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Innovative work - santhi p a


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Innovative Work

Published in: Education
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Innovative work - santhi p a

  1. 1. Name : Saflntfhi P A Reg No : 13975004 Year : 2013-14 Subject : Mathematics
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION As pcuil oi) Oux BEQI cum°wl, ,m, lmw Clooiz an i°nrioJCt'l1°vc cobalt loasecl on any sukgeci i"i. .iA. ... .i. ~.s ii. ii. ... ..1,~. . -it. 0% c»or<3l)t)15. llJmloe9is have sls own i°m]ml_ cmcz no-l 00l‘3/ fa Ma-llumq-l«’cs lml also '37‘: out cldnoliy LJIQ. M3, Fhoova-l1°vc weal: 1.5 , Ql2QS£CA will» nomlvehs. kl. comm mqlm cncLm: }/ games, puzzéls will» mmlmis. Hm Isiwws ll» QOtlCLl‘t°on OI) mmlsczis, calm A CLol2o. r~n8)2cla°n —llw. m°x coc. m'l‘i’o<3, O1Clcx, ooIr>°cl'> cflqlscs Ci Sjjucuic. l-llu)"ol< ~Ilm°s cooszlt help? 5'lUCI‘; y Qlaflbfifl OI) oomlaexs, NDRK AND PROCEDURE Olisoflvc -ll'>e nomlncms fq -ll): gcyuma and l)"m: " I-"‘m°X Sum ‘ A50 $30 cl ~l-lo: ml Q'l"l"ofl 0L ll. “ Sum OUOPA Crtffclglz OX) Tllk nor-’)l3t). -fa 4 [3] ql Tm
  3. 3. 6cJm = l-lQ-¥“5-t4r-5~’r s+1+<a+q - . -_ 45 = Il'°0z ‘l'’me$ 0% Wvfclcllg nurhkcx‘ . From ‘llama Scbuouzc. Eclow, ‘lulu any °1 numkcls <“3C1</ fair oi scbuom, l: i°r>cl ‘lluc xelql-Con loo-lwpm . II-win 5W“ cxmcl -ll» n>£Y)"Ol’X Cl‘l -llac rmfclcllc o, L ~Il)Q Si/ _,Q, C_ V”-Z’? %%%l$%"" s, y., ,,. ,,», ,<, .a: : «+ o 7'3 7‘j« 77 78 R
  4. 4. Sum = GI-—GQ+ 6o+1o+-ii+12+ ‘WW-t 80-3: 8| —. 633 ~. “1')C¢I —. nfne ‘l'°roe. s oID m, ,’C¢lla not-olocg. In qlzaekncmi £0200,
  5. 5. : Ql‘)€Q5 -, -I; ._, ,m-la Vim -li°mcs 0* ; m°, ;Iv-. ll¢ numloui. lf'> Ql3»'1"3ll.0.Djt‘. ¥0”“3r (bl -lbe. mnfclcllt-. numlacx lac ‘cc’ From -ll‘): above smucuts LUQ cam >r3<‘3c). S'LOJ*r) C. l -I»l')q*l ‘llfit numlatm S <')Ql<-'6')? q Sovumc 031,4") e ctcln nous tor3'lcLn°n$ CooSQcu. ‘l1’v¢ 00<"3I0”5, ‘ll’>°“ ll)“ sum cl) Oill "ll')C Oomlacns -fin "l'l3Q'l 3CU‘4°W ‘V5 e<U. i¢; I -I-.3 ~I-I): pnocll-Lc'l DI) “I-I12 number 0% 00rY)l3c2s ‘on jkql “Dam, Q/ gel .9-I5 mxfclcllc numloes~, _ I
  6. 6. In a[3cL;°c gonna fl com [OZ °*"°JH'"‘ Q5’ lelc LN nomm-2s 50 ‘W3: SCDHOM Ont‘ ‘)9 B“ “V m<s’cc“e m>cr>]': ~t-2. (“Wm (Sum 0% -”)e 0)(Y3L)(‘}1g 530 Schuclu = WY}, .= 12/. CONCLUSION F09 my . ’nnD)Q“°m monk J ‘ -LQOL ")('fl3€J2 3 came‘ make 52cq—L°m lacxturon Sum 04) H“ m)<T)L)Ms Ct/ nC mn°c‘c“<: nomkcx vfn q sjrcm, }, , cam cr3q<Q Pct“-enos ) Fuzzy)": J games , mead? / . Qe‘C, *1,o«'3€ 0L>(’)k(’PS. I)mBe12S OM. “fix %n'£"r5 0% f/ G-u’>vm<a1-n’cs. mHL0tt* nomLmos/ -4-Lycjzg vs no Q/ ‘£v, s-mm 0% 1/ C, J(l'er')q'¥1’CS. 1 -un°n< Hm u)0s2= a°s S$mPc Cw3c }mzPS ire cc2cko/3 "nu: {oa1°m°l-. ’vc/ G$oc'1°Jc C-N363 Y)Sacrmmo'x0z QgmcU, ’m 0% Q 3.LJ(, m{_