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Blog post checklist


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Blog post checklist

  1. 1. Title: _____________________________ Blog Post Worksheet Date: _____________________________ Before Writing Determine Topic Find a Topic Main Point Additional Point Additional Point Title #1 Title #2 Title #3 Resources Resources Resources -Be sure the topic is relevant to your blog's purpose and your readers. Suggest Potential Titles Title Ideas -Your title might change while you write it, but having a general idea of what it is will help you stay on track. Topic Research - Gain insight on the subject and research it enough to put together a quality post. Research Keyword Research Notes: Notes: Keyword Ideas Notes: Keyword Ideas Keyword Ideas Links Links Links Links Links Links - Lookup keywords and phrases that your post is likely going to be found by via Google. While Writing 350 words or more - Blog posts in good SEO standing are made up of atleast 350 words. Write Post Include Keywords - Be sure to naturally include the keywords and phrases you found from your research. Outbound Links - Good blog posts also include a few helpful links to other websites within the body of text. Links Internal Links - Wherever possible, try to add helpful links to other pages of your website. Notes WebpageFX: twitter: @WebpageFX phone: 888-601-5359 Notes Notes
  2. 2. After Writing Post Title - After writing, you can fully develop the title of your post with appropriate keywords from your research. Subheadings Post Subheadings Final Touches - Note: Subheadings should be hierarchically organized by H2, H3, and H4 tags for SEO purposes. - Whenever starting a new point or major paragraph, come up with a subheading containing similar keywords or phrases. Image Image Image Corrections Corrections Corrections Corrections Images Corrections Corrections - Add atleast one accompanying image to compliment your post. Correct Spelling and Grammar Proofread - Read over your post and correct any spelling mistakes and poorly formed sentences Preview the Post Preview - Before Publishing, preview your post and make needed changes to structure, organization, and layout Publish the Post Publish - If you feel good about the post and you are ready to share it with the world, publish it! After Publishing Social Media Share - After publishing your post, share it on all your social media platforms and with all your friends, family, or coworkers. Follow Up Update - You might discover something after publishing the post through one of your readers. Don't be afraid to notify your readers and add an updated section at the end of your post. Keep it Relevant - Over time, your post may become irrelevant and out of date. Keep it fresh and always useful as time goes on. WebpageFX: twitter: @WebpageFX phone: 888-601-5359 o o o Facebook Twitter LinkedIn o o o StumbleUpon Pinterest Tumblr o o o Google+ Reddit Other: