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2d meeting Elazig


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Published in: Education, Business
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2d meeting Elazig

  1. 1. Kinder garten ofChildren’s works Elazig
  2. 2. Slide show presented s by …The english and italian partners Poland partners
  3. 3. Graduationceremony
  4. 4. Graduation ceremony to the children who made 3 years of nurseryTalk about the schoolmanager of theschool Traditional costumes of various regions of Turkey
  5. 5. Dervish turner
  6. 6. april 23rd The middle school The fightersThe kinder garten
  7. 7. KEBAN:Damandtroutfarm
  8. 8. HAZAR lake
  9. 9. Thanks to Turkey for their very warm welcome and welcome to our meeting of May 31st, in June 1st and 2nd