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  1. 1. Your Highness we, “Royal Agency”visited the following stores. Fordetails on observations andopportunities see Royal Agencydocument attached.
  2. 2. DETAILS OF OBSERVATION & OPPORTUNITY CONFIDENTIAL Royal agency document Legend: Insight/observation Opportunity
  3. 3. An energy conservation approachnoticed in the frozen food section wherethe light turns on using the motion sensor-turn on when customer walks toward thissectionOpportunity: Can this approach be usedfor other energy conservation? E.g.washrooms, storage areas etc. Legend: Observation Opportunity
  4. 4. Noticed corporate philanthropic effortsby Wal-Mart for various charity during myvisit. This has a positive impact oncustomers.Opportunity : Need to use social mediatechnologies to create pages for charitycontributions, and tweets to announcethe charitable donations status. This waythey can improve online presence andbrand image among customers.
  5. 5. Store layout seemed boring and notinviting. Focus is towards providing low costproduct not towards service.Wal-Mart model : Low cost product providerOpportunity to layout the store by colorschemes, creative stands to appeal thegender and age group of productsegments. Need to modify model forservice element in order to gain long termsustainability.
  6. 6. Instead of employee operated POSOpportunity for self scanning purchasing stations for each product segment where they are located to facilitate rapid shopping experience.
  7. 7. Instead of thisDirect customers fast using search pageas shown, giving customers with lanenumber and shelf number information.
  8. 8. Opportunity to display the top sellingproduct trend dashboard to enticecustomers for further sales.Also an indication for emphasis to theinventory and shelf restocking teams. PRODUCT SALE DASHBOARD TODAYS MOST SELLING PRODUCTS
  9. 9. Using augmented reality an opportunityfor virtual fitting room to try the selectedoutfit from the store along with theirfavorite accessoriesWal-Mart and the Bay as the leaders inretail should setup virtual tryout stations inthe store.
  10. 10. Product demos should be conducted fornewly introduced product at store tomarket the product effectively. I havenot seen this happening at Wal-Mart.Opportunity to win customers loyalty:For loyal customers, appreciation shouldbe via discounted coupons for repeatcustomers to keep the relationshipmaintained
  11. 11. Observed over 130 cameras in the Wal-Mart store It is to see so many cameras. Is there a better way to perform surveillance?.
  12. 12. Simple step by stepinstruction forordering/shoppingThis can be modified by other storesand use for improvement
  13. 13. I noticed an increasing trend for 3D productsfrom TV, cell phones to now children games
  14. 14. Creative isle for LEGO productsDisplay of upcoming movies, thisapproach should be used by retailersWal-Mart and Target
  15. 15. Noticed customer representatives with the uniform dress code of the store. Can this be changed to theme dressing for employees on weekends such as X-men film theme, Disney cartoon character theme, etc.This will improve the appeal among kids andteenagers.
  16. 16. Did you observe? continue for more fun!
  17. 17. Books are categorized and displaynicely.Opportunity: In addition to the bookdisplays, Target should provide somesearch page in book section wherecustomers can browse the quick previewand best sellers list.
  18. 18. Noticed an increasing trend of the QRcode on the products.Opportunity: QR code is very powerfuland can be utilized for inventorytracking, social media tracking, forsurveys, for instructions on assembly forfurniture and other products.
  19. 19. Target model = Service + low/medium end productAverage representative to customer ratiois 1 to 15Opportunity to use technology in orderto assist customers effectively indisproportion workforce. Majority of the products are madeoverseas.How can we golocal and encouragelocal suppliers?
  20. 20. In Target Royal Agency noticed heavy use of credit card purchases also by using paypass. Opportunity to have mobile wallet trendusing NFC equipped cell phones.
  21. 21. Instead of measuring feet size using thefollowingOpportunity for digital feet measuring
  22. 22. Emergency evacuation map is foundand exit sign postedOpportunity to use special fluorescentpaint at the bottom of the shelf to guidetowards the exit sign in case of poweroutage and emergency
  23. 23. Noticed that floor is laid out in form ofislands of different product segments.
  24. 24. Observed the nice decoration for the bedroom by the store trying to sell all the bedroom related items in one shot. A good retail approach. Lighting in this area was perfect. Aromatic smell using scented candles.Store representatives are very welcoming and wouldask for helping!Bay model noticed: Service + Medium to high end product
  25. 25. New items introduction is properly advertised in the bay. Lighting for men’s cologne was also perfect. Elevator positioning is perfect and coming down the elevator givesa good view of items on the lower level Did not notice any impulse items around cash register
  26. 26. Use of the Mobile technology for saving offer on Wallets Need to improve on the music to make it more appealing.Targeted music for different sections will help.Music system SONOS implementation would be a goodchoice, that can be controlled individually speaker volumesand music streams through wireless.
  27. 27. Information boards for the stroller and travel system explaining the different child transportation systemUse of product demo videos further canfurther enhance customer experience
  28. 28. Noticed over 100 lights for the storeUse of renewable energy (solar or wind)should be used for the lights below
  29. 29. Hello!, I am back to past: iphone nowbrings you back to past. This accessoryconvert iPhone to handset phone.
  30. 30. Sale sign and Christmasdecorative displaysEmployees/representatives are very customer focused.Sears model = Best service+ Medium price productsCustomers are seen leaving store with smileon their faces.
  31. 31. Based in Canada, Aritzia is a women fashion boutique withlocations in US and Canada. The Aritzia experience is oneof a kind.Aritzia Model: Excellent Customer service + High end product
  32. 32. Interesting store layout, lighting andcustomer waiting areas
  33. 33. Royal SummaryYour Highness this bring us to the end ofpresentation. It is concluded that minormodifications by retail stores can makeease and prosperity for nation.Royal Agency also would like tothank Tina Seelig from Stanfordfor her guidance.
  34. 34. Prayers for those affected by Super Storm Sandy Maryam Khan Crash course on creativityAssignment # 2: Are you paying attention?