The real secret


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The real secret

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  2. 2. The purpose of this cookbook is to help youmaximize your health and minimize your weight. Itwill give you a new perspective on health by lettingyou look through the lens of some universalprinciples embodied in a few basic Hawaiianconcepts. It will also provide you with a step-by-step nutrition plan, complete with many deliciousrecipes. This program is designed so you can makeit part of your
  3. 3. In these pages, youll see that others aresucceeding at this program, or have alreadysucceeded. People such as Mary T., whose heart-warming story is representative of what this dietcan do for you.Mary is one of the "miracles" that Ms. Laura Shapiromentioned in the Newsweek article about
  4. 4. Five days after Mary started Dr. Shintanis program,she stopped her twice-a-day insulin injections (undervery close physicians supervision) and hasnt neededone since. She says, "I have more energy, I sleep less.This diet has literally changed my life.“On the HawaiiDiet™, Hawaiis Governor BenjaminCayetano reduced his cholesterol from 234 mg/dldown to 162 mg/dl. His "good cholesterol" increasedfrom 26 to 32. His triglyceride fell 516 points from 617mg/dl to a normal level of 83 mg/dl (normal is 50 to150 mg/dl)
  5. 5. And then there is Ellen K., who told me: "This is thegreatest diet in the world," as she stepped on myoffice scale. She had lost 60 pounds after years offailing on every other diet. She looked better thanshe had in years, her skin was glowing, and shehad new vitality and a renewed zest for life.There are many others, far too many to list here.These few testimonials are just a representation ofwhat is possible with the HawaiiDiet™
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  7. 7.  Lose weight without counting calories or portion sizes; Learn how to select foods that help you lose weight; Maximize your health; Minimize your need for medications; Increase your energy level; Provide you with a new perspective on health thatwill help you stay healthy for a lifetime; Provide you with delicious recipes that will make themeals a
  8. 8. This program is not a diet in the conventional senseof the word. It is, rather, a health program thatshows you how to lose weight by maximizing yourhealth with- out so-called dieting. Whereas mostweight loss diets rely upon deprivation and rigorouswillpower, the Hawaii-Diet™ Program utilizes yournatural enjoyment of eating. It shows you how toreplace unhealthy, fat- promoting foods withhealthy, delicious foods which satisfy in every
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  10. 10. The HawaiiDiet™ includes the enhancement of the healthof the whole person, including spiritual, mental, emotionaland physical aspects, through the focus on food and diet.It includes exercise, stress reduction, and a perspective onlife and health based on an understanding of universalprinciples as embodied in traditional Hawaiian conceptsand a faith in God. When all of these aspects are inharmony, your health is maximized. And when your healthis maximized, your excess weight dis-appearsautomatically. Energy levels increase and you becomemore effective in every way. You may even notice ameasure of spiritual growth that may affect you in verypersonal
  11. 11. There is no calorie counting or portion size restriction onthe HawaiiDiet™. It is an "all you can eat" healthprogram that emphasizes the type of food eaten ratherthan the quantity of food eaten. In fact, in ourstudies, people wind up eating MORE food than everand still lose weight. For more information about thescience behind this phenomenon, please refer to mybooks: Dr. Shintanis Eat More, Weigh Less® Diet and Dr.Shintanis Eat More, Weigh Less®
  12. 12. The HawaiiDiet™ employs the best of both worlds:it seeks to integrate ancient wisdom with modern science.Leading edge research from nutritionists and physicians isbeginning to support the value of the HawaiiDiets™approach. New information on the benefits of eatingwhole grains, vegetables and fruit is a lesson in why ourancestors rarely suffered from chronic, diet-relateddiseases that plague us today, nor did they have problemswith obesity. They knew something that we are onlybeginning to relearn. Therefore, while the HawaiiDiet™ isgrounded in good science, it looks to ancient wisdomfound in traditional Hawaiian principles and employs thiswisdom as a compass for the presentHawaiiDiet™ Program, as well as for future
  13. 13. This made it easy to draw upon the wisdom of the ancientHawaiians to provide an example of optimum diet andlifestyle practices. Therefore, Hawaii is used as a model formany traditional cultures: the diet and lifestyle principlesare basic to those of most other ethnic groups, with fewvariations in regional tastes, food availability, and culturalpractices. To simplify the application of this concept, adiagram known as the "HawaiiDiet™ Pyra- mid" is used toassist in the selection of types and combinations of foods.The diet is high in whole complex carbohydrates, very lowin fat, has little or no cholesterol, and is high in
  14. 14. Because the HawaiiDiet™ is based on traditionaldiets from many cultures, it recognizes that someindividuals may be adapted to different dietarypatterns than others. For example, a higher fatMediterranean- style diet may be acceptable inindividuals who are adapted to such a diet. TheHawaiiDiet™ allows for the tailoring of the diet to fitindividual needs and genetic make
  15. 15. Because the HawaiiDiet™ embraces traditional eat-ing patterns from cultures around the world, thechoices of foods are virtually endless. The diet can bemade of foods that are available in your localsupermarket and are simple to prepare, or it can bemade of foods that are exotic and prepared by agourmet chef. Thus, the HawaiiDiet™ can be used byanyone and incorporated into their lifestyle for therest of their
  16. 16. The SMI is one of the tools which will simplify the dietfor you and which will make it easy to stick with theHawaiiDiet™ for the rest of your life. This index is afood table found at the back of this book and ingreater detail in Dr. Shintanis Eat More, WeighLess® Diet book, which distils the quality andquantity of any given food down to one easy-to-read
  17. 17. for more info go