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Explaining Ajax


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Apart from being the buzzword de jour, what is this Ajax stuff that everyone is talking about? Take a look at some implementations out there and start thinking about how Ajax can add value to your site.

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Explaining Ajax

  1. 1. explaining Ajax
  2. 2. e x plaining Aja x ?
  3. 3. “ It’s really several technologies, each flourishing in its own right, coming together in powerful new ways.”
  4. 4. word Sapir–Whorf hypothesis
  5. 5. word buzz Αἴας
  6. 6. the X factor e x calibur e x celsior OS X X HTML X ML Macromedia M X Windows X P X Forms X Path X SLT lu x or
  7. 7. word buzz 2 . 0 APIs RSS folksonomy open data participation long tail mashups Ajax
  8. 8. technology trigger peak of inflated expectations trough of disillusionment slope of enlightenment plateau of productivity
  9. 9. “ The name is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML”
  10. 10. A synchronous J avaScript A nd X ML
  11. 11. Asynchronous JavaScript And X ML HTML JSON
  12. 12. Asynchronous J avaScript And XML DHTML DOM Scripting
  13. 13. A synchronous “ Not at the same time” JavaScript And XML
  14. 14. A synchronous
  15. 15. A synchronous
  16. 16. speed
  17. 17. “ If the traditional web was letter writing, Ajax is instant messaging.”
  18. 18. “ Ajax is like roller skates for the Web.”
  19. 19. “ Ajax is a way of communicating with the server without refreshing the whole page.”
  20. 20. frames iframe Flash XMLHttpRequest
  21. 21. X MLHttpRequest Microsoft Mozilla Safari Opera IE5 W3C
  22. 22. “ Big deal! I’ve been doing remote scripting for years.”
  23. 23. “ It’s a whole new paradigm, baby!”
  24. 24. Am I Ajax or not?
  25. 32. documents applications
  26. 33. pattern recognition log on add to cart rate this add a comment search results? Mozilla Mozilla pagination?
  27. 34. design challenges
  28. 35. “ Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you have created.”
  29. 36. what’s happening?
  30. 37. what just happened?
  31. 38. conventions status indicators yellow fade drag’n’drop
  32. 39. interesting moments
  33. 40. “ As simple as possible... but no simpler.”
  34. 41. b eyond the b rowser the b ack b utton b ookmarking
  35. 42. discoverability
  36. 43. “ Being able to justify every pixel.”
  37. 44. user testing
  38. 45. A ccessibility J ust A in’t e X citing
  39. 46. “ It must still be accessible. It must be usable. If not, it is a cool useless piece of rubbish for some or many people.”
  40. 48. “ Unless a way can be found to notify screen readers of updated content, AJAX techniques cannot be considered accessible.”
  41. 49. “ This Ajax application is usable by screen-reader users some of the time. They aren’t totally shut out, but it isn’t totally easy for them, either.”
  42. 50. “ The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
  43. 51. thank you