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Membership Information


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A brief presentation on being a active member.

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Membership Information

  1. 1. Membership  T-A-G Offers 2 membership levels, allowing you to choose the package that best fits your needs  Our packages are: –Silver at USD 29.95 monthly, and –Gold at USD 49.95 monthly  Information and support for all operations  Membership benefits and tools include: –Flight Planning and Filing –Weather and NOTAMS –Communications –Type B and FAX –Advanced Great Circle Calculator –APIS Filing
  2. 2. Silver  Silver Members have access to all airport information and expanded information on service providers. Also included are page prints and our Advanced Great Circle Calculator.  APIS Filing is not available at this level  Flight Planning is not available at this level  TypeB / TELEX / FAX services are not available at this level
  3. 3. GOLD  Gold Members have access to all information, print functions and our Advanced Great Circle Calculator  Included is access to the SkyPlan flight planning system. The system provides the operator online ICAO Flight Plan filing capabilities’ Weather and NOTAM and briefings  Access to APIS Filing *  Included is access to the AvFinity ASMS communication package**  This package includes 2 flight plan packages and 10 TypeB** or FAX messages monthly * Additional charges applied ** TypeB must be activated with T-A-G
  4. 4. Member Benefits Services Non- Non- Silver Gold Member Member Member Airport Information √ √ √ Runway Information √ √ √ Navaids √ √ √ Permit Information √ √ FBOs / Handlers Partial √ √ Charter Aircraft √ √ √ Airport Numbers Partial √ √ Hotels √ √ √ WX / NOTAMS √ √ √ TypeB / FAX / AFTN √+ Flight Planning √+ Flight Plan Filing √+ APIS Navigator √+ Great Circle Calculator Basic √ √ On-Line Handling Rqst On- √ √  √+ - Requires additional activation. Additional fees may apply