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8 senghenydd youth drop in centre


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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8 senghenydd youth drop in centre

  1. 1. Dave Brunton - Project Manager
  2. 2. The Senghenydd Youth Drop in Centre• SYDIC is a multi-engagement Youth Project that works in partnership with the young people and the wider community of the Aber valley.• SYDIC multi-engagement and participation means that there are multiple activities designed to connect with Young People and to work with them at all levels.• SYDIC allows young people to make their own informed choices and make positive contributions to their community.
  3. 3. Projects and Activities• Sparks Alternative Curriculum and Educative Workshops• Computers, ICT.• Music and Performing Arts.• Visual and Performance Arts and Crafts Workshops• Health, Fitness, Nutritionally Balanced Menus and Food Preparation.• Civic, Social, Sports and Leisure Activities• Environmental Projects
  4. 4. Evening ActivitiesComputer Activities. Pool, Table Tennis, Darts, Nail Art and Beauty Care.Arts and Crafts. Fitness and Sport. Civic and Social Awareness (UNCRC)
  5. 5. The SYDIC Alternative to Exclusion Programme Bespoke programme for each student. Allowing Young People from year 10 and 11 to takeresponsibility for their own education and contribute to theplanning, delivery and evaluation of the curriculum Gain up to 4 GCSE, Key Skills, OCN and other National and localawards
  6. 6. Participation, Rights, Responsibilities and DutiesFunky Dragon, Caerphilly Youth Forum, Communities First Sub Groups,SYDIC Youth Committee, Caerphilly CYP and HSCW Plans, SALT,Undercurrents, CCYPP Youth Support Services Quality Group M&E United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  7. 7. Achievements and Recognition VolunteeringChildren and Young Peoples CaerphillyUniversity Adventure Group Skate Jam First Aid Kick jam Navigation Skills Food Preparation and Hygiene GCSE. DoE. Young Enterprise Award. OCN. Key Skills. Life Skills.
  8. 8. Where are We? Senghenydd Youth Drop in Centre, The Old Caretakers House, Senghenydd community Centre, Gwern Avenue, Senghenydd, Caerphilly. CF83 4HA Telephone: 029 2083 2712 Mobile: 077 7901 7889 E-Mail: