Real secret to health


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Real secret to health

  2. 2. Making theHawaiiDiet™ Work For
  3. 3. Practical Principles of theHawaiiDietThe HawaiiDiet™ can work for you on manylevels. Remember, if you have any healthproblems or are on any medications, check withyour doctor before changing your diet.He or she will want to monitor how any changesmay affect you if you are on medication or areotherwise in poor
  4. 4. After youve done that, or if you dont need to,take a moment to carefully contemplate thefollowing suggestions. Even though these arentall strictly dietary principles, if you integratethem into your program it will work better, andyoull enjoy it more.Youll also be far more likelyto make the HawaiiDiet™ a permanent part ofyour lifestyle, so you can enjoy the results ofweight loss and improved health all the rest ofyour
  5. 5.  Again, if you have any health problems, checkwith your doctor to make sure that its okayto follow this diet. If you are taking anymedication, it is especially important that youcheck with your doctor to see if you need tobe monitored for medication
  6. 6.  Next, understand the basic principles of theHawaii- Diet™ including the cultural principlessuch as lokahi as described in this book.Understand that everything is connected andthat our food affects our health, our workperformance, our emotions, and even ourspiritual development. Eat the way our ancestors ate. Enjoy themulticultural cuisine of the HawaiiDiet™, usingthe Hawaii- Diet™ Pyramid as your
  7. 7.  Eat foods in their whole form as much aspossible.Use the Shintani Mass Index of Food(also known as SMI) as a way to assist in theselection of these foods. Keep your cholesterol intake to zero or verylow.The HawaiiDiet™ encourages a plant-based diet and if you must use flesh foods, itshould be no more than an average of oneounce per
  8. 8.  Keep the fat content very low (around 10% ofcalories), unless there is some evidence that youcan handle a higher fat diet. Remember that thefat should come from whole plant-basedsources, if possible. Eat foods in harmony with the seasons, yourlocality, and your climate. If possible eat fresh,whole, plant-based foods grown
  9. 9.  Eat in a relaxed manner, preferably with others.Taketime to chew and enjoy your food — do so with gratitude. Exercise at least 30 to 40 minutes daily, or at least everyother day. . Remember that optimal health involves all aspects ofyour being.This includes spiritual, mental, emotional,and physical aspects. It includes your thoughts andactions, and your relationship with the land through thefood you eat. It includes your relationship with othersand your relationship with the Almighty. When all this isin harmony, stress is reduced and health is
  10. 10. There are a number of simple things youcan do to reduce stress and contribute toyour overall health. For example:• Say a prayer daily;• Meditate daily;• Laugh daily;• Sing a happy song every day;• Do something for someone else, with noexpectation of
  11. 11.  . Always remember where the healing comesfrom. It comes from the Almighty.Therefore,say a grace before each meal. Start each mealby asking the Lord to bless the food and begrateful for the life- giving qualities which hehas put into the food that you eat. In addition to saying grace, pray andmeditate each day to enhance yourconnection to the
  12. 12. What To Expect When YouBegin the HawaiiDiet™The HawaiiDiet™ is not a diet at all.There is nocalorie counting or any portion size control onthe diet. It is an "all you can eat" diet.Thisdoesnt mean that you should stuff yourselfunnaturally on this diet. However, it does meanthat you can eat to your satisfaction and evenmore than you were eating before, and theweight comes off
  13. 13.  You may experience a little sensation of bloatingin the beginning because in general the foods arebulkier than what most Americans areaccustomed to eating.This should add to apleasant feeling of satisfaction throughout thediet, even while you are losing the pounds. It isactually a whole person health program, basedon the principles and practices of traditionalcultures that have remained largely free of thechronic, nutrition-related diseases that plague
  14. 14.  You will probably be exposed to a widervariety of foods on this diet than you havepreviously enjoyed.This is because theHawaiiDiet™ embraces foods from allcultures that fit the HawaiiDiet™ model.Thepotential variety is
  15. 15. For More Info. Go