Advocacy in child care1


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Advocacy in child care1

  1. 1. By: Nafezia Mohamed Hani Adan Nadia Quest Afnan Es-Sayyid Simone Gregory
  2. 2. The issue for these youth are that they don’thave enough extracurricular programming.If they do have programs available must youthmay not be able to afford the feestransportation my be an issue to must youth aswell
  3. 3. We are advocating for greater funding toprovide a variety of extracurricularprogramming to youth in high riskneighborhoods.The areas we choose to support are Malvernand Kingston, Galloway.
  4. 4. Supports and Services Mental Health Clinic Residential programs TDSB credits Outreach workers to interact with youth in their communities New Comer program to build social attachments to environment
  5. 5. For youth age 7-13 Academic program to help youth with school work and use their creative minds Extracurricular activitiesPlay It Smart Snack program Free transportation Goal: to end the war between Galloway and Malvern
  6. 6. Canadian TireJumpstartYouth LinkMalvern FamilyResource Centre
  7. 7. We decided to Interview EastMetro Youth Services, to findout what programs they offeredin greater detail and how theirservices make a difference in thecommunity.We also Interviewed Play itSmart mentorship services thatworks in affiliation withCentennial College to providesafe spaces to mentor, tutor andprovide physical activity forchildren.
  8. 8. National Crime Prevention Center of PublicSafety Canada conducted a study that outlinesreasons why and where youth conduct the mostcrime. It strongest finding?Residents who have greater access toresources have higher education and incomelevels. Availability of school extracurricular activitieswere found to reduce the risk of delinquency! Click Here to Access Study
  9. 9. PLAY IT SMART: What is Play it Smart? We interviewed the children We volunteered in the closing CelebrationLETTER: Letter to Mayor Ford Included children’s responses
  10. 10. We created this poster to inform members of the community about the services offered in their neighborhoods to create awareness, and advertise the resources available to them…. FREE OF CHARGE
  11. 11. “Save our Youth”: commented, joined and are encouragingus to continue advocating for the youth becauseit’s really important to keep them safe andhealthy!
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  14. 14. Many of our members were inspired by theorganization Play It Smart and the young peoplewho attends the program. We have register to become mentors to helptutor the young people.
  15. 15. Hi Lynn, I just wanted to confirm with you that your students, Nafezia and her team members are registering as mentors for the upcoming September 2013 season with Play It Smart. I look forward to working with them and implementing their ideas into the program in the near future. Thanks again for suggesting the Play It Smart program to them and other students. Have a wonderful day, Jan Edward | Centennial College | Assistant to the Dean of Students - Student Life Enhancement Division (SLED) | Progress Campus, rmC101 | 416-289-5000 x.2108 | 647-295-4056 (mobile/text) | |
  16. 16. We learned that the simplest thing we do isbetter than doing nothing. We learned that there are a lot of agencies thatare dedicated to helping youth living in high riskareas. we have learned what it takes to be anadvocate and what is needed in order to fullyadvocate on behalf on something or someone. We learned a lot from our interviews with PlayIt Smart youth.
  17. 17. Become a mentor for Play It Smart atcentennial college. Starting in September 2013, you can help tutoryoungsters with their homework and helpimprove their basketball skills.
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