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Google Analytics Custom Reports


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Checkout Google Analytics' Custom Reports feature. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that allows great flexibility to slice and dice your website analytics data in very interesting ways, based on your unique business goals and needs.

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Google Analytics Custom Reports

  1. 1. Google Analytics Custom Reports By: Errett Cord Email: Twitter: @errettcord
  2. 2. Custom Reports - Allow you to create, edit and share reports specific to your individual needs. You can create reports that include virtually any of the metrics available in Google Analytics. Some possible combinations may be: •City and Browser •Visits, Pageviews, and Bounce rate •Landing Page, Keyword and Location •Mobile Visits, Average Download Time Event Hosted By: Local-Ventures
  3. 3. Some Definitions In order to create a custom report you will need to specify at least one dimension and one metric. Dimensions: “Describe Data” –- -visits, visitors, pages, products, and events -Examples are Visitor Type, Source, Page Title, and Product SKU Metrics: “Measure Data” – -These are numeric measurements. -Examples are Pageviews, transactions, number of visits Note there are some metrics and dimensions which can’t be paired! - Google has a list of valid dimension-metric combinations. Event Hosted By: Local-Ventures
  4. 4. To begin making custom reports click on theTo begin making custom reports click on the ‘Customization’ tab in the orange navigation. ‘Customization’ tab in the orange navigation. Making Custom Reports Event Hosted By: Local-Ventures
  5. 5. Making Custom Reports Next you will click on the ‘New Custom Report’ tab Event Hosted By: Local-Ventures
  6. 6. Next you will name the new report Name the tab of the report Choose a metric (click add metric) - Examples: Page per Visit, Average Duration, Screenviews Choose a dimension (click add dimension) - Examples: Browser, Exit Page, Session Duration Choose a filter (optional) Select view options (optional) Event Hosted By: Local-Ventures
  7. 7. You have options to edit, copy, share, and delete You can add multiple tabs to make seeing custom views more efficient Example: One tab for organic, one for paid and one for social. Filters allow you include or exclude any particular dimension Example – Exclude visits from Making Custom Reports Event Hosted By: Local-Ventures
  8. 8. Just like Custom Segments you are able to Import from Gallery! This is a great way to get started with Custom Reports Recommend Gallery Reports: Occam’s Razor Awesomeness New Google Analytics User Starter Bundle Event Hosted By: Local-Ventures
  9. 9. To get familiar with creating custom reports and advanced segments first import some from the gallery then click edit to see how they were set up. Then add any new dimensions and metrics you like! You can always delete custom reports and advanced segments and start over! Making Custom Reports Event Hosted By: Local-Ventures