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Cloud backup you say? Azure Backup of course!


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Backup is one of the most important things that an IT Administrator needs to take care of, especially when you run your workloads in the Cloud. With Azure Backup you can backup your critical business data in Azure to protect it from corruption, accidental deletion and ransomware. In this session you will discover how you can reduce costs and securely backup your Azure VMs, Azure Files and even SQL running in Azure VMs with a zero-infrastructure solution. In this demo packed session you will learn how to backup and recover your Azure resources and you will be introduced to Power BI Backup reports. You will also discover how to monitor Azure Backup using Log Analytics and how to enable security for your cloud backups.

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Cloud backup you say? Azure Backup of course!

  1. 1. AZURE Cloud Backup You Say? Azure Backup of course! Wim Matthyssen
  2. 2. AZURE Wim Matthyssen Cloud Architect @ Cegeka MCT Board member of BEEMUG @wmatthyssen
  3. 3. AZURE Agenda ▪ Cloud Backup You Say? ▪ Backup Azure Workloads ▪ Pricing ▪ Governance ▪ Alerting, monitoring & reporting ▪ Q&A
  4. 4. AZURE Cloud Backup you say?
  5. 5. AZURE Backup and Recovery is one of the top 3 IT priorities Information security initiative Increased use of server virtualization Improve data backup and recovery Manage data growth Desktop virtualization 32% 32% 29% 25% 24% Backup is a key IT priority Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
  6. 6. AZURE Am I a target?
  7. 7. AZURE Operational failures Natural disasters Human-caused events Other Causes of IT “disasters”
  8. 8. AZURE The cost of downtime Why foreseeing a backup really matters Impact to your IT career Impact to your business Impact to your brand
  9. 9. AZURE Why choose Azure Backup?
  10. 10. AZURE Zero infrastructure Azure and on-premises backup Built-in backup solution No upfront cost Automatic storage management Long-term retention 99.9% SLA Application consistency Unlimited data transfer Multiple storage options Instant cloud backup Pay-as-you-use model Top security Central management Unlimited scaling Unique advantages
  11. 11. AZURE Azure Backup your reliable, secure and cost-competitive hybrid cloud backup solution
  12. 12. AZURE Backup Azure workloads
  13. 13. AZURE 1) Create a Resource Group and setup a Recovery Services vault in the region where you want to store the VM backup. Also determine how you want your storage replicated. 2) Create a new or choose an existing Backup Policy to define the number of snapshots and retention range intervals (day, week, month, year). 3) Backup the VM. Be aware that for the backup extension to work, the Azure VM Agent must be installed on the Azure VM. How to get started?
  14. 14. AZURE Backup Azure IaaS Windows VMs Large disk (4TB) support Instant backup & restore Intelligent restores
  15. 15. AZURE Backup Azure IaaS Linux VMs ▪ Backup takes a file-consistent backup ▪ During first backup, VMSnapshotLinux extension is installed ▪ App-consistent backup -> customize pre/post scripts ▪ Only supports ARM
  16. 16. AZURE ▪ Application-consistent snapshot When recovering a VM with an app-consistent snapshot, the VM boots up and there is no data corruption or loss. The apps start in a consistent state. ▪ File-system consistent snapshot When recovering a VM with a file-system consistent snapshot, the VM boots up and there is no data corruption or loss. But apps need to implement their own “fix-up” mechanism to make sure that restored data is consistent. ▪ Crash-consistent snapshot Although there are no guarantees, the VM usually boots, and then it starts a disk check to fix corruption errors. Any in-memory data or write operations that weren't transferred to disk before the crash are lost. Apps implement their own data verification. Snapshot consistency
  17. 17. AZURE Azure IaaS VM Backup Restore options
  18. 18. AZURE 15min RPO Auto-protection PIT restores Support for AG Support for PowerShell Database size up to 2TB ARM and ASM Backup for SQL Server running in Azure VM
  19. 19. AZURE NT SERVICEAzureWLBackupPluginSvc requires SQL sysadmin permissions
  20. 20. AZURE Simple configurationUser-Defined Retention File-Level Restore Protecting files synced by Azure File Sync Backup for Azure File Shares (Preview)
  21. 21. AZURE ! Things to keep in mind ! ▪ You can create up to 500 Recovery Services vaults per subscription and you can register 1000 Azure VMs per vault ▪ Azure VMs have 1 scheduled backup per day, but you can make up to 4 on-demand backups per day ▪ For backing up VMs with Azure Disk Encryption provide permissions for Azure Backup to access the Key Vault ▪ Do not enable a lock on the resource group created by the Azure Backup service (i.e AzureBackupRG_<geo>_<number>) ▪ Use the Network Security Group service tag for Azure Backup to whitelist Azure IP address when for example backing up SQL in Azure VMs
  22. 22. AZURE DEMO Keep it hanging…
  23. 23. AZURE Pricing
  24. 24. AZURE What is a protected instance? A protected instance refers to the computer, physical or virtual, or database that is being configured for backup to Azure. An instance is protected once you configure a backup policy and create a backup copy of the data.
  25. 25. AZURE Backup Price for Azure VMs Cost per Protected Instance Small Instance < or = 50GB Medium Instance > 50 but < or = 500GB Large Instance > 500 GB € 4.2165/mo € 8.433/mo € 8.433/mo/500GB Cost of LRS or GRS consumed Storage Cost of LRS Block Blob Storage Or, Cost of GRS Block Blob Storage € 0.0189 per GB/mo € 0.0378 per GB/mo No Charges for Restores Outbound Bandwidth Storage Transactions
  26. 26. AZURE Backup Price for SQL Server on Azure VMs Cost per Protected Instance Instance < or = 500 GB Instance > 500 GB € 27.4073/mo € 27.4073/mo/500GB Cost of LRS or GRS consumed Storage Cost of LRS Block Blob Storage Or, Cost of GRS Block Blob Storage € 0.0189 per GB/mo € 0.0378 per GB/mo When backing-up SQL Server running on an Azure VM, the size of the databases configured for backup determines the size of each instance. When backing-up SQL Server availability groups, the size of the databases configured for backup on an availability group determines the size of each instance.
  27. 27. AZURE Governance
  28. 28. AZURE ▪ Naming Conventions Use a meaningful naming standard for your Resource Group(s), Recovery Services Vault(s) and Backup policies ▪ Resource Tags Use tags to logically organize and to keep track of billing for your Recovery Services Vault(s). ▪ Resource Locks User resource locks to prevent unexpected changes or accidental deletion or modifications of your Recovery Services Vault Governance for Azure Backup
  29. 29. AZURE View All Backup Contributor Backup Operator Backup Reader Custom Role Role-Based Access Controls for access management
  30. 30. AZURE Alerting, Monitoring & Reporting
  31. 31. AZURE Backup Alerts – Critical or Warning Activity log – Insights into operations Azure Service Health – Azure Backup service issues Azure Advisor – Best practice recommendations Alerting for Azure Backup
  32. 32. AZURE ▪ Collected data is stored in a Log Analytics workspace ▪ Takes up to 24 hours for initial data push is complete ▪ Monitor key backup parameters across Recovery Services vaults and subscriptions ▪ Deploy solution template to visualize the monitoring data ▪ Select the relevant time range, such as proper start and end dates ▪ Ability to monitor backups and restores and generate custom alerts Monitor Azure Backup using Log Analytics
  33. 33. AZURE Azure VM Backup Azure Backup Agent Backup Power BI Reports Data Model & Cubes No infrastructure Enterprise Wide Custom Reports Access Control Azure Storage Azure Backup Reports with PowerBI
  34. 34. AZURE DEMO Time to get serious…
  35. 35. AZURE Q&A
  36. 36. AZUREAZURE Break - partner hub
  37. 37. AZUREAZURE Feedback: Please review my session in the Yellenge App!
  38. 38. AZURE 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM Intune, PowerShell and the Graph API Ralph Eckhard