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S-L training to change the world

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ICC Annual Report 2012
ICC Annual Report 2012
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S-L training to change the world

  1. 1. Service- Learning: Training to change the world 1r Congrés Català de l'Educació Física i de l'Esport 7th FIEP European Congress June 2012 Roser Batlle
  2. 2. What is the ultimate aim of learning? Promoting individual Promoting empathy curriculum and and generosity for a competence? better world?
  3. 3. What changes are needed? Education of talent? Creativity education? Technological skills? Learning to learn skills? Competency education?
  4. 4. But... They were creative... They had talents... They had a good academical level... They were good communicators... They had reached a good level in the PISA evaluation... They were competent!
  5. 5. We can not build a just society with mediocre citizens... Adela Cortina
  6. 6. Educational Social success commitment
  7. 7. Service-Learning
  8. 8. Tutors to tell stories Helping little children to read! Service action Learning Boys and girls prepare stories to Oral communication skills, narrate to little children, in order imagination, concentration, to improve their skills in listening, empathy, personal responsibility. reading , and undestanding.
  9. 9. Blood donation campaign Increasing blood supply for hospitals! Service action Learning Boys and girls organize their own Knowledgeable about blood and blood donation campaign in the donation needs. neigbourhood and collaborate with Organisation and communication the Blood Bank. skills. Empathy, initiative, responsibility.
  10. 10. Blood Bank Schools Particular outcomes (2010-2011) 82 Schools and Youth clubs participating. 4,168 donations. 1,232 new donors.
  11. 11. Without raising a hand Helping little community based organizations to spread their goals Service action Learning In the applied Visual Knowledge and skills on the Communication subject, boys and subject; well versed in the city; life- girls design and develop a TV skills and working in group skills; program on small community based empathy, responsibility, initiative. organisations.
  12. 12. Mataró Town Fundació Council Hospital Secondary Social School entities Local Television Particular outcomes 52 community based organisations of Mataró have already one documentary about themselves.
  13. 13. Bring back Ripoll river to life Regenerating and protecting ecological richness of Ripoll river! Service action Learning Boys and girls with special needs  Environmental knowledge. collaborate to produce an ecological  Bad plants. campaign:  Citizenship paticipation. 1. eliminating invading plants.  Preventing work risks. 2. making nest boxes for birds that feed  Tool and technical skills. on caterpillars.  Social and communication skills.
  14. 14. ADENC E.E.E. Xaloc Particular outcomes (2011-2012) 100 meters cleared out from invading plants (riverside) 20 nest boxes built Repopulated several species of toads and frogs.
  15. 15. Ticboi & Biciboi Recycling and collaborating in traffic education! Service action Learning Boys and girls with social Self-esteem, commitment , difficulties recycle computers and perseverance, technical skills, bikes for people who need them, working together, social and and also organize traffic education communication skills in adults and workshops for Primary schools. children.
  16. 16. Primary Schools Fundació Marianao Local Cooperation associations NGO's Particular outcomes 110 computers and 400 bikes repaired. 75 traffic education workshops in 20 Primary Schools
  17. 17. Kilometers for solidarity Protecting the rights of vulnerable children! Service action Learning Children organize fundraising Interest in learning and campaign through solidarity race understanding the world; critical for the rights of children with analysis and reflection; empathy social, health or economic needs. and generosity.
  18. 18. Primary and Save the Children Secondary Schools Particular outcomes 2010-2011 1,249 schools participating. 308,000 children and youth involved in Spain (15,230 in Catalunya).
  19. 19. Communication Workshop Improving oral communication of Secondary students! Service action Learning BBA students, after following a Self-knowledge and self-confidence, Public Speaking Module, design empathy, overcoming stage fright, and develop a Communication linking the needs of the Workshop for Secondary students. community, communication skills, leadership.
  20. 20. Sant Cugat Town Local Branch, Council dep. of Education Institut Institut Institut Institut Angeleta Arnau Pla Leonardo Ferrer Cadell Farreras da Vinci ESADE
  21. 21. What projects have in common? Community Social need Learning service Community Networking
  22. 22. Service-Learning = Learning by doing a service to the community
  23. 23. A complete definition An articulated educational activity that combines learning process and community service where in students learn to work on present social needs with the aim of improving them Definition by Centre Promotor ApS
  24. 24. Combination of two elements Practical service to the learning community Service- Learning
  25. 25. Service-Learning Learning improves Community Service, because it straives for quality... ... and the service makes Learning work, because it allows practical application.
  26. 26. Backgrounds  A way to understand citizenship: based on active participation and contribution to improve the quality of life of the society.  A way to understand learning: based on social responsibility, research, reflection and action.  A way to understand human values education: based on experience and practical habits.
  27. 27. Service to the community: I We Others Service-Learning strengthens discovery of others, empathy and generosity.
  28. 28. Sensibility Commitment  Several excellent practices aim to improve sensibility and awarness.  Service-Learning requires personal commmitment by doing service to others.
  29. 29. Service Enhancing awarness of actions the people Fundraising Collaborating for a social in logistic cause tasks Boys and girls can do Helping Arguing, people with protecting, difficulties claiming Sharing knowledge
  30. 30. Reciprocity If boys and girls are aware of learning achieved through service, they can express gratitude, rather than expecting other people to thank them.
  31. 31. Integral education Service-Learning Citizenship provides to the Self-esteem participation children and youth Social skills Human Values opportunities to education enhance: Knowledge and competences
  32. 32. Conclussions Service-learning is an educational project with a social aim Educational Social success commitment
  33. 33. Service-Learning is a discovery, not an invention: schools and social entities practise it without being aware of it
  34. 34. Service-learning promotes the social capital of the community Working with others Values and Trust and rules safety
  35. 35. Service-learning is a training for social entrepreneurship "La saltadora" by Jordi Barba
  36. 36. To know more:
  37. 37.
  38. 38. The ultimate aim of education is to train competent citizens capable of transforming the world
  39. 39. If not, what is the education for?