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Taxonomy of the Lean Startup Anti-Pivot


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A list of lean startup anti-patterns which entrepreneurs, whose names have been changed to protect the guilty, may or may not have said.

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Taxonomy of the Lean Startup Anti-Pivot

  1. The Taxonomy of theLean Startup @TriKro
  2. The CastAn entrepreneur (probably you)
  3. The CastAn entrepreneur (probably you)
  4. The CastAn investor
  5. The CastAn investor
  6. The Cast Dad (probably yours)
  7. The Cast Dad (probably yours)
  8. The Blind Pivot Aha! Here it is!woosh!
  9. The Assisted Blind Pivot You got it! Trust me... I’m a lean startup expert!.woosh!
  10. The Stealth PivotWe’ve changed our product.
  11. The Stealth Pivot What’s your product?
  12. The Stealth Pivot Can’t tell you.
  13. The Stealth Pivot What’s was the product?
  14. The Stealth Pivot I can share that under NDA.
  15. The Buzzword PivotWe’re making Facebook for Hamsters!
  16. The Buzzword Pivot We’re not investing in social networks anymore.
  17. The Buzzword Pivot It’s gamified augmented reality mobile.
  18. The Buzzword Pivot Here’s ten million.
  19. The Trust Fund PivotWe’re making Facebook for Hamsters!
  20. The Trust Fund Pivot We’re not investing in social networks anymore.
  21. The Trust Fund Pivot Screw you. I’m bootstrapping.
  22. The Statistically Significant Pivot 53% of our users said they’d purchase hamster products if it came with a flying car!
  23. The Statistically Significant Pivot Here’s ten million.
  24. The Launch Date PivotWe’re launching tomorrow!
  25. The Launch Date Pivot Great! I’ll wait to see traction before investing!
  26. The Launch Date Pivot Actually... I just wrote an algorithm on a napkin that I keep hidden and need 12 months to build it.
  27. The Launch Date Pivot Here’s ten million.
  28. The Superstitious Pivot Do you have Product / Market Fit?
  29. The Superstitious Pivot Yes, but according to the Startup Genome Project we need to pivot 2.7 times and we’ve only pivoted once.
  30. The Superstitious Pivot How do you do a 7/10th pivot?
  31. The Superstitious Pivot We are now a social network for amputee octupi.
  32. The Superstitious Pivot Here’s ten million.
  33. The Superstitious Pivot The Startup Genome Project also says neck scarfs never go out of fashion so we’ll be selling neck scarves.
  34. The Superstitious Pivot Here’s another ten million.
  35. The Hipster Pivot How’s the traction with the octupi?
  36. The Hipster Pivot Octupi are so last week. It was so tedious.
  37. The Hipster Pivot We are now passionately focused on marsupials.
  38. The Hipster Pivot You need a COO to relieve you of executive burden.
  39. The Hipster Pivot Also...neck scarves are now out of fashion.
  40. The Hipster Pivot Crap.
  41. The Friends and Family Pivot
  42. The Friends and Family Pivot GET A JOB!
  43. The Taxonomy of theLean Startup @TriKro