SARI-SARI STORE SEMINARS - Retail Relations For Consumer Products


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Magna Kultura Foundation is organizing outreach seminar programs designed to educate retail store owners and storekeepers with business skills that will help them in managing their daily enterprise/operations. The skills they will learn will even enhance facilitation of trade with consumer goods companies.

While the activity is educational in nature, the activity is a good trade relations program for corporate sponsors. While we are reaching out among retail store owners, the program has a consumer PR promo that will bring day-after sales for sponsors. Even neighbourhood consumer-citizens are enjoined to participate and support their “suking tindahan” for scholarships.

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SARI-SARI STORE SEMINARS - Retail Relations For Consumer Products

  1. 1. DEAR CORPORATE CITIZEN,We would like to invite your company in a significant advocacy program significant advocacy thatengages one of our most important partners in business: the Sari-Sari Stores. Magna KulturaFoundation is organizing outreach seminar programs designed to educate retail store owners andstorekeepers with business skills that will help them in managing their daily enterprise/operations.The skills they will learn will even enhance facilitation of trade with consumer goods companies.Attendees will initially learn simple ideas in basics of store operations management, like: (a) BasicRetail Math, (b) Customer Relations Techniques, (c) Inventory Stocking Techniques, (d) StoreMerchandising, (e) Handling Store Promotions, and, (d) Dealing with Product Distributors &Salespeople. And they will receive handouts and inventory form templates that will be useful for theirdaily operations.Among our active data-base of 80,000++ retailers in NCR, we will be initially reaching out to 24,600stores in Metro-Manila; they include variety and general merchandise stores, groceries, bakeries, andwet market vendors. The outreach program will be implemented in cooperation with the Liga ng mgaBarangay, who are interested in the advocacy with regards to the welfare of the vendors in theirdistricts. Thus, all retailers will be registered under the auspices of the respective District-Barangays.While it is educational in nature, the activity is a good trade relations program for corporate sponsors.While we are reaching out among retail store owners, the program has a consumer PR promo thatwill bring day-after sales for sponsors, as neighbourhood citizens will be enjoined to support their“suking tindahan” for scholarships. Consumer-citizens will be enjoined to purchase sponsor’s productas a way of contributing “scholarship points” for the store. For every purchase, consumers will getraffle stubs that will give them a chance to win prize incentives. House-to-house ground promotionswill conducted to enjoin neighbourhood-consumers in district-barangays to avail of sponsor’s productstagged for purchase. Thus, delivering day-after sales for corporate supporters.The following pages will elaborate details of the program & the consumer promotion. Please do nothesitate to provide inputs, and inform us how you would like your participation to be customized.We believe that that sponsorship of this this program will be worthwhile endeavour considering that itwill allow companies to reach-out and communicate with approximately 500 retailers in a day! Asidefrom the goodwill benefits, it also guarantees day-after sales results in sales territories.The outreach seminars are just an initial program. Educational partnership with the retailers will bean on-going sustainable endeavour, as all store owners and storekeepers will be registered in acontinuing educational training .We hope that you can be part of this program. Your support will be of great the sari-sari store owners.We look forward to your corporate citizenship support. In Service of our Partners in Trade, . RICARDO MIGUEL AGUADO . Executive Director – Magna Kultura Foundation .
  2. 2. This document presents corporate citizenship program that intends to helpsmall business retailers, specifically the Sari-Sari Store owners.The program was designed by Magna Kultura Foundation to help small storeowner and storekeepers with knowledge in basic trading and business practices.The Sari-Sari Stores are vital assets in the local economy. They move products at the grassroots.THE GOAL IS TO UPLIFT SMALL ENTERPRISES, and improve livelihood of common citizens at the grassrootsin general. We believe that the effort will help retailer vendors and improve of the micro-economic activitiesat the grassroots of society. At the same time, it will benefits manufacturers as it enhances facilitation oftrade for with consumer goods.The program will be given to Sari-Sari Store owners and storekeepers in District-Barangays in Metro-Manila;implemented in partnership with local Barangay Councils.NEGO-ARAL PARA SA MGA TINDERONG PINOY.RETAILERS PARTAKE IN THE PROGRAM TO IMPROVE TRADE PRACTICE & CONSUMER SERVICE.Our goal is to help sari-sari stores become better business people and increase their enterprise.The knowledge and simple tools gained from the sessions conducted help store owners interface with betterservice among neighbourhood-consumers, as well as, in dealing with wholesalers and company salesrepresentatives of the products they sell.In designing the program, Magna Kultura Foundation integrated two major forces to develop a uniquesocial entrepreneurship campaign at the grassroots. FIRST: Magna Kultura Foundation collaborated with SECOND: Magna Kultura data-mined the tertiary trade notable people in the academic and business fields to channels in district-barangays, by enlisting retail stores develop a resource of information that will be shared in NCR, Laguna and Cavite. Over 80,000 sari-sari stores, among small store owners & vendors. groceries, bakeries, and wet market vendors. THE SEMINAR WORKSHOPS WILL BE CONDUCTED IN THE MULTI- PURPOSE HALLS OF DISTRICT-BARANGAYS; TRAINING OWNERS & STOREKEEPERS OF SARI-SARI STORES, GROCERIES, AND WET MARKET VENDORS. TRAINING SEMINARS will be held in half-day sessions that features the following topics:  Store Operations & Basic Management  Basic Retail Math and Record-Keeping Techniques  Store Appearance and Merchandising Approach  Inventory Management & Stocking Techniques  Customer Relations & Store Promotions  Dealing with Dealers, Salesmen & Traders The half-day seminars will be conducted in light , fun learning sessions. Store owners & storekeepers will receive educational kits and useful business tool templates that they can use in their daily operations.
  3. 3. A CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROGRAM DESIGNED TO HELP THE GRASSROOTS ECONOMY AND IMPROVE THE TERTIARY TRADE MARKET. OUR GOAL IS TO UPLIFT SMALL RETAILERS. HELP THEM GROW THEIR ENTERPRISE. AND MAKE AWARE THAT THEY ARE PART OF AN IMPORTANT SECTOR OF SOCIETY.The program is designed to provide small-scalevendors with business skills & trading techniques to MAGNA KULTURA HAS AN ACTIVE DATABASE OF 80,000++improve their retail practice, maintain their Sari-Sari Stores, Groceries, Bakeries & Market Vendors.enterprise, while encouraging them to do better inserving the needs of their neighborhood consumers. OUR INITIAL TARGET STORES FOR THE METRO-MANILA OUTREACH PARTICIPATION OF SARI-SARI STORES WILL BE Quezon City 416ENLISTED THROUGH LOCAL BARANGAY COUNCILS.From our 80,000++ store data-base, during the 1 st phase in, Manila 12,679we will initially target the key cities in Metro-Manila with a Makati 1,019network of 24,605 retailers. Approximately gathering 300attendees per seminar. Pasay-Baclaran 522 All stores are registered under the local Barangays. Bicutan-Paraňaque 1,430 Therefore, all store owners and their sto re assistants will be enlisted at the Barangay Halls of their locale. Las Piňas 602 Attendance will be a compulsory requirement, to ensure Muntinlupa 5,327 that all small business owners and their personnel are Taguig-Bicutan 260 equipped with small business trading skills. Mandaluyong 2,350All sari-sari stores will receive information brochures alongwith application forms. The application forms will be TOTAL 24,605submitted to the Barangay Halls in City-Districts.DURING THE SEMINARS, ATTENDEES WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING: Useful Forms & Template Tools for Store Management Seminar Brochure Hand-Outs Useful Give-Aways & Freebies All Attendees will receive “Certificates of Attendance”.
  4. 4. USEFUL TOOLS FOR STORE MANAGEMENT STORE OWNERS WILL RECEIVE TEMPLATE MATERIALS THAT WILL USEFUL IN DAILY OPERATIONS. Useful materials that will help store owners and storekeepers in managing daily selling operations. Templates will be provided to retailers monthly by Magna Kultura, delivered to their local alumni chapter.STORE MANAGEMENT FORMS  Daily Sales Log Sheet  Stock Balance Sheet  Product Order Form  Credit Log Sheets  Distributor DirectoryStore owners will be regularlyprovided with templates pads,thru the local alumni chapter ofASSET in their district locale.
  5. 5. The advocacy is not just a promotions program. It is a social entrepreneurship program that fosters social transformation in communities, livelihood opportunities among small retailers, and sales promotions for private companies. A Public Relations Program that hasthe livelihood capabilities of a for-profit enterprise, the social service goals of the public sector, andthe mission-driven zeal of a non-profit organization. Harnessed together, those qualities ought to put the previously unreachable within grasp: innovative, market-based solutions to social problems that generate both financial resources and social value. IMAGINE YOUR COMPANY AS PART OF SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION, AND AN ACTIVE PARTICPANT IN THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE GRASSROOTS MICRO-ECONOMY.
  6. 6. FOR TRADE PROMOTIONS MARKETING THE ADVOCACY IS DESIGNED TO ENHANCE DEALER-VENDOR RELATIONSHIPS. THE OUTREACH PROGRAM IS A GREAT VEHICLE FOR TRADE RELATIONS & MARKETING PROMOTIONS. The community engagement program can be customized for product-brands, as sales promotions, trade relations or consumer PR vehicle for corporate sponsors. Companies participating in this CSR campaign can create sales promos while promoting corporate-brand image, and possibly gain guaranteed day-after sales results. Brands will be made visible in seminar venues & merchandised in barangay locales; and included in all educational tools, business forms & communication materials --- on top of opportunities for consumer sales promotions.GROUND PROMOTION EFFORTS FOR THE ADVOCACY CAN DELIVER DAY-AFTER SALES FOR PRODUCT-BRANDS. TOTAL 110 SEMINARS  The seminars will be held simultaneously in Metro-Manila.  The seminars will be held at the Multi-Purpose Halls of District-Barangays.  There will be two (2) seminars per day in a city-district location.  Each seminar will have a duration of 2 ½ hours.  Each seminar will have approximately 250 attendees (store owners and store keepers) . No. of Seminars To Be Conducted Quezon City 10 Manila 25 Makati 10 Pasay-Baclaran 5 Bicutan-Paraňaque 14 Las Piňas 6 Muntinlupa 10 Taguig-Bicutan 7 Mandaluyong 23 TOTAL 110
  7. 7. TRADE RELATIONS. TRADE RECRUITMENT . RETAIL REGENERATIONIt is a fact that interacting with hundreds of retailers in the tertiary market is next to impossible. Most companies and distributors may rarely meet face-to face with local stores & wet market vendors; and even if they do, they can only probably meet maximum of 25++ retailers per day. PARTICIPATING IN SEMINARS IS A COST EFFICIENT WAY TO MEET RETAILERS.THE SEMINAR MAKES IT PSSIBLE FOR COMPANIES TO MEET 250++ RETAILERS AT ONE TIME. GROUND PROMOTIONS EFFORTS  NINE (9) KEY CITIES IN THE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION.  110 TARGET OUTREACH LOCATIONS.  FOUR (4) WEEKS GROUND PROMOTIONS COVERING A 2-KILOMETER RADIUS.  I24,600 RETAIL STORES , WITH AT LEAST 49,000 STORE OWNERS & STOREKEEPERS. EACH TARGET CITY-DISTRICT WILL HAVE PURCHASE PROMOTIONS ACTIVITIES INVOLVING SARI-SARI STORE ESTABLISHMENTS AND NEIGHBORHOOD-CONSUMERS. For FOUR (4) WEEKS, corporate sponsors can engage retailers and conduct trade promotions as we conduct the following activity-efforts:  Enlistment of sari-sari stores at the Barangay Halls;  A neighbourhood-consumer advocacy promo support for local stores. Corporate sponsors can conduct sell-in, seeding for product loading, or trade promos during the 4 weeks ground promotions period, and during the seminar proper where 250++ retail people will convene.
  8. 8. CONSUMER ADVOCACY TO SUPPORT FOR NEIGHBORHOOD STORES FOUR (4) WEEKS PRE-EVENT CONSUMER PROMOTIONS During the 4 weeks advocacy in each district-locale, neighborhood-households will be made aware about the educational thrust for Sari-Sari Stores by ENJOINING CONSUMERS TO EARN SCHOLARSHIP POINTS FOR STORE OWNERS/KEEPERS. MAGNA KULTURA WILL RALLY CITIZEN-CONSUMER SUPPORT FOR SARI-SARI STORES AS PART OF UPLIFTING THE IMAGE OF SMALL VENDORS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. NEIGHBORHOOD PARTICIPATION SUPPORT WILL BE EXCITING AS THEY EARN WILL RAFFLE STUBS FOR EVERY PURCHASE OF SPONSOR’S PRODUCTS. Each time consumers purchase a sponsor’s products, store-owners earn points for their scholarship. Scholarship points earned thru consumer purchases will help store owners gain the following:  An alumni I.D. as regular members of the Academy  Entitlement to trade discounts and other benefits  Direct mail subscription to all educational materials  Regular delivery of store management forms & inventory sheets  And, premium items and give-aways PARTICIPATING STORES WILL HAVE SPONSORED PRODUCTS THAT ARE “ MARKED”, AND OFFERED FOR PURCHASE TO CONSUMERS.Consumers will be enjoined to purchase “marked” products,and for every purchase:a) Sari-Sari Stores Owners will earn scholarship points to the seminar; and,b) Consumers will gain raffle stubs that will give them a chance to product give-aways.Magna Kultura will conduct house-to-house leafleting to informconsumers about the advocacy, and the scholarship support theycan extend for their Suki store owners, via purchase of sponsoredproducts from their outlets.For every purchase, Sari-Sari Store Owner earn points, whileconsumers will get a Suki Raffle Stub for which they can get thechance to win product gift packs during the draw.
  9. 9. GROUND MARKETING PROMOTIONS SPONSOR’S PRODUCTS WILL BE ASCRIBED WITH POINTS. MAIN PATRONS ASSIGNED WITH HIGHER POINT FOR PURCHASE.Consumers gain Point Stub’s that will entitle them with the chance to win gift items during a raffle that willheld on the day of the seminar.Local citizens will be made aware that they are not merely participatingin an ordinary consumer promotion, but in an advocacy purposelydesigned to transform the lives of small business people in theircommunity; at the same time help in the micro-economy in society. CONSUMERS LEAFLETS BROCHURES & COLLATERAL MATERIALS BA NNE R S
  10. 10. TRADE PROMOTIONS MANAGEMENT Retail Trade Coordination Covering a two kilometer radius, Magna Kultura will visit all active retail stores, i.e. ,sari-sari stores, bakeries, food carinderias, and wet market stalls, in the target district-barangays; to enlist owners and storekeepers; to conduct trade store check and put the advocacy promotion in place. Retailers will be briefed on the sponsored products to be “tagged” for consumer purchase. If the sponsored products are not available, Magna Kultura will “sell-in” and make arrangements for product loading in coordination with the client-sponsor’s distributors.  SELL-IN PROMOTIONS. Outlets will be briefed along with info. brochures that details the advocacy program and neighborhood consumer promo.  STORE CHECK / PRODUCT LOADING. Stores will be visited to check inventory status --- to verify product availability/quantity of the sponsor’s brands; and, if necessary, advise sponsor’s & their distributors for product loading .Magna Kultura will work close with the sponsor’sterritory sales force. Trade information gatheredwithin the period will be forwarded to sponsor’smarketing team, area sales force and distributor. TERRITORY SALES COORDINATION  Magna Kultura will coordinate with sponsor-client’s territory sales team and dealer-distributor, to cascade the advocacy program, trade relations plan , and the consumer promo mechanics.  Magna Kultura will provide the territory sales team with activity timelines & coordination updates.  Magna Kultura and sponsor’s sales team will synergize list of active retail stores & market vendors.  Magna Kultura to visit each local store to determine existing load of products and provide the territory sales force and distributors with the following:  Update on current product stock inventory of each local store for promo tagging;  Advise sales team and/or distributor for possible product re-loading, too ensure that stores have stocks during the advocacy promo; and,  Weekly update of product movement to gauge sales generated.
  11. 11. Magna Kultura Foundation is an arts and cultural organization NGO implementing educational, cultural, and socio-civic programs at the grassroots of society; supporting civic groups and organizations with social entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to improve the well-being Filipino citizens and communities. Magna Kultura Foundation conducts grassroots communication activities, with experience in organizing grassroots community events: stage productions, sports events, and other socio-civic activities; as well, as corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with direct linkages to grassroots niche sector groups. Magna Kultura specializes in developing community engagement campaigns that connects with various sector organizations, like Barangay and village associations, school and universities, transport organizations, and civic organizations. TRANSFORMING PEOPLE. TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES.   Magna Kultura Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profitorganization duly registered with the Securities andExchange Commission on the 2nd of June, 2003, withCompany Registration No. CN 200312428.VISIT OUR WEBSITES, FOR PROJECT REFERENCESWEBSITESStrategic Marketing Consultancyhttp://grassrootmarketing.multiply.comCommunity-Based Marketing Promotionshttp://marketingspecialist.multiply.comMagna Kultura Homepagehttp://magnakultura.multiply.comSocial & Cultural Entrepreneurshiphttp://dickieaguado.multiply.comCONTACTDICKIE AGUADOMobile Celphone No.0917.899.0025 (Globe) / 0922.899.0026 (Sun)Telephone No. (632) 514 58 68