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As tirupur has potential,there is dying problem to eradicate

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  1. 1. Hosiery Centre
  2. 2. Formed in 2008 with taluk from coimbatore & erode districtFamous for banian industry, cotton market, uthukkuli etc.
  3. 3. Description 2011 2001Actual 2,471,222 1,920,154populationMale 1,242,974 978,349Female 1,228,248 941,805Area sq. km 5,186 5,186Density/km2 476 367Average literacy 79.10 71.08Male literacy 86.07 80.44Female literacy 72.07 61.37
  4. 4. 1. Sukreiver temple2. Arulmigu avinasi lingareshwar temple3. Arulmigu uthukkuli murugan temple4. Forest & wildlife5. Dam
  5. 5. Geographical and climateMajor rivers flowing through the district are Noyyaland Amaravathi.Amaravathi dam and Thirumurthy dam are theprime source of irrigation in the districtCloudy climate(26°C to 36°C )
  6. 6.  Amaravathi Dam Built primarily for irrigation and flood control has 4 megawatts of electric generating capacity installed
  7. 7. Chronological Growth 1925 The first knitwear unit in Tirupur was set up 1942 34 units were engaged in the unitslike bleaching and dyeing 1980 export market began accounting forroughly 80 percent of the total cotton knitwearexporters
  8. 8. Infrastructure at cotton city1. State Highways 625.516 km2. Sugarcane Road 103.771 km3. Other District Roads 1634.661km4. Major District roads 471.750 km5. National Highways NH47- 35km NH67– 68km NH209 – 25km -Still Infrastructure facility is not enough to get into competitive internationally.
  10. 10. Whole knitwear industry
  11. 11. Exporting to US, europe from 1978Export Import Policy of 2002-07 calls it a Town of ExporExcellenceThe rich availability of Raw materials, being in closeproximity to CoimbatoreTirupur’s foreign exchange Rs.5000 crores through 7000units and provided ample employment opportunity to arou6 lakh people
  12. 12. Export Growth 1984-2009
  13. 13. Tirupur share in export
  15. 15. TEA Tirupur Exporters Association(TEA) established in 1990 Association exclusively for exporters of cotton knitwear who have production facilities in Tirupur Has resolved many issues
  16. 16. Professional Courses TEA-NIFT set up to conduct diploma courses and certificate courses. 300 students are admitted each year in the institute Short-term courses with a duration of one to 3 months offered to the persons as training
  17. 17. Compiled & Finished byM.Muthu kumar M.Vinoth Kumar