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Selection of location


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Selection of location

  2. 2. Big BazaarType PublicIndustry RetailingFounded 2001Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaProducts Department storeRevenue Rs 6000 crores (in 2011) (Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar combined)Employees ~ 36000 people [1]Parent Future GroupDivisions ~ 100Website Big Bazaar
  3. 3. SELECTION OF LOCATION IB 177 & 178, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Pin Code -700106 Kolkata, West Bengal Big Bazaar opened its first outlet in IB Block of Salt Lake, near Columbia Asia Hospital on the Broadway. It is a convenient location since it is a residential area. It has a population of more than 10 lakhs. Big bazaar is a hypermarket and it is opened in the middle of its target population area. Indian consumer not only goes to the malls just for buying things but also for hanging out with their family. They come for shopping with their family fully dressed as if they are into a social gathering. Nearness of the shop makes it quite easier. Location of big bazaar in salt lake sector 3 will not only attract customers from those areas only but also from nearby areas like Phoolbagan, Kakurgachi, EM Bypass and other nearby areas. Timings 10 A.M TO 10 P.M – official timing Store design The environment created in the retail store is a combination of exterior look, store interiors, the atmosphere in the store and the events promotions and themes, which form a part of retail store Elements of store environment
  4. 4.  Exterior design It is a function of location of the store site and other facilities like parking and ease of access Parking area It has a spacious parking lot and it is free of cost. Sign Board The signboard is on the top of the entry and exit gate. The board is in blue and orange colour, super market is written along with big bazaar, and a bird picture is engraved on the board as a logo of future group. Front gate It is completely made of glass. Entire outlet is visible from outside and it looks very attractive. There is a censor in the front gate to check the customer who has taken goods from big bazaar It has massive appeal; exterior look justifies its name “THE BIG BAZAAR” It has a baggage counter where people deposit their stuff, which you are not allowed to carry inside big bazaar. Interior store design It is a function of aesthetics within the store, the merchandise sold within, the space used, and the overall layout of the store and space planning –the amount of space allocated within the store. Ceilings have red stripes on white background. Most of the interiors are made of blue and orange. Lightning quality is very good and the reflection made on the products helps to attract the customer. Lights are mainly fixed in the ceiling and they mainly use tube light because it makes reflection. There is a pavement in the big bazaar to carry the purchased goods, it makes easy for the customer to carry it.
  5. 5. Layout Big bazaar forms around the idea of contemporary bazaar. Stocks have been organized but not hung for display. Billing counter is near to the exit way so it is easy to leave after purchasing. The model is based on maintaining margin and drawing customer in masses, enough to get the buzz going around the store. The products are arranged in order and segment wise.
  6. 6. Merchandising Posters of merchandising and names are displayed in each segment. Price tag and the offer price are shown with each product. Display of segment of product is displayed in large holdings. The floor of the whole of the big bazaar is neat and clean. Customer services The customer can bring anything old, such as newspaper, and get coupons issued in exchange of the junk. The customer can redeem the coupons before the due date on the condition that he/she shops four times the value of the coupon. Dedicated call centre personnel, who can take decisions and resolve problems, man customer support. Pricing They different pricing at different times. Discount is for all the customers but high discount to the person who purchases in bulk Promotional schemes display of small holding in whole big bazaar. All the offer price is displayed in large front size in on holding “Saal Ke Sabse Saste 3 din” Advertising Brand endorsement by M.S Dhoni Exchange offer Weekend offer Junk swap offer
  7. 7. Secure payments It commits to ensure that no payments misuse happens, so it works with the banks and payment gateways to ensure that your information is protected. Merchandise mix
  8. 8. ManpowerT h e r e a r e tw o s h i f t s f o r t h e e mp l o y e e s . T h e f i r s t s h i f te mp l o y e e s a r r i ve a t 1 0 A M i n t h e mo r n i n g a n d l e a v e a t 7 .3 0i n t h e e v e n i n g , w h i l e t h e s e c o n d s h i f t e mp l o y e e s r e p o r t a t1 2 .3 0 i n t h e afternoon and leave at the time of Store closing (10pm).T h e r e a r e tw o s h i f t s f o r t h e e mp l o y e e s . T h e f i r s t s h i f te mp l o y e e s a r r i ve a t 1 0 A M i n t h e mo r n i n g a n d l e a v e a t 7 .3 0i n t h e e v e n i n g , w h i l e t h e s e c o n d s h i f t e mp l o y e e s r e p o r t a t1 2 .3 0 i n t h e afternoon and leave at the time of Store closing (10pm). Well-trained staff, the staff employed by Big-Bazaar is well suited for modern retail. Well-dressed staff improves the overall appearance of store. Employees are motivated to think out-of-the-box. Multiple counters for payment, staff at store to keep baggage and security guards at every gate, makes for a customer-friendly atmosphere.Use of TechnologyBig Bazaar planning and design used advance technologies like scenarioplanning and storytelling. These techniques were mainly used for store-design layout, store-location selection. The strategy to use user-focused,prototype-based development tool made the brand adapt to the fast-changing external environment.