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8 Actionable Custom Google Analytics Reports


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8 Actionable Custom Google Analytics Reports for s

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8 Actionable Custom Google Analytics Reports

  1. 1. 8 Actionable Custom Google Analytics Reports
  2. 2. What are Custom Reports?A custom report is a report that you create by picking thedimensions (City and Browser, for example) and metrics(Visits, Pageviews, and Bounce Rate, for example) and decidehow they should be displayed.
  3. 3. Dimensions vs. Metrics Dimensions are the kinds of things you would see in the rows of Analytics Reports Metrics, on the other hand, are the numbers that usually populate those rows.
  4. 4. How do I start creating them?
  5. 5. Report #1Revenue by Time of Day
  6. 6. Report #1Revenue by Time of Day How can you use this information for your benefit????
  7. 7. Report #2New vs. Returning Visitors Flat Table – Great for printing, allows you to compare two dimensions side by side
  8. 8. Report #2New vs. Returning Visitors
  9. 9. Report #3 Long Tail KeywordsFirst Step – Create an Custom Segment
  10. 10. Report #3Long Tail Keywords
  11. 11. Report #3 Long Tail Keywords ^s*[^s]+(s+[^s]+){4,}s* Regular-Expressions-Filters-and-Phrase-Based-SEO
  12. 12. Report #3Long Tail Keywords
  13. 13. Report #3Long Tail Keywords
  14. 14. Report #3Long Tail Keywords
  15. 15. Report #4 Google vs Bing PPC Step 1: Tag the Destination URLS within AdCenterCampaign Source –Used to identify search engine, newsletter, etc. {Bing}Campaign Medium –Identifies medium like email or cost per click. {CPC or PPC}Campaign Term - Used in paid search to identified the keyword {keyword}Campaign Content- Used to differentiate ads or links {adgroup}Campaign Name – Identifies the strategic campaign {campaign} URL Builder:{keyword}&utm_content={adgroup}&utm_campaign={campaign}
  16. 16. Report #4 Google vs Bing PPCStep 2: Create an advanced segment that looks like the following:
  17. 17. Report #4Google vs Bing PPCStep 3: Start Creating the Custom Report
  18. 18. Report #4Google vs Bing PPCStep 4: Select the Custom Segment
  19. 19. Report #4Google vs Bing PPCStep 4: Hard Work Pays Off! Enjoy.
  20. 20. Report #5Top Converting Landing Pages
  21. 21. Report #5Top Converting Landing Pages
  22. 22. Report #6Mobile Phone Bounce Rate
  23. 23. Report #6Mobile Phone Bounce Rate Desktop/Laptop Devices 31.0% iPhone Devices 44.74%
  24. 24. Report #7Shopping Feed Comparison
  25. 25. Report #8Comprehensive Day by Day
  26. 26. Report #8Comprehensive Day by Day
  27. 27. Recap• Revenue by Time of Day• New vs. Returning Visitors• Long Tail Keywords• Google vs Bing PPC• Top Converting Landing Pages• Mobile Phone Bounce Rate• Shopping Feed Comparison• Comprehensive Day by Day