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Telefonica and open source


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Presentation at NFV & Zero Touch WC April 2018.
Telefonica's strategy with open source technology and open networks, use cases and collaboration efforts.

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  • Hi Patrick, very impressive presentation. Thanks for sharing. I'm very happy that Telefonica and DT will commonly publish the data layer whitepaper. Cheers Sven
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Telefonica and open source

  1. 1. 1 Networks Innovation Telefonica & Open Source NFV & Zero Touch World Congress Telefonica 25.04.2018
  2. 2. 01 “The times, they are A- changing” - Bob Dylan
  3. 3. 3 Networks Innovation Sustainability Competition • Services B2C. • Launch of OTT football and • growth of content offering • Services B2B. • Loss of value of MPLS in favor of SD-WAN, • Private LTE offering Digitalization and cost reduction Reorganizing the value chain Redefining the operating model Efficiency Monetization New services Integrated services Personalized services Profitability Transformation ARPU Traffic 5G 22 59 163 2017 2021 2025 7.4x Estimated growth of the “global datasphere”1 (ZB) 1. Source: IDC – “Data Age 2025”
  4. 4. 02 “You can’t always get what you want…” - Rolling Stones
  5. 5. 5 Networks Innovation Physical slices & silo services Physical slices 2G 3G 4GCoverage Availability Capacity Voice Data Video Messaging
  6. 6. 6 Networks Innovation From physical slices to software 5G Software slices Voice Data Messaging Video IoT VR/AR
  7. 7. 03 “…but if you try sometimes, you might get what you need” - Rolling Stones
  8. 8. 8 Networks Innovation From software slices to strings Software strings IoT VPN Gaming Backup Voice Data Messaging Video Rural … Agriculture Hospitality Transport Banking
  9. 9. 9 Networks Innovation Interesting results
  10. 10. “Imagine…all the people” - John Lennon 04
  11. 11. Networks Innovation 11
  12. 12. Networks Innovation 12 OSM Commodity HW OS + Hypervisor Commodity Switching infrastructure Virtualised Infrastructure Manager VNF Manager Virtual Network Functions Orchestrator Legacy OSS/BSS Current State of the Art is good enough (if properly arranged) Common ORCHESTRA TOR FRAMEWORK is needed! DIFFERENTIAL VNFs Network Virtualisation Infrastructure and its Management should become COMMODITY Network Virtualisation Infrastructure and its Management should become COMMODITY Closing OpenStack gaps for carrier grade! FOCUS IS NEEDED TO AVOID proliferation of VERTICAL SOLUTIONS
  13. 13. Networks Innovation 13 Value Proposition Eco-System Use Case Network-Edge-as-Service (wireline and wireless) Offer network as a service to OTT players and large Enterprise customers. Lab trial at China Unicom Market trial at Telefonica 1 2018 Milestones CORD use case
  14. 14. 14 Networks Innovation TIP • Board member • Edge Computing • Artificial Intelligence and applied Machine Learning • Power and Connectivity
  15. 15. Networks Innovation 15 5G Media use case • Ensure the Quality of Experience for real-time multi-party 3D media applications • Tele-immerse users with HQ 3D reconstructions within shared virtual environments, including immersive interaction spectating Inmersive Applications Virtual Reality • Live video/audio streams from an event are transferred to the broadcasting center • Compressed, encoded and enriched at the edge by virtual functions • Journalist or spectator use app on smartphone to connect to the 5G-MEDIA network and send live stream to the broadcasting center • Network adapts accordingly requirements and conditions. • Deliver UHD content with and optimal consumption of resources • User in the 5G network experiment a seamless personal media experience from fixed video/audio device (e.g. at home) to personal mobile devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones) • User-selected views and audio tracks from live broadcast event Smart and Remote Media Production Ultra HD over Content Delivery Network