deals. (Your sales messages need to be mixed with things that inform and entertain.)
  24. 24. Summary
  25. 25. If you’re looking for guidance on what the right mix of content is for your business, we recommend: 30/ 60/ 10 Owned/ Curated/ Rallyverse Confidential — Do Not Distribute Promotional 25
  26. 26. So if you’re sending 10 Tweets today, it means: 3 pieces of Owned Content 6 links to Curated Content 1 Call To Action
  27. 27. The 30/ 60/ 10 Ratio In Action Owned Curated Promotional
  28. 28. Of course, as they say, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary.)
  29. 29. Perhaps your business is better with 40/ 50/ 10 Or even 20/ 75/ 5
  30. 30. But our experience says that 30/ 60/ 10 is a great starting point.
  31. 31. And how do you find the content to fill out that 30/ 60/ 10 marketing mix?
  32. 32. Don’t worry: Rallyverse can help .
  33. 33. Thank You @rallyverse