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We created a little case study that compliments 3 wonderful examples of combining e-commerce & social media that supercharges the entire brand experience by putting the audience's needs first. Our hats off to the agencies and brands who did some amazing digital work here.

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Lash Creative Case Study

  1. 1.
  2. 2. - How do we best represent the brand on their websites? - How can companies promote and increase sales of goods through e-commerce? - How do you generate sales effectively and efficiently? - What makes, if any, the e-commerce successful? - What makes, if any, the social media successful? - How does the website bring the brand story to life? - What makes these stories believable and tangible, i.e. use of interaction, videos, micro sites, viral campaigns, social media? - What were the insights into the approaches into creating these websites / campaigns? 
  3. 3. TODAY - it’s all about -YOU
  4. 4. - and by you we mean the -CONSUMERS
  5. 5. - Make your consumers proud of being associated with your brand. This is key to what drives your consumers to want to share it with their friends.- Your brand needs to be loyal to your consumers as you’d like your consumers to be to you. Have a loyalty ecosystem strategy in place that compliments and supercharges your entire brand experience. Mary Ellen Muckerman, Creative thinker for Wolff Olins- Build an active, engaged social media presence by putting your audience’s needs first. Brad smith, Digital Marketing Consultant, Founder of FixCourse
  6. 6. BrandCulture Products FeedbackCreativity Awareness Interaction Loyalty ServicesLifestyle Social group Rewards Consumers
  7. 7. This graph visualizes how we should connect the brand & products with the consumerand its social groups. As you can see in the middle we need to focus on three mainelements: awareness, interaction and loyalty. And through these three keyfundamental activities, this is how we will best connect the brand and products tothe consumers and social groups. For example, through culture creativity and lifestyleand down to little details like feedback, services, and rewards. 
  8. 8. - case one -MR PORTER Be loyal to the consumers by making the products about them
  9. 9. This is a site that tries to make the whole experience about their consumers.
  10. 10. At first glance of this site, most people wouldn’t be able to tell it’s an e-commerce site (In comparison to the ICONIC site). But rather you would think it’s a site where any metrosexual man would visit to get fashion tips.
  11. 11. There isn’t any direct call-to-action pushing to buy. The content is focused on providingrelevant and interesting fashion content to the male target audience for example how you can look as good as any well-dressed celebrity.
  12. 12. There are also various types of journals on the site, and each of them allows the viewer to tweet and share with friends. This provides the user with social currency.
  13. 13. To take it one step further, there’s also the option to shop the look within the story.
  14. 14. Whilst Mr Porter focuses on premium goods, it never feels like it’s trying to take away your wallet. Thesite makes the user feel like they are embarking on their own fashion journeys to get the look that they want. This makes Mr Porter highly relatable, relevant and personal, and provides the user with a sense of social currency they would want to share with friends.  
  15. 15. - case two -REEBOK Be a part of your consumer’s lifestyle
  16. 16. The message is clear and simple; if you need a pair of trainers in your urban jungle, this is it. The site is vibrant and full of life thanks to the great collage of urban looking lifestyle shots.
  17. 17. Reebok’s approach to their site is an interesting one, a modular (boxy) approach similar to a lot of socially driven websites (compared to Rebel Sport). The modular layout provides the ability and flexibility to make updates as often as Reebokwishes to. Most importantly, the modular approach allows the site to be kept interesting and ever changing so you feel like you’re looking at a new site each time whilst keeping the consistency of the designs.
  18. 18. But while the aesthetic is a big attraction of this site, what’s even more engaging was how Reebok integrates social content so fluidly as well. Not only can you access the online shop easily, engaging and interestingcontent such as YouTube videos with celebrities, product information, etc. can also be accessed easily. Social sharing features, such as sharing and tweeting are also easily integrated into the video content.
  19. 19. What makes the Reebok web experience so satisfying is that it visualizes itself as a part of the consumer’s lifestyle.From the design through to the content, it all works nicely together to immerse the consumer into the brand experience of wearing Reebok. And the more impressionable & real the experience seems, the more they can relate to the brand.
  20. 20. Viewers are able to choose their choice of colours, patterns for different parts of the shoe
  21. 21. Once you made up your mind to shop online, the process is nothing fancy but just simple and clear navigation. Here the removal of modular design is a good choice.The consumer reviews and comments is a great feature to get the community going, and these comments can be integrated to social media channels as well.
  22. 22. - case three - IKEA Focus on your consumer first
  23. 23. This is a website that literally says “THIS IS ABOUT YOU”.
  24. 24. You have a man holding an image of his dream interior decoration, looking quite pleased. There’s something behind that looks like a house but its dark and you can’t see it clearly.
  25. 25. You interact with it and “ta da!”. The dream comes true as the background lights up revealing a beautiful new kitchen with everything he ever dreamed of.
  26. 26. As you navigate left and right, you realize it was not just the man, but altogether four differentpersonas of different ages and backgrounds. Each has a dream kitchen in mind and through simple interaction, IKEA shows they have the ability to make their dream come true.
  27. 27. Even the average Joe’s can be made unique, because at IKEA, everyone deserves a kitchen tailored to their uniqueness
  28. 28. We’re not a kitchen expert by any means, but it’s hard not to feel immediate warmth upon entering this site. The waythe content is framed like a window looking out, the use of interactive videos that convey a dream like reality, and most important of all, it gives the consumer the ability to associate and relate to the characters and the products. The impression is memorable. IKEA really cares about what the consumer wants, and they have provided solutions to theconsumer’s problems. This has been cleverly executed with clear and down to earth story telling about how four average Joe’s are seen as unique individuals at IKEA.
  29. 29. While the microsite doesn’t have any social sharing features apart from ‘liking or tweeting’,chances are consumers will leave the site feeling that IKEA has put their dream house just a little step closer to reality. And who wouldn’t tell their friends about that?
  30. 30. User experience needs to be seamless and simple. No pointhaving beautiful design that overcomplicates the user journey from browsing to selection to purchase.This is quite fundamental to any good and successful e-commerce site.
  31. 31. When talking about e-commerce it’s not only about the brand. It’s MAINLY ABOUT THE CONSUMER. These e-commerce case studies not only integrate with social media in technical levels, here IT connectsemotionally with the consumer. This engagement is a KEY FACTOR for successful e-commerce nowadayswhere people want REAL VALUE in anything they interact or spend time with. Summing it all up,IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, not only as a brand, but more specifically THE CUSTOMER. To show you where the future of e-commerce is heading towards, here’s a very cool and engaging video:
  32. 32. - case film -ONLY-THE LIBERATION
  33. 33.