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Simple Lines

  1. 1. Product Categoryo The category for our website is minimalistic apartment furniture.o This includes and will broken down by: o Living room o Dining room o Bedroom
  2. 2. Brand Name and Logoo Our brand name, Simple Lines, comes from what we want our overall store aesthetic to be. We want our customers to be able to find simple furniture to meet their everyday needs. For our logo we used a Times New Roman font to present a clean and strong front to our customers and we selected blues and black for the colors because they are calming yet striking much like our products. We will use the logo on the top left hand corner of our website and have it linked to the homepage for easy access.
  3. 3. Themeo Minimalistic and simple with a modern twisto We want our colors to reflect that of our logo and keep black, blues, and gray as our primary color palleto We will also use white as the background as to not clutter or over powers the merchandiseo The website is so specific in the type of furniture that it is offering that it will attract a niche market and they will become loyal customers.
  4. 4. Target Marketo The customer of Simple Lines are young first time buyers. The customer has a limited space and a limited budget for furniture purchasing. They are males and females within the ages of 20-35 years old. Mostly females are going to do the purchasing. The customer does not have kids and their education levels are either college graduates or postgraduates. The household income is between $50,000 to $100,000. They have a modern outlook for their furniture and they like convenience and multipurpose furniture. The product is going to provide a budget friendly but stylish furniture option for the newly wed or recent small apartment or homebuyer or renter. This company is going to provide furniture with small proportions and good quality. Simple Lines’ goals are to be the one stop shop for all furniture needs a customer may have and to provide a solution to many young consumers that are not ready to invest in large furniture pieces.
  5. 5. Vision Statemento “At Simple Lines our vision is to create a better life filled with innovation. Our idea is to offer great products with a great price with practical and functional furniture just a click away.”
  6. 6. Marketing Objectiveso The trend in furniture is to have lighter furniture that is easier to move and replace. Living spaces are shrinking, and this decade has seen furniture with a smaller profile. Large furniture seems out of place in todays shrinking homes. The change towards smaller furniture goes along with the customers want for a less ornate furniture towards a more contemporary and modern style. Since rooms are smaller efficiency in furniture seems to be the logical choice for consumers making an effective use of the available space. There is a rising demand for multifunctional furniture. This could also be a factor of smaller space living. When space is limited, the customer needs furniture that can perform multiple tasks. A lot of buyers are looking for extra storage to reduce clutter. With all of these rising trends Simple Lines can really take advantage of merchandising the product in a way to see all the usage it has as well as the dimension within the living space.
  7. 7. Marketing Strategieso Offline Marketing o We would include billboards near colleges and college towns as well as metropolitan areas. We will also do guerilla marketing to make an impression on the customers mind. We would have a small mock up of an apartment and include our furniture and create a living area that is functional. People are going to be able to touch and move around the area. It is not going to be permanent. It would be featured at highly trafficked areas to create an impact.o Online Marketing o For the company’s’ online presence we will market by placing ads in search engine queries, include banners in highly trafficked websites, college marketplaces and in apartment rental websites. We would use SEO in our website to have an optimized website that may create a higher level of organic searches. We will also tap into social sites. We would create pages in Twitter, Facebook and create a YouTube channel featuring all of our products and focusing on our specialty of small, modern furniture for apartments and small homes.
  8. 8. Virtual Catalogo website will be very graphic heavyo There are going to be a lot of product information and various views of the furnitureo Show the customer how to use and place furniture to be able to effectively utilize the space in their small homeo The layout of the website is going to be very simple and clean. This gives the chance of customers to really focus on the furniture and their dimension and functionality. We want customers to feel like they have a blank canvas in their home and our furniture are the pieces that is going to make their home bettero The virtual catalog will have a flow of images that are going to have feature items for all the rooms in the house and even furniture that have multifunctional aspects to them for people who have a studio homeo Simple Lines virtual catalog will also include interactive media for theo Live chat for customer services as well as a FAQ sectiono Seamless order and tracking systemo Customer are going to be able to navigate in their computer, tablet and mobile phone
  9. 9. Site Map
  10. 10. Template
  11. 11. Brand Imageo Color scheme of black, gray, and blues to make the site flow well with our logo o Gives the customers a calmer feeling when shopping through our site. o The only place where the color red is used is when things are on sale or in a promotional pieceo Our logo is placed at the top left corner of every page and is linked back to the home page to make the site easier to navigate if a customer gets lost in what they are doingo The same font is used throughout the site to provide consistency and follow the aesthetic of our brand o Times new roman font is used because it gives a sense of power and simplicity.o Finally the overall aesthetic of the site reflects our brand by efficient use of white space, following the minimalistic theme, and not overcrowding the site with banner ads of promotions and sign ups. Just a simple furniture shopping experience for our Simple Lines customers.
  12. 12. Promotion
  13. 13. Virtual Catalogo The customer is able to review if they like the quality and the producto By providing good visuals and an explanation the customer can decide is this furniture is the right piece for themo The pages in Simple Line’s website are clean so that the customer only focuses on the product and the information providedo It is best to feature the picture of the product and provide the appropriate copy right beside it to create a visual flowo Items are placed in close proximity so that the customer does not have to search around to find the Add to Cart button and the Quantity text field.
  14. 14. Usability Test Resultso Is the site well designed from the point of view of clarity and ease of use? o It is very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing o Yes, navigation was well designed and clear o Yes, it was clear, concise, and straight to the point that consumers can understand what they are looking for.o Does the site enable users to find the appropriate navigation area effortlessly, differentiate between the choices, and provide a good sense of what lies beneath the links? o Yes very good filtration found throughout o Yes, top navigation menu is very concise-not cluttered. Product menu divided by room, making it easy to find what you are looking for. Scrolling over main navigation menu lets users see what links can be found under specific categories. o The navigation to go from one place to another is very cohesive, and it was well organized. The choice of furniture was an array of product distributed in different sections, such as bedroom, living room, ect.o If you find any usability problems based on 113 web usability guidelines, let the group know the usability guideline number and problem. o Your site is marvelous! o No problems! o I did not find any problemso Overall, make suggestions for improving the site more useful and more appealing to the targeted consumer of the website. o Great job guys! o Site was consistent with brand image, the site looked good! o Overall their site was modern looking for their target consumer. Great Job!