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May 2018 Azure Need to Know Webinar


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Slides from CIAOPS MAy 2018 webinar that provided Azure news update, open Q & A as well as a focus session on Azure storage. Video recording is available at

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May 2018 Azure Need to Know Webinar

  1. 1. Need to Know Azure Webinar May 2018 @directorcia
  2. 2. Web cast has started Web cast is being recorded If you can’t hear anything check your speaker settings
  3. 3. For questions after the event: Email : Twitter : @directorcia
  4. 4. Webinar recordings at: Free access for CIAOPS patrons
  5. 5. Please: - Turn off your mobile - Turn off your email - Have somewhere to take notes
  6. 6. Questions here
  7. 7. Agenda - Azure Update - Azure Storage - Q & A
  8. 8. News • Explore Build 2018 content playlists • • Preview of Azure AD authentication for storage • storage/ • New updates for Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer • • Changes coming to Azure Cloud Shell • • Improvements in B2B sharing experience • b2b-collaboration-experience/
  9. 9. Azure Storage
  10. 10. Core Services of Azure IaaS Compute Virtual machines Availability sets VM scale sets Storage Disks Blob storage Files Networking Virtual networks VPN, ExpressRoute Load Balancer DNS, Traffic Manager Security & Management Log analytics Backup Site Recovery Security Center
  11. 11. Queues Reliable queues at scale for cloud services
  12. 12. Azure IaaS: Understanding Storage Azure hosts multiple types of storage Queues “Reliable messaging at scale for cloud services” Files “SMB Access to Azure Storage”
  13. 13. Queues “Reliable messaging at scale for cloud services” Files “SMB Access to Azure Storage” Page Blob – Optimized for IaaS disks and supporting random writes Append Blob – Optimized for append operations such as logs
  14. 14. Queues “Reliable messaging at scale for cloud services” Files “SMB Access to Azure Storage”
  15. 15. Files “SMB Access to Azure Storage” Queues “Reliable messaging at scale for cloud services” Azure Queues provide a reliable messaging solution for asynchronous communication between application components, these could be running in the cloud, on the desktop, on an on-premises server, or on a mobile device. Messages typically have a small body with attributes such as a time to live which are used for configuring the service and representing tasks created by the front end “producer” which are in turn processed by the back end “consumer”.
  16. 16. Queues “Reliable messaging at scale for cloud services” Files “SMB Access to Azure Storage” Azure File storage offers cloud-based encrypted SMB file shares allowing customers to easily migrate legacy applications to Azure quickly and without costly rewrites. In addition to this, Virtual Machines and cloud services can share file data across application components and with on-premises applications via a simple File service REST API. Azure File Storage offers availability, scalability and Geo Redundancy allowing you to confidently store your server data, log files, event data and backups in the cloud.
  17. 17. Blobs: Tables: One of the earliest and largest users of the Azure platform
  18. 18. Azure IaaS: Replication and High Availability LRS ZRS GRS RAGRS When you create a storage account, you must select one of the following replication options Maintains three copies of your data within a single facility. LRS protects your data from normal hardware failures, but not from the failure of a single facility. Maintains three copies of your data replicated across two to three facilities, either within a single region or across two regions, providing higher durability than LRS. Maintains six copies of your data, three within the primary region, and three replicated into a secondary region hundreds of miles away. In the event of a failure at the primary region, Azure Storage will failover to the secondary region automatically. Replicates data to a secondary geographic location, and also provides read access to the data hosted in the secondary location.
  19. 19. DEMO
  20. 20. Take aways • Many different forms of storage in Azure • Most common IaaS options will be Blob and File storage • Storage can also be placed on a tier (hot, cool, archive) • Pricing varies depending on tier select i.e. Premium if more expensive than archive. • Azure Storage Explorer is a handy tool
  21. 21. Resources • Azure Storage Overview - • Azure Storage - • Introduction to Azure Storage - introduction • About Azure storage accounts - create-storage-account • Using Azure PowerShell with Azure Storage - us/azure/storage/storage-powershell-guide-full • Create an Azure File Share - share.htmlAzure
  22. 22. CIAOPS Resources • Blog – • Free SharePoint Training via email – • Free Office 365, Azure Administration newsletter – • Free Office 365, Azure video tutorials – • Free documents, presentations, eBooks – • Office 365, Azure, Cloud podcast – • Office 365, Azure online training courses – • Office 365 and Azure community – Twitter @directorcia Facebook Email Skype for Business
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  24. 24. That’s all folks! Thanks for attending