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The real secret to health


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The real secret to health

  1. 1. The Real Secretto HealthHawaiiDietCookbook
  2. 2. How Easy Is the HawaiiDiet™?How easy is it to make a quick meal at home? Howeasy is it to dine on the inventions of some of the best chefs inParadise? In the recipe section, youll find a whole range ofdishes, from simple to
  3. 3. In addi- tion to home-cooking recipes and fast foodrecipes, youll also find dishes from RoyYamaguchi, Peter Merriman, and Mark Ellman — allworld-class chefs. Youll also find recipes from some ofHawaiis family and consumer science teachers, whoalso offer up a cornucopia of home-spun dishes andfirst-class cuisine. And youll find delicious, traditionalfoods from all cultures — a reflection of the wonderfuldiversity of Hawaiis multicultural
  4. 4. Most of the recipes are selected for their ease of preparationand for the availability of the ingredients. Whether youre aseasoned cook or just a beginner, youll find something herethat works for you.You can make your recipe choices based on the HawaiiDiet™Pyramid, and based upon the "SMI." With the range ofrecipes and these two handy program aids, youll soon findyourself eating mouth-watering meals based on manycultures cuisines from Hawaiian- Pacific, to European, toAsian, to the rest of the
  5. 5. The Results ofthe HawaiiDiet™
  6. 6. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of theHawaiiDiet™, we put a number of communityleaders, including the Governor and some representatives ofthe Native Hawaiian community of PapakoleaHomestead, on the HawaiiDiet™ in a 3-week program.In 3 weeks, the group weight loss for the 23 participants was249.25 pounds. Average weight loss per person was 10.8pounds. The highest weight loss was 21.75
  7. 7. Average cholesterol decreased 23.6% (from an average of205 mg/dl to 157 mg/dl). At the beginning of theprogram, there were 11 people with cholesterol over 200. Atthe end of the program there was only one person whosecholesterol was over 200.Average triglycerides decreased 36.3% from an average of238 mg/dl to 152 mg/dl (normal range - 50 mg/dl to 150mg/dl). One persons triglycerides decreased 863 mg/dlfrom 988 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl. Another persons triglyceridesdecreased from 617 mg/dl to 93 mg/
  8. 8. Blood sugar in those with diabetes or borderline diabetesfell an average of 38%, from an average of 177 mg/dl to 122mg/dl. This drop resulted even though the four participantson medication for diabetes were able to reduce theirmedications, including one who got off 90 units of
  9. 9. Average blood pressure fell from 130/79 to 120/75. Thisresulted even after eliminating one persons blood pressuremedication when his blood pressure dropped to normallevels, and also after reducing the blood pressure medicationof two other
  10. 10. An InvitationI invite you to use this book to apply the timeless principlesof health embodied in traditional Hawaiian conceptsthrough your diet and lifestyle and make them your own, atleast in terms of your diet and lifestyle and strive to applythem to other aspects of your life. It is an important firststep to healing ourselves, and healing the
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