Eat more, weigh less


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Eat more, weigh less

  1. 1. by Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH,
  2. 2. The Eat More, Weigh Less Diet is actually a nutrition re-trainingprogram to help you maximize your health. I developed the programbecause according to current statistics, over 70% of us are dyingfrom diet-related diseases and being overweight is a major sign ofthis ongoing disaster. It made sense to me that the best way to treatany diet-related illness is to place people on a diet that duplicates thediets of people who rarely suffer from these diseases and are slimand healthy. It also turns out that these types of diets include foodswhich have an important quality about them that causes weight lossthat we lack in our modern diets. In the Eat More Diet, I provide youwith a simple way to find and use foods that have this quality in themwhich I call the "Eat More Index" (EMI)
  3. 3. It is a totally new way of looking at food. The EMI numbergenerally represents the number of pounds of food it takes toprovide 2500 calories or one days worth of calories for anaverage active woman or average inactive man. Forexample, the EMI of corn is 6.1 which means that it takes 6.1pounds of corn to make your daily calories. Obviously, you willhave great difficulty eating this much corn and an easier timelosing weight with such foods because it will fill your stomachbefore you get the number of calories that would cause weightgain. Thus, the higher the EMI number of a food, that is, themore pounds of food it takes to provide your daily calories, themore likely you are to be satisfied by eating a selected
  4. 4. The reason I focus on weight loss is because beingoverweight is an early sign of poor health and I want as manypeople as possible to avoid illness and the need formedication. Id like to see as many people as possible to livea long and healthy life and avoid premature death. If youfollow the proven program spelled out in this book, you toocan enjoy all the rewards that come with being trim and inoptimal
  5. 5. Some of this information may surprise you and theadjustments may not be easy. You will be rewarded foryour effort by developing a fresh understanding ofobesity, health, and disease, and youll learn how tomake it work for you. I want to teach you how to loseweight naturally. And by so doing, I am merely passingalong a message from nature: obesity, disease, andless-than-optimal performance is natures way of tellingyou that something is wrong with your diet! ESCAPETHE EPIDEMIC!
  6. 6. Make no mistake about it, we all need to learn to eatright! Almost a million Americans die every yearfrom heart and vascular disease. One out of threepeople gets some form of cancer. There arecountless other health problems, and most of themare sending us identical messages: we are sufferingthe consequences of a dietary epidemic. Andobesity is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, atpresent, nearly three out of every four people diefrom diet-related
  7. 7. It is my fervent hope and prayer that this book will teachyou what you need to know to escape the fate of themillions of people who are suffering because of improperdiets. Because if you are like most people, you areliterally eating yourself to death! In fact, the formerSurgeon General, C. Everett Koop, warned us that inthese United States the most common cause of deathis--food! Being overweight is just an early sign of this fardeeper
  8. 8. So whats the solution to this? Youre on the righttrack by trying the Eat More Diet. All you need todo is take everything you learn to heart, realizethat your very life may depend on what you learn inthe Eat More Diet program, and then you can takethe first positive steps toward increasedhealth, longer life, and a trimmer and happier
  9. 9.  Now--please take a few more seconds to make this book yourown. Its about you, it is for you. Like food itself, it can beyour friend and your servant, so use it in any way that ishelpful to you. In fact, with regard to the principles in this book, you arewhats important. Youre more important than theever-so-svelte model whos pushing 10,000 caloriehamburgers on TV and implying that without one youll neverbe socially acceptable (she never eats them!); youre far moreimportant than the waiter who looks down his nose becauseyoure only ordering a
  10. 10. Youre more important than all those friends who exert peerpressure to get you to help them devour a pizza, and youreeven more important--for these purposes--than thosemembers of your family who exert that subtle andnot-so-subtle pressure on you to return to your old ways ofeating. Its your body, its your life. And this is yourbook, designed especially to help you maximize both yourbodys abilities and aesthetics, so that you can enjoy your lifeto the maximum!
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