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9 d57206c real time operating systems


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Question papers for 2nd sem jntu anantapur students

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9 d57206c real time operating systems

  1. 1. JNTUW ORLD Code: 9D57206c M.Tech - II Semester Supplementary April/May 2012 Examinations (for students admitted in 2009- 10 & 2010-11 only) REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEMS (Common to VLSIS, VLSISD, VLSI & VLSID) Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60 Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks ***** 1. (a) Explain file I/O functions: Lseek, Create, Read, Write. (b) Explain the following in detail. (i) Message queues. (ii) Shared memory. 2. (a) Explain data dependency functional parameters of RTOs. (b) Explain hard Vs software real time systems. 3. Write about weighted round-robin approach for scheduling real-time systems with an example. 4. (a) Write about the kernel services in an OS. (b) What is effective release time and deadlines? 5. (a) What is a mail box? How does a mailbox pass a message during an IPC? (b) What are the parameters at a TCB of a task? 6. Write a short notes on (i) Fault and error containment. (ii) Redundancy. 7. (a) Explain the memory management that is required for embedded RTOs. (b) Write notes on embedded LINUX. 8. (a) What is laxity type and laxity function? Explain (b) What is preemptively of jobs and criticality of jobs? Explain. *****