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Migrate to Microsoft Azure with Confidence


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Microsoft Azure is the only hybrid cloud to help you migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure with cost-effective and flexible paths. At this event you’ll learn how thousands of customers have migrated to Azure, at their own pace and with high confidence by using a reliable methodology, flexible and powerful tools, and proven partner expertise. Come to this event to learn how Azure can help you save—before, during, and after migration, and how it offers unmatched value during every stage of your cloud migration journey. Learn about assessments, migration offers, and cost management tools to help you migrate with confidence.

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Migrate to Microsoft Azure with Confidence

  1. 1. David J. Rosenthal VP & GM, Digital Business & Microsoft Partner Commercial Executive Microsoft MTC New York City September 6, 2018
  2. 2. Why migrate to the cloud? Why Azure? What is the lowest risk path to the cloud? How can Microsoft and Razor Technology help you? What are others saying? How do you participate?
  3. 3. 36.6% in 2017, 30.1% CAGR for next 5 years 80% of CIOs migrating their datacenters time required to manage apps by 80% time to deploy a new app by 50% Top 2
  4. 4. Quickly integrate acquisitions Urgent capacity needs Software and hardware refresh Security threats (e.g., Spectre) Compliance (e.g., GDPR) Application innovation, delivering applications faster Software end of support (e.g., VMware, Windows Server, SQL Server) Datacenter contracts expiry
  5. 5. Azure—cloud for all TrustedProductive IntelligentHybrid
  6. 6. Trusted Hybrid Intelligent Productive Unified management100+ servicesIntegrated tooling
  7. 7. SecureGovern Monitor ProtectConfigure Trusted Hybrid Intelligent Productive
  8. 8. Azure data services SQL server Azure security and management On–premises infrastructure Azure services Azure stack Data platform Security and management Unified cloud platform Common identity Azure active directory Active directory Hybrid Productive Trusted Intelligent
  9. 9. At the edge and disconnected Cloud application model on–premises Meet every regulatory requirement Hybrid Productive Trusted Intelligent
  10. 10. Language APIs Machine learning workbench Azure Bot service Azure SQL DB Vison API Hybrid Productive Trusted Intelligent Azure machine learning
  11. 11. Customizable services Infrastructure & computeTools Azure Hybrid Productive Trusted Intelligent
  12. 12. Hybrid Productive Trusted Intelligent GlobalIndustryRegional
  13. 13. 50+Azure regions Hybrid Productive Trusted Intelligent
  14. 14. Azure security centerHybrid Productive Trusted Intelligent
  15. 15. Uses of the cloud Take the next leap in artificial intelligence Analyze data to make predictions Create new applications and digital services Keep your business secure and compliant Store, back up, and recover data Unlock the potential of connecting devices
  16. 16. PerformanceTime Confidence Benefits of the cloud
  17. 17. New server availability from months to minutes with Azure virtual machines Global, reliable scale with Cosmos DB Reduce time-consuming IT chores with Azure monitoring and management tools PerformanceTime Confidence Benefits of the cloud
  18. 18. Ensure business continuity with Azure Site and Disaster Recovery Mitigate risks with Azure security center and compliance certifications Choose from 450 global regions PerformanceTime Confidence
  19. 19. Engage your customers with a more human touch using Azure Cognitive Services Stay current with the latest, up-to-date Azure portal Simplify your devices with pre-configured Azure IoT solutions Benefits of the cloud PerformanceTime Confidence
  20. 20. And lots more innovation coming over the next 12 months!
  21. 21. Azure database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL and Azure CosmosDB are generally available
  22. 22. Flexible migration options with hybrid support Cost-effective throughout the entire migration experience High confidence, lower risk migration
  23. 23. On premises IaaS PaaS ReturnonInvestment(ROI) 435% 466% Sources: The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Azure IaaS, June 2017 The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service, June 2016
  24. 24. Assess Migrate Optimize
  25. 25. Assess Migrate Optimize
  26. 26. Discover Map Evaluate
  27. 27. Get started at no cost today:
  28. 28. What is it? Example Rehost (lift and shift)
  29. 29. Hybrid flexibility Rich development cost-effective Comprehensive support
  30. 30. Built-in intelligence Breakthrough productivity and performance Seamless and compatible migration Competitive TCO Azure SQL Database Managed Instance Use Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server to save up to 55%*
  31. 31. Managed community MySQL, PostgreSQL Scale in seconds with built-in high availability Secure & compliant Languages & frameworks of your choice Industry-leading global reach
  32. 32. Source Target Status SQL Server Azure SQL Database (single/elastic) Generally Available SQL Server Azure SQL Database Managed Instance In preview SQL Server SQL Server in Azure VMs In preview MySQL Azure Database for MySQL In preview PostgreSQL Azure Database for PostgreSQL In preview Oracle SQL Server in Azure VMs Azure SQL Database In preview Seamless, end-to-end solution Near-zero downtime Migrate at scale Database migration guide:
  33. 33. Confidently lift and shift Team Foundation Server to Visual Studio Team Services Global, highly available, hosted service Immediate access to latest features Scalable Compliant and secured See the migration guide & tool
  34. 34. What is it? Example Refactor
  35. 35. What is it? Example Rearchitect
  36. 36. Azure Container Instances Azure Service Fabric Azure Container Service (AKS) Azure App Service Check out these ebooks
  37. 37. Rebuild What is it? Example
  38. 38. Server abstraction Event-driven Micro-billing
  39. 39. AnalyticsDatabase Storage IoTSecurity Intelligence Local development Monitoring IDE support Integrated DevOps Visual Debug History
  40. 40. Table API Globally distributed apps Highly responsive apps “Always on” apps IoT and eCommerce apps
  42. 42. Protect your data in the cloud Azure Backup Secure your cloud resources Azure Security Center Monitor your cloud health Azure Log Analytics
  43. 43. Datacenter migration TCO vs. on-premises Rehost app to Azure (lift and shift) Rebuild app on Azure
  44. 44. Azure Site Recovery During migration Azure Migrate Pre-migration Azure cost management Post-migration
  45. 45.
  46. 46. Azure security and managementAzure Database Migration Service Azure Site Recovery Azure Data Box Assess Migrate Optimize Database Migration Assistant Azure Migrate SQL Server Migration Assistant Microsoft Partners Use the mix of tool(s) that best meet your requirements, our goal is to help you adopt Azure successfully
  47. 47. Accelerate your Azure migration initiatives with skilled migration expertise Razor Technology Razor Technology
  48. 48. Technical migration assessment Initial workloads migrated Business recommendations & TCO Migration plan with ROI for business case Workloads migrated without business disruption Outcomes Path Optimizing cloud services for cost savings
  49. 49. • Business recommendations • Azure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and value to your business WhatwedoWhatyoureceiveCommitment • Proof workloads can be migrated without disruption
  50. 50. Envision Evaluate Onboard Free Azure Get started and trial Customer Immersion Experience Interactive hands-on user experience for real-world, everyday business situations Assessments Cloud Assessment & ADS POC & Pilot Hands-on Workshops Cloud Workshop Cloud Hackfest Deployment Support Razor Technology assistance to deploy custom solutions quickly and confidently
  51. 51. Understand the value of migrating to the cloud See why Azure delivers the best cloud value Learn how Razor Technology can help you to migrate your apps, data and infrastructure to Azure Discover what tools, guidance and offers are available to help you migrate with confidence
  52. 52. Azure—cloud for all TrustedProductive IntelligentHybrid
  53. 53. Assess cost savings by moving to Azure Start your migration project, leverage our expertise Check out the Azure Migration Center for tools, guidance, & experts
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